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Candida Yeast Infection Additional Notes, Concepts And Information

Additional Notes On Candida Yeast Infections

When the inflammations occur in the pelvic area or in the private parts it is simply the result of these wastes being channeled by the body to this general area of elimination through its orifices and what is called, in Oriental Herbal Theory the “lower burner.” That is to say, that in the body’s attempts to remove these toxins downward through the normal channels of elimination but being that they are so toxic, the organs themselves find them too hard to handle, the body might seal and place the toxins in a “convenient” place (in some cases a small cyst or tumor). As the human body eliminates downwardly the toxins are at times, and especially but not exclusively in women and their particular functions, deposited on the pelvic floor. These accumulations are not as separately accumulated piles but, as concentrations in the tissues of that part of the anatomy. There they either produce irritations specific to that part of the body or as irritations to the orifices of that part of the body. To call this “leaky gut” is not to understand bodily functions. This newly coined phrase just creates or gives the impression of a new problem where there isn’t one. What is happening is that the wastes over load the tissues. When they are in high enough concentrations they start to produce their irritations and discharges.

The heat and pressure of eliminatory functions are such that they persistently try to get rid of that which is harmful to its whole organism. The body has at its disposal, heat, which it uses effectively to separate and produce pressure to drive out the toxin through the most convenient orifices.  In women it happens that the uterus and the vaginal opening is another eliminatory organ where much elimination is naturally drawn to. When these extremely toxic and by now concentrated substances and toxins leave they will be very uncomfortable because of the delicate nature of these bodily tissues. It usually irritates and commonly burns. There is irritation, dryness and discharge. If these were to occur on the skin of another part of the body, it would likely produce some sort of a rash and be taken as an entirely different ailment or problem. The fact is, that it would most likely have been the same toxin only in a different area.

Although the lower orifices are afflicted and are usually treated in isolation, this is not an ailment of these organs. (wiping with certain toilet papers can also produce similar symptoms). There are ways of helping these specific parts but the problem will not completely subside until these toxins are no longer being introduced into the body and when the proper organs and channels of elimination and digestion are fully restored.

Some Fast Relief

An Oriental Overview: In the orient it is recognized that it is the heat that is causing the discomfort and dryness. (The toxin being concentrated through this heat) They say that it is the water element that is at fault. Their solution is to provide something that will counter this heat and provide moisture. This suitably does provide tremendous relief without actually addressing the underlying problem. A good Chinese remedy traditionally used for this specific problem is called: Chien Chin Chih Tai Wan.

Probiotics: It is also well know that a good probiotic is extremely helpful in getting relief from Candida Yeast infections by helping restore intestinal flora. Enzymes are commonly used for alleviating the discomforts of Yeast Infections. Probiotics are not enzymes. They are a precurser to enzymes that break down into enzymes to help break down the undigested substances in the body quicker.  They do produce tangible benefits and Probiotics are very popular. They may help control the problem but do not get rid of it. It is outside of their capacity to restore or support organ functions. For this, herbal products have been used historically. The Digestorum and Exstressor are herbal products formulated to support digestive organ functions and can be used in conjunction with enzymes and probiotics.

Plain Yogurt: Applying organic plain yogurt, or a cabbage leaf directly onto the skin also cools the area quickly and lasts for as long as the yogurt or the leaf of cabbage remains active.

Cabbage: Many successfully apply Savoy Cabbage compresses or poultices for relief; especially if it is in the area of lower abdomen and groin. The relief from the burning is almost immediate. Very low tech, but very effective! The best method is to use a few leaves of Savoy Cabbage can be minced in a blender or food processor and applied. Or, a leaf of Savoy Cabbage can be rolled flat with a glass bottle and applied. It can even be worn in the underwear. If Savoy Cabbage is not available regular white head cabbage can be used but is slightly less effective. Do not confuse these cabbages with Napa cabbage. Napa cabbage will not work at all.

The humble Savoy cabbage is another highly undervalued remedy. It is inexpensive but very effective for many maladies.

It should also be noted that there are some specific culprits closely associated with this problem. One such specific ingredient already mentioned in a page in this section is modern antibiotics. Even if not actually taken – they are routinely fed to some domestic animals that are eaten. To Explain how antibiotics aggravate this problem is also partially explained above, but to explain it would be rather lengthy.

More Long Lasting, more permanent relief

To get rid of it, it boils down to systematically detoxifying the body. A Liver Cleanse is very useful and the starting point for implementing  what is written above. Starting with a one to two month slow cleanse described in the liver cleanse pages while following the diet mentioned back a page or two in this section. The Digestorum product is best used to help restore organ functions in the course of cleansing the liver. In addition the Exstressor product may be used and is best used between meals for about 2-6 weeks. In the end, it will be the diet that ultimately helps the most. Having detoxed and cleansed the liver makes it far more effective and bring about most lasting effects in less time. Otherwise, there are no shortcuts.

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Balancing Liver, Gallbladder and Stomach Functions for better Assimilation and Elimination. Paracelsus Elixir is an excellent formula with many uses centered primarily around digestive support.

Please note that this formula needs to be prepared before use. For instructions on its preparation click here. Once prepared it is both very effective as well as economical.

Paracelsus Anti-Toxin is generally the same formula as the Paracelsus Elixir with an entirely different effect. Offering excellent digestive and eliminatory support. This formula will act more as a detox formula than the Elixir. To Help Support Spleen Functions Balancing to create energy for the organs for better Elimination.

Although the Exstressor, Digestorum, Paracelsus Elixir, and Paracelsus Anti-Toxin products are very, very helpful in solving many Candida Yeast problems, it would be unreasonable to presume that they would solve Candida Yeast Infections and associated problems all on their own. When you read the full article you will better understand why products, although very helpful, need to be part of a systematic approach. They are useful as part of a process which is described on the body of this article.

candida yeast infections, causes, candida yeast, solutions, natural herbal remedies

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