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Breast Lumps Simple Causes Natural Solutions To A Breast Lump

Breast Lumps – A Simple Solution To A Simple Natural Effect Producing A Breast Lump

Breast lumps are very common. It is also known that a breast lump can disappear as fast as a breast lump manifests and most are benign especially if not ill treated. From the Traditional Herbal point of view, they are said to be the result of simple “stasis.”

breast lumpsStasis is defined as: “retention or a slowing or stoppage of the normal flow.” And, as all living things depend on the unimpeded flow of their internally circulating fluids to maintain themselves, it can be easily seen that whatever removes the impediment and restores the normal flow of fluids often also removes “stasis.” Conceptually, the problem is not any more complicated than that.

Blood, lymph, water and air circulate throughout the body; each through their own vessels. The question is, what would cause normal fluid flow to be impeded and why? Surely, since healthy blood and lymphatic fluids are by their very nature intended to be free flowing, there must be something interfering; something that is either affecting the fluid itself to impede it’s own flow or the flow itself is being impeded mechanically.

People often talk about “natural” remedies and natural ways of improving or restoring health. Yet, without a little basic observation of now nature operates it is highly unlikely that a truly natural understanding of the body will ever be achieved without understanding what nature does first. By this it is not meant that a complex, completely chemical analysis of things is always needed to see the simple actions that nature employs to achieve what it does. Most of the time witnessing the obvious as it happens in nature can be revelatory. It escapes most because they are expecting something highly complex but, in nature, the obvious is what is most overlooked.

Knowing The Simple Basics About Fluids Lead To An Understand Of What A Breast Lump Is And What Breast Lumps Are About

We are all familiar with water, which makes it a good example for illustrating how a fluid can be impeded in it’s flow . There are only a limited number of possible things that can be done to water that would affect how it flows or to impede its flow altogether.

To affect the flow of water you could:

* Add something to the water to change it’s normal characteristics and density,
* Change the temperature of the water to make it more or less dense or,
* Mechanically obstruct the water’s flow itself.

There are at least two types of ingredients that could be added to water that will affect it’s flow characteristics.

A) Something that will mix with the water but will not dissolve into it;
B) Something that will dissolve into the water itself to create a compound with it making it thicker – more viscus.

Note: Added ingredients will either thin or thicken a fluid affecting how it flows or circulates. When dealing with machinery, filters are used to remove what would harm the machinery. In our body, our internal organs do all that they can to keep the characteristics of our circulating fluids “normal.” Should the main organs take contaminating ingredients out of the those fluids for the sake of keeping their characteristics “normal” and flowing properly, it is not uncommon for those organs to accumulate those abnormal substances either into or between their tissue or into “pockets” (cysts, tumors like a breast lumps or a breast lump) until such time as the body is able to safely dispose of them.

In the context of water, something like dirt will mix with water but, when the water is left standing, the dirt will separate and go to the bottom. The dirt makes the water thicker and stays in solution only for as long as the water is moving or is agitated. In rivers, when silt laden water slows down it starts to deposit its silt to create blockages or sorts, sometimes diverting the flow of the water.

If something like sugar or salt are added to water; being water soluble they dissolve into the water, combining with it, making the water “thicker,” more dense, heavier and tending to flow a little slower. Temperature can also cause hardening or crystallization affecting flow even more. (Something like alcohol would have the opposite effect, therefore it inebriates.)

Breast Lumps Are Like An Blockage To Natural Fluid Flow Resulting In A Breast Lump

Anyone who has seen a river flowing or, has cooked or baked is familiar with these simple and very common effects. Both cases are similar with the difference that in the first there is a greater potential of the water dropping some of what it is carrying to produce a blockage or impediment to the normal flow. While, in the second the fluid itself, not being able to easily separate itself from what it is carrying becomes thicker and under the right circumstances it, itself becomes the cause of a “hardened” blockage.

The only other possibility that could produce a blockage to the normal flow of water besides the fluid itself would be if it were to be artificially restricted in some way. In nature this would require a dam, in the body it would require deliberately applied pressure.

These three simple examples are pretty basic but easy to picture and universal. They apply everywhere in Nature as well as within living things. In the body they are the usual cause of stasis and breast lumps or a breast lump are just one consequence of it.

Our Body Functions As Part Of And Within Nature – Nature Keeps Her Own Fluids Clean.

Whereas water relies on Nature to clean it, our blood and lymphatic fluids rely on our internal organs to filter them to keep them clean and flowing freely. When they cannot, what remains in the fluids in circulation become the causes of problems.

