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Weight Loss and Losing Weight – Some Causes of Weight Gain

Weight Loss and Weight Gain is a very charged topic as of late due to the obesity epidemic that is primarily taking place within the United States and to a less extent in Canada. The fact that the rest of the world is not having this problem should offer a very big clue as to the causes of this very serious problem.

  • Food
  • Inactivity
  • Hormones
  • Food Additives
  • Genetic Predisposition

In a nut shell, the rest of the world does not consume the amounts of non-foods to the extent that the general American populace does. The simple act of reading labels and choosing not to eat ingredients that are questionable, not to mention unpronounceable would already be an excellent start for anyone who is serious about losing excess weight.

North Americans are victims of being relentlessly marketed to. Like no other culture on Earth, the American media bombards the American public with product pitches aimed at the most vulnerable and to urges that are hard to deny.

In today’s world absolutely nothing is sacred. Everything is fair game. The young are often deliberately targeted to get them into a life long habit of consuming what is little more than nicely packaged garbage. Some of this garbage is physical, some of it is emotional and some of it is mental. It seems that a nation that is so willing to turn its children into the prey of corporate interests will at some point have to pay the price; and it is finally starting to show.

After nearly 20 to 30 years of relentlessly planting crazy ideas into the minds of a few generations, we are now harvesting our first crop of unprecedented sick and obese children!!!! Never, ever do you hear that their sicknesses are related to the foods that they have been eating practically since birth. The logical question to be asked is; “why haven’t previous generations been as afflicted with diseases that never existed before or, at least were not as prevalent?”

The corporations that have made this possible are probably patting themselves on the back as they watch their bottom lines getting fatter and as they are handing out bonuses. They should all be proud of having created the first few generations of people who don’t think, don’t like to move, listen to the media nonstop, do as they’re told and consume just about everything in sight – the perfect corporate consumer-citizen.

Obesity is just the tip of the iceberg. If their bodies are so out of shape it is likely that their hearts and minds are not too far behind. Since when did the armed forces worry about recruits not being fit enough to join their ranks.

In addition to this, what has come to be regarded as acceptable foods are often foods that are so processed that their packaging likely has more substantive food value than the food itself.

Consequently, between fast foods, convenience foods and processed foods laced with additives, the average North American person consumes empty calories of  foods that are often deliberately rendered addictive through their additives. The result is people who have voracious appetites who are drawn to eating foods that satisfy their palates but due to the complete absence of nutritional value these foods are not satisfying their bodily needs. The resulting hunger these people feel is very real . . . they’re not eating food . . . more like human gravy train.

This relentless cycle produces obesity of historic proportions. That it took nearly two to three decades to recognize this very obvious problem is in itself astounding and very telling of the Health agencies in place. Are they serving the public good or the corporate interest?

It is interesting that the additives are never mentioned. Instead, the problem is usually being blamed on common foods that have been traditionally eaten without consequence. The blame falls onto sugars, wheat, carbohydrates and fats. The problem is that the sugars, wheat, carbs and fats are not the same ones we used to eat over 30 years ago. The sugars are either synthetic or GMO corn syrup, the wheat has either been hybridized or GMO’d, the fats are trans fats, hydrogenated fats or otherwise modified fats. None of these are digestible and the public is completely in the dark about these new modification to traditional foods.

Human genetics are blamed! But, clearly to proclaim that genetics are at fault is to suggest that this obesity epidemic did not exist 30 – 60 years ago and is therefore unscientific.

Even though everyone has a personal stake and responsibility in maintaining ones own health the blaming of someone’s genetics is to deflect the responsibility from foods and their additives solely onto the shoulders of the individual consuming them.

Personal choices are usually at the bottom of being overweight, however, when the choices being offered as safe and edible are in reality a “trap” to make a person addicted to them there is a clear problem as the deck is being stacked not in a person’s favor.

Weight Gain does not occur overnight!

Any normal person who eats good healthy food and is moderately active will generally not experience extreme weight gain. It can happen that people in this category being given certain hormonal treatments for specific medical conditions have been known to trigger weight gain.

Normally, when a person eats and the food is digested, the body will eliminate the wastes through normal bowel movements. As long as the body is eliminating or consuming as much as is being ingested the weight of the body will stay more or less constant. But, should the body start to retain more than is being ingested, the result will be a net gain in weight.

As simple as this may sound, there really isn’t that much more to it. What you digest and metabolize sustains the body without bulking it up and the waste is eliminated. What is not digestible because of how it has been chemically tampered with the body will retain, especially if the only food a person is eating is of the nonfood variety.

Weight Gain Doesn’t Just Happen – There Are Clear Signs.

Before the body starts to gain disproportionate amounts of weight the organs that process the body’s excessive nourishment start to become impeded in their normal function.

Before hand they could absorb certain amounts of what was excess, but once they are full, they start to place the excess in other parts of the body as fat. Note: Organs do not often or literally “fill up.” If they do the organ itself becomes very sick.

This can occur even at a very early age, which can be clearly seen in the never before seen epidemic of obese children. Although many will deny this demanding “scientific proof,” but this problem clearly stems from the types of foods that are being eaten. Real foods contain all that is necessary to sustain a health organism. This includes the means of their proper elimination through the Gastrointestinal tract.

The structure of human beings hasn’t changed in the past 60 years, but the food clearly has. Anyone who would deny this has been asleep for the past 60 years. (note: not only have the incidents of obesity increased to unheard of proportions, so has every other previously rare diseases and ailments. This is a little too much to be coincidence.)

One of the first organs to clog up is the gallbladder and liver; making proper digestion nearly impossible further contributing to weight gain. As other organs like the spleen, pancreas and stomach become affected other problems start to occur. Out of this the most common problems are indigestion, head aches, brain fog, candida yeast problems, lethargy, aches and pains, circulatory issues and the inevitable diabetes and heart problems and apart from the immobility, gross bodily disproportion and infections much more can and does eventually occur.

Eating Consciously versus Unconsciously

This is a big one for many people and here is a story to bring the point home.

Some one I know quite well had made herself obese from her eating habits. One time I remember that she had brought to work a box of about 2 dozen chocolate eclairs and invited about three of us to each have one. My wife and I and a co-worker each one and got back to our work. In about a half hour we we went back to have another and wondered where the they had all gone. With only about 4 people in the room each having had one eclair a half hour earlier, the three of us wondered how the first layer of 12 eclairs was now down to 11. Who could have eaten them so quickly.

Well, there was only one person who could have. She was a kind and generous person and we all loved her but she had an eating problem. The food just seemed to evaporate around her.

One day she finally decided to lose the weight. She realized that when was eating she somehow became unconscious of the food she was eating in much the same way as a smoker is not aware of how many cigarettes they are smoking. She would take the first bite and taste it and just eat and eat without tasting what she was eating until she had taken the last bite. She said that the food she had been eating in between was a blur.

When she had decided to be more conscious of her eating she would eat and stop when she felt full. To her, this meant that she was making a conscious effort to eat while being fully aware of what she was doing. She could feel herself being satiated and stopped when she felt full. That was it. She was a very short 5 foot, two inch tall lady. She dropped from about 200 pounds to about 140 in about two years. And that is all that she did.

Clearly it is best to act before arriving at this stage.

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