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Candida Yeast Infection – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Candida Yeast Infections are more than just the presence Candida Albicans. It is a complete waste of time to be presenting the usual “cookie cutter” approach in explaining Candida Yeast Infections. An explanation from a laboratory seldom depicts a real world condition.

If you want to understand any ailment look into nature! Candida Yeast Infections are no exception.

As in most Theoretical Herbal explanations, analogies directly from Nature need to be made in order to explain the actual problem in simple observable terms. Understanding the analogies will put the actual problem into perspective making it manageable and solvable. These analogies are important because whatever can happen outside in Nature can and do occur also within the human body. This premise offers simple explanations leading to simple solutions. Were this not true it would suggest that we are not compatible with nature and natural processes would not apply to us. But, experience has proven that it is Nature that ultimately heal us.  When you cut your finger it is Nature that knits your flesh back together all anyone can do is get out of the way as much as possible. Scientifically, no one can explain why, only that it happens.

For the sake of clarification:

1) Candida Yeast Infections, Chronic yeast infections, vaginal yeast infections are symptoms, not ailments in themselves.
2) Candida Albicans is not the cause of Candida Yeast Infections. Candida Albicans is the by-product of excessive fermentation from the debilitation of the body’s digestive system due to accumulated bodily wastes.

Most ailments start off through simple digestive impairment and Candida is no exception. Our body in all its parts is continuously only doing one of two things. It is either:

1) Digesting food or
2) Eliminating waste

And, it doesn’t do both at the same time!

When digestion becomes inhibited for whatever reason two things start to happen:

1) The body will start accumulating its own wastes and,
2) Instead of digesting food, the digestive organs start fermenting the foods as well as the accumulated wastes which creates an internal environment that gives rise to the rampant growth of the Candida Albicans spores.

The Candida Albicans spores already exist in the body naturally so they are not the cause. Why they start to over grow is the answer to the puzzle. They need a certain environment in order to flourish in disproportionate abundance.

The conceptual differences between the proper digestion of foods and the decomposition/fermentation of foods must be clarified and understood otherwise there is neither an understanding nor a permanent solution to the Candida Yeast infection problem and its related symptoms.

In proper digestion, good foods are literally being taken apart and separated into good and bad, useable and non-useable or beneficial and detrimental substances by the stomach and then refined through the various internal organs, all of which do their own digestion down to the cellular level. The useable components are used to build and maintain all of the parts of our body and provide the energy needed for the activities of normal life. That which is detrimental are wastes which are under normal circumstances evacuated. In a healthy person this process is completely painless and happens as a matter course without any other affects.

To understand the foods that all creatures eat it is best to understand at the simplest possible level in relation to organ and bodily functions. Most people have come to know foods as proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Even though this is a useful classification, foods can be thought of in much simpler terms. In principle few will argue that foods are either;

1) Solid
Liquid or,

We are either chewing, drinking or breathing. There is no other way to nourish the body as food comes in no other forms. Likewise, the only possible bodily waste product can only be solid, liquid, and gaseous; normally evacuated at regular intervals by defecating, urinating or exhaling through breathing and skin pours. Not only does this occur in the body as a whole, it also occurs within each organ and every cell of the body. So, it is possible for one organ, due to impairment, to be more burdened than another and become a burden to another because of it. Anything that interferes or otherwise inhibits the eliminatory functions will change the internal environment and, in time, produce a disease that is either organ specific or systemic. This can occur completely without having any viral beginning or so-called genetic defect, although the environment that this fermenting process creates is conducive to supporting organisms that would not normally exist within the body or at least not in huge disproportion. In fact, the numerous bacteria associated with Candida yeast infections come into being because of it. This completely abnormal internal environment allows Candida Albicans to flourish and among these is also the so called Epstein Barr virus and many others.

To explain this concept further; when digestion is impeded in any way, the foods being digested become “stalled” in the digestive process. In herbal jargon this is sometimes called stagnation. When you have an organic substance that started off as a living thing, such as food, finds itself stalled; not being digested, in the moist and warm environment inside of the body it naturally starts to give itself back to nature through the very natural process of fermentation. This process is basically decomposition or to use a less glamorous term – rotting. There is nothing wrong with this most natural of processes, it is however, problematic when it occurs within the body due to digestive impairment.

For those who have a hard time conceiving that it is possible for something to be literally rotting inside of them, all one has to ask is where do bodily odors come from if something were not fermenting inside of them?