In a world increasingly obsessed with thoughtlessly eating denatured foods, using products laced with dangerous chemicals, or wearing clothing that is way too tight, blockages in bodily fluid flow is to be expected and fairly common. Whether it’s hardened fats, calcification, or other hardened substances depositing on the walls of vessels restricting their flow, the result is some sort of “stasis” – a blockage to the normal flow of fluids. The greater or more concentrated the pressure, the greater the problem or chance of a blockage producing some sort of stasis. When it happens in the breasts, a breast lump or multiple breast lumps happen. The effects can range from pain to irritations or inflammations from the pressure that these blockages cause and the nature of what is backing up within these cysts, tumors or lumps. The nature of the accumulations themselves adds to the problem. The nature of breast lumps, cysts, tumors or any kind of breast lump is defined by what is accumulating inside of them.

Foods that are too rich or chemically laced, industrial chemicals in common household cleansers, personal hygiene products, cosmetics, products that are hormonal or hormone mimicking in nature can actually thicken our fluids to the point of impeding their flow. They can do this either by their effect on the chemistry of the fluids themselves or by impeding the functions of the organs that are supposed to filter those fluids. If the chemicals happen to be hormone altering or hormone mimicking they can also cause the accumulation to grow faster. There is nothing mysterious about this. These are well known facts and common sense conclusions based on simple deduction.

Anything That Shouldn’t Be In Our Body By Nature Causes Problems!

breast, lumps This is what a beaver dam can do to a river. It will
back up a river enough to make it
swell into a
swamp. When fluid flow is blocked
anywhere in the
body, it will do something
similar in principle. Clearly,
this is a metaphor. If you understand it, you see the
ailment for what it is – an obstruction to normal flow.

Should blood or lymph be carrying such things within them and if the internal organs are not able to remove them a few possibilities arise:

* What they are carrying suspended in their fluid could deposit to form a sort
of dam to impede normal flow,
* Having been made too “thick” from being mixed with specific substances to
flow normally some coagulation can occur to impede normal flow or,
* An artificial restriction in flow could be created due to external pressure
from something being worn too tightly could also impede normal flow

Each situation creates a “back-up.” To better picture this, imagine a hose made of soft rubber with water flowing through it. To impede the flow within that hose you would have to either step on the hose itself or, affect the nature of the fluid flowing through it. If you step on the hose you would expect a bulge to form upstream of where you were stepping. If you were to put something into the water that would “thicken” the water or clog the hose, the same thing would happen at a point where the flow is slightly restricted. It’s that simple!

Based on these simple principles, stasis can occur anywhere in the body. In Traditional Herbal Theory; anything that creates lumps or a lump, cyst or tumor anywhere is the result of an impediment in the normal flow of blood or lymph. In principle, even water retention has the same cause only it usually affects a larger area which is why trying to remove the water without also removing what is impeding it’s normal flow will either not work or it will overwork the organs (kidneys) that are supposed to maintain normal fluid levels in the body.

The Breasts Suffer From Our Vanity Or Our Convenience – You Pay With Breast Lumps

We are sometimes our own worst enemy; sometimes out of ignorance – sometimes out of habit. With respect to breasts lumps in breasts there are at least two practices that affect their overall health:

A) the use of chemical antiperspirants,
B) wearing improperly fitted brassieres and
C) never taking a break from wearing that brassiere.

It is no secret that human beings perspire!

Sweating is a normal part of cooling the body and eliminating it’s waste. It is a necessary function of life and living. Excessive sweating is due to organ or energy deficiencies that if not addressed will produce excessive sweating; something that needs to be addressed separately. That said, in the West these deficiencies are seldom addressed so, people attempt to prevent sweating from the armpits cosmetically often by using antiperspirants or, even far more drastic measures. Unlike deodorants that simply perfume perspiration, antiperspirants work by plugging up the skin pores so that sweat does not come through or is at least impeded or reduced.

It has to be assumed that the body sweats for a reason. The obvious question would be, where is all that accumulating sweat that the body is trying to rid itself of, supposed to go? If the pores are being plugged up, where is it supposed to escape from? The sweat has few options. Having no where to go, the sweat backs up into the only other eliminatory systems that is available to it; the lymphatic system or possibly even the blood itself. That sweat has to go somewhere!

What is backing up naturally starts to invade the immediate area around the armpits. Sometimes this back up causes pain or swelling in the armpits. The breasts, being nearby and having some lymph nodes in them, are a convenient place for it to go in an effort to find a way out and dilute the affects of that accumulating possibly toxic fluid. At some point, finding itself in a slightly cooler environment than the armpit, this “fluid,” will thicken, slow in it’s flow, accumulate, block the vessels and then harden in little pockets. The body does this all over at times and the breasts are no exception. Being soft, tender tissue near where the body sweats they are are susceptible to pressure and prone to breast lumps formation.

Breast Fascination – Loving Your Breasts To Death

In Traditional Herbal Theory liver and gall bladder functions, when impeded can affect the lymphatic system and can produce something that is called “Liver Heat Rising,” which causes, among other things, pain in the breasts because of the overload a clogged liver and gall bladder causes to the lymphatic system. The problem is aided greatly by supplementing or cleaning the Liver and gall bladder.

