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Brain Fog – In North America Brain Fog Is Common In Adults, The Young, The Elderly and Especially Women

Brain Fog And Its Causes

Brain fog, like all other ailments does not happen in isolation of other bodily functions. There are always other symptoms that accompany it and those symptoms tell you which organs are out of balance, contributing to brain fog.

Brain fog together with fatigue is so common in North America that people try to use stimulants in the belief that they are low on energy. The fact is, their energy is being consumed faster than they can produce it. The common factors are habitually poor food choices, extremely hectic, stressful lifestyles, poor sleep habits. Some of these things are avoidable and some are not.

In reality, Brain fog is not that complicated to understand or overcome with simple supplementation that need not be take indefinitely. Below are a few topics related to Brain Fog that will take you to more complete explanation and details from the Traditional Herbal and natural perspective.


People tend to believe labels without examining what is behind them. A label like PTSD should concern anyone but, it is far more important to look at the symptoms and see that it is just a much more severe form of Stress. Brain fog is part of it but in essence the problem is very similar and stress induced.

The Debilitation Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD is nothing more Than the effects mentioned above made worse by an internal state of “heat” and “dryness.” A concept that has no Western model to explain it. Details
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