Some people have incredible body odors and the sicker or the older they are the more they can smell. That odor can only come from somewhere within the body from something other than the flesh itself, and everyone has a different odor and in some it gets worse with age. If the body and its flesh is constantly trying to clean itself it can only be something left over from the digestive process. All bodily discharges are wastes. All bodily discharges; solid, liquid or liquid, that are not being expelled from their normal orifice are what the body, through an impediment, could not expel through them. The very strong pungent smelling discharges common in Candida Yeast Infections also burn where they have contact because of their irritating nature.

There are ailments such as gangrene, leprosy, and others where the flesh itself is rotting – fermenting – dissolving while the person is still alive. In other words their flesh is more filled with waste than healthy flesh substance; that congestion being sufficient to produce such a strong inflammation that it can dissolve the flesh or give rise to bacteria or parasite that actually consumes the flesh. So, if the flesh itself can rot while the person is still alive, what is put into the body is even more likely to do so where there is digestive impairment. Bad breath; halitosis, comes about because the stomach is fermenting rather than digesting the food being eaten and it reflects in the mouth. The bacteria is born out of this not the other way around.

Fermentation is a very well known process. It can be used to make things. Under human supervision fermentation is just controlled rotting. Through it, we produce certain foods and beverages wine, beer, sauerkraut and other useful substances. Fermentation has many by-products, only one of which is yeast. Besides yeast, gases like carbon dioxide and monoxide, bacteria and other by-products are released from the original substance being fermented.

Anyone who is well acquainted with the very natural processes of fermentation will quickly and more clearly understand the origins of yeast, it cousins and with it Candida Yeast Infections and its symptoms in the body. The yeast will irritate, the gases will produce headaches, bloating, stupor, fatigue and so on, just like they would if one were exposed to them from outside of the body because among other things they displace oxygen as much in the body as they would outside of it.

It must be understood that this yeast is more complex and not exactly the same yeast that is ingested through baked goods, it is being produced inside the body by the fermentation of foods and/or wastes that find themselves within the body. If the ingested yeast were the culprit then everyone who has ever eaten a leavened food such as bread or pizza would also have a yeast problem; and this is obviously not the case.

It is well known that sugars fuel fermentation and yeast production. This process is no different when it occurs within the body. It is for this reason that any foods that have a sugar content or a yeast content are being eliminated by those who would try to get rid of Candida Yeast Infections. This does help the symptoms to a point but, think for a minute? Does this really make sense? How can foods that are otherwise wholesome and harmless for millenia be deemed arbitrarily detrimental out of nowhere?

Are Candida Yeast Infection About The Foods? Well, Yes and No!

Anyone with any sense will conclude that food definitely has some bearing in all matters of health but in the case of Candida Yeast, it is what the body is doing with the foods that counts!

The body is not digesting them, they are literally rotting because the body is impaired in its digestive processes. This impairment is not necessarily from the traditional foods themselves but, what they have become through processing, over refining, hybridization and most recently, genetic modification.

As distasteful as this may sound, imagine what the garbage we put out weekly would smell like if it would be left to pile up? It would ferment, produce noxious gases, bacteria and attract unwanted animals. When we do not eliminate our bodily wastes regularly, this is not unlike the environment we would be producing inside of ourselves too!

It would be extremely short sighted to presume that Candida Yeast is just about food. If it were indeed only a food problem then proceeding to eliminate specific foods should eventually eliminate the problem. This is clearly not so because if the same eating habits return it brings the problem back with it. This means that foods were not the cause. Foods that would otherwise cause no one else a problem cannot be the cause. How the body and its organs deal with foods; that would be a lot closer to reality.

In short:

1) If the wastes that the yeasts are born out of can be eliminated through normal channels
2) If the organs that should be eliminating them are brought back into function, and
3) If a person chooses to habitually eat better foods,

the internal environment is brought back into balance and there would be nothing for the yeasts or other by-products to be born out of. The problem is effectively solved. No more Yeast Infections!!

This process may be greatly aided with a liver cleanse.

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Although the Exstressor, Digestorum, Paracelsus Elixir, and Paracelsus Anti-Toxin products are very, very helpful in solving many Candida Yeast problems, it would be unreasonable to presume that they would solve Candida Yeast Infections and associated problems all on their own. When you read the full article you will better understand why products, although very helpful, need to be part of a systematic approach. They are useful as part of a process which is described on the body of this article.

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