Breasts and their appearance is something that interests both sexes. Because of it a lot of effort goes into making them appear different than they are naturally or, presenting them in a “socially acceptable” manner. This is all very subjective of course but, the result is that the breasts get subjected to being lifted, pressed together, separated, minimized, maximized and other things all in an effort to either hold them in place or make them more alluring or attention getting. Not many other parts of the human anatomy get that kind of “in your face” attention or are subjected to as much of an “ogling” factor in spite of the fact that they are mostly covered up or are as hidden as is socially acceptable sometimes with just enough of a “peekaboo” factor to draw attention to them.

Anything that is worn too tightly anywhere on the body will restrict blood or lymphatic flow to produce a “back-up” and the possibility of lumps forming in the area affected. This can happen anywhere on the body but, the area of the breasts is especially vulnerable not only because of the pressure caused by improperly breast, health, bra, brassiere, lumps, cystsfitting bras but, also by the added complication from the possibility of backed up perspiration/lymphatic fluid by antiperspirants. What’s more is that, unlike the breasts, other parts of the body where clothes might be worn tightly are muscular and subject to movement provoking circulation. Not so with the breasts. They are the outer covering of milk producing glands that are not as subject to muscularly induced circulation. What circulates into and out of them is based on the efficiency of the general circulation of the body in general and the lack of pressure on them to prevent it.

Brassieres can present a problem all their own. Nothing is wrong with a properly fitting bra. Problems can arise however, should a brassiere not fit properly or, because of it’s design, be too tight or cause concentrated pressure to specific areas creating an unnatural, restrictive pressure in one area of the breast or another.

On the same vein but in a different part of the body, imagine how your feet feel if your shoes do not fit properly. When shoes create too much pressure on the toes it is common that they contribute to the formation of corns because of it. Just like the relief from removing a pair of shoes that are too tight, not wearing a brassier at all times is helpful, comfortable and healthy.

In the West, the breasts are seldom given a chance to breath much less be exposed to fresh air and sunlight. If a person has the privacy, the breasts would benefit from moderate exposure to sunlight, free of the constraints of their “bra prison.” The point of this is that this helps prevent “stasis” by removing pressure and allowing normal, free circulation where it is often restricted.

Similarly, fasting can be helpful in removing accumulated wastes of all kinds from the body. Keep in mind that fasting has no relation to starvation. Fasting is not something religious. It simply means to be voluntarily abstaining from doing something. It could mean abstaining from rich foods, artificial foods, foods filled with chemicals and preservatives, foods that are not organic, avoiding chemically laced products, putting aside the ill fitting bra to wear a better fitting one, deliberately being more careful in matters of personal health and so on.

As simple as exotic and perhaps even as erotic as this may sound, here is some simple news about breast health. Massage is of huge benefit for the body as a whole but, the breasts for the sake of breast health can benefit from it as well. It’s a simple matter of a gentle massage moving fluids that have stagnated in their flow. A pretty simple and effective preventative measure. There is such a thing as a breast massage. As long as it is done gently even by the person themselves helps with normal circulation. Beware of exotic gadgets that likely will not do what you could do for yourself.

Given the chance, the body is great at solving many of it’s own problems.

With stasis, when the blockage or pressure is removed and the fluids made to flow normally the accumulation or swelling dissolves and with it the breast lumps or breast lump. It’s that simple; like water being released from a dam, what was accumulated behind it is reduced to it’s normal flow.

This is not a very complicated concept and therefore has an equally simple solution. Just keep in mind that all we are dealing with here is a restriction of flow. By restoring the flow, you can solve the problem – most of the time.

Please remember that whatever can be dissolved by the body’s own mechanisms generally presents no problem. There are toxins already in our body’s that we live with and cause us no discomfort or apparent problems. If the body itself can be made to remove them, then the body will manage the toxins on its own through normal metabolism, in the same way as it did when it forms areas of stasis. This neither breaches the skin nor, offends any other organ.

A few very simple things need to be done to achieve this. The use of antiperspirants should be stopped, better fitting bras should be warn and two more simple steps may be helpful:

1) Something to apply onto the area where the restriction is to be dissolved to help restore the flow and,
2) something that will help in cleaning the blood so that what ever is being dissolved will find it’s way out of the body quickly using the body’s own metabolic and eliminatory functions.

A very simple and completely natural solution for breast lumps or breast lump is available and you can have it for $3.00.

“The physician should be an Alchemist; that is to say, he should understand the Chemistry of Life. Medicine is not merely a science, but an art. It does not consist merely in compounding pills and plasters and drugs, but it deals with the processes of Life, which must be understood before they can be guided.Paracelsus

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