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The Digestive Process – Separating The Useful From The Unusable

If You Want To Understand Why You Are Sick Start By Understanding The Body’s Digestive Process. The Digestive Process Is Where All Ailments Start. Every Organ And Cell Of The Body Maintain Themselves Through The Digestive Process Of The Body As A Whole, The Digestive Process Of Each Organ And The Digestive Process Of Every Tiny Organ Within Every Cell.  Retore those functions and You would have restored your health and removed any disease.

Traditional Herbal Principles have taught that the digestive process is the central function of all living organisms, connecting and maintaining all living things through their food. The Traditional view of the digestive process differs from the present day accepted view. These differences are not scientific, they are conceptual.

Although the science often substantiates the Traditional view, the traditional Traditional Herbal view does not always support many modern day practices, concepts and views. The traditional view of the digestive process has already proven itself by reaching well beyond present day medical convention, to explain more deeply why life and health are as they are and includes a simple but accurate rationale to substantiate itself unencumbered by a profit motive. Traditional herbal theory already works in harmony with Nature. In time, modern view of health in using objective science will have to concede to Nature as well. Historically Nature has never conceded or conformed to anything humanly conceived unless it was in conformity to with Nature. In the end, in order to survive human beings must conform to Nature in every way, and that includes Her digestive processes, recognizing them outside as well as inside of our body on all levels or pay the consequences in the form of ailments.

Without your full capacity to digest all other bodily systems, that are literally being fed by your digestive process would systematically weaken, losing their ability to perform their many vital functions which are nothing more than an extension of the digestive process itself. In this context a healthy digestive process not only feeds you but is also the foundation for a sound mental and emotional state as well as your immunity and immune system. When you are digesting properly, you are of sound mind and body and not affraid of most bacteria, viruses or potential allergens.

The Digestive Process Is More Mystical Than Physical

We all have a physical body but most take it for granted and are uninterested in how it functions. Not that the principles behind the digestive process, digestion, organ functionsfunctions of the digestive process could not be understood by anyone who wanted to learn them but, if we try to understand them, we will discover that the digestive process is conceptually very simple. For the most part, we are completely unaware of the digestive process as it is taking place because Nature does it all for us without us having to think about it. It runs on autopilot for as long as we don’t interfere with it. To call it anything but mystical would be an understatement.

Anyone wanting to dig a little deeper into the digestive process will discover that it is actually more of a mystical digestive process than a strictly physical, chemical process. Science follows the digestive process and can be credited with measuring what it is doing chemically with some accuracy but, often does not understand why or how that digestive process is doing what it is doing. Science does not know how the blood takes food and turns it into blood. And, for that matter, even how fecal matter is formed. Nature does this and until someone, anyone, in any healing art can make blood and even bodily refuse like fecal matter out of food, they cannot honestly say they they understand the digestive process in every detail. Until then, the process is better assisted naturally than interfered with artificially. If science actually understood the digestive process it would better know what to do to heal it when it goes array; as it is, modern science does not and therefore cannot.

If approached humbly, most would be able to grasp what is behind the digestive process to more easily help it by simpler, more effective means. Through a humble effort that respects and is in keeping with Nature all things are revealed to the most deserving instead of those who think they deserve to know. Some of those that have been formally instructed, upon discovering the healing power of nature and the simple, naturally effective healing methods have found themselves at odds with their own profession and those in it. Although formal training is helpful, it is not the main criteria for a complete understanding but, anyone willing to concentrate on acquiring that knowledge can. Some of the very best of knowledge, especially as it relates to healing comes to those who seek it for the sake of the healing art itself and are guided to it through an entirely different point of view leading to a very different paradigm of life.

Learn to search and think for yourself and you will learn what you may have thought to have been unknowable. When you are sincerely searching with a good and pure heart and with an equally noble intent, using your full God given faculties, God Himself becomes your guide and teacher. Paracelsus referred to this revelatory insight as “The Light of Nature.” This cannot be taught, it must be found from within the heart of those who are willing to search for it.

The Digestive Process In Sequence

According to Paracelsus the stomach is where ailments involving excess water get their excess moisture from – Hydropsy. The Orientals refer to it as “dampness.” The stomach does not regulate the bodily “waters,” it just extracts them through normal digestive process from what is being ingested. The Kidneys regulate it.

Liquor Vitae (Fluid of Life)

In ancient texts, including those of Paracelsus, there is a substance referred to as “liquor vitae.” The liquor vitae is the “liquid of life” that exists within all living things; each living thing having it’s own according to it’s species. Just as the “God Substance” being sought by physicists, this “liquid of life” will never be found chemically. Being etheric, they are both above chemical detection or analysis.

The Liquor Vitae acts as a guiding mechanism, protector and regulator of the living fibers of our organism at the very finest level. It permeated all things no matter how fine, including such things as DNA which can sometimes be damaged if the fluid (liquor of life) becomes chemically contaminated or by age and failing organ functions. The Liquor Vitae is not the Ether that is often referred to classically as the Quintessence or the Akasha but, something similar that has and preserves the order of the unique character of what ever organism it belongs to. The fact that this extremely fine substance may not have been quantified does not mean it does not exist. it is just one more of those very fine things that interface between the strictly physical and etheric.

Processes are by definition sequential. The Digestive process is no different; it happens in sequential stages. Although some would argue that technically it starts in the mouth, the actual digestive process, as a conversion of foods into what the body needs to feed itself with, starts in the Stomach. Here the initial fine “separations” of the ingredients in the food and drink take place;  the digestive process, almebicvery fine life moistures of the food separating from the solids. From these the body has its “main moisture” as a base ingredient to form it’s many other life fluids out of.

It must be kept in mind that although the digestive process is sequential it is not as linear as an industrial process. During the digestive process there are uncountable other sub-processes taking place that no man-made process could ever duplicate in complexity or scope. The ultimate effect of the digestive process is life itself. Some Alchemists have referred to this net product as the Philosopher’s Stone.

Just A Separation Process

The digestive process itself is nothing more than a series of separation (distillation) and reassembly (condensation) processes that each subsequent organ in the digestive process fulfills in a progressively more refined manner in the sequence. The digestive process continues on as very refined sequential stages of filtration, distillations and reformations, extracting out all that is usable out of the foods eaten. In these processes a substance finding itself in the presence of heat and moisture is gently forced to separate into it’s finer and courser, pure from less pure or, in Biblical terms: it’s clean from it’s unclean ingredients. The body then takes what is useful, using it to feed, build and maintain the body, while sending the impure to be either further refined and redistributed or to be completely eliminated from the body.

What is artificial or, of a toxic nature being out of the order of Nature and incompatible with the digestive process, is therefore not digestible and will not assimilate. It is by definition a poison which the body rejects. The digestive process will not assimilate what is harmful to itself because it cannot seamlessly turn it into any part of the body it is trying to preserve so, it remains unchanged by the attempts of the digestive process to alter it chemically leaving it as a traceable waste in the same form as it was ingested, be it a chemical, a drug, a bacteria or virus, where ever they may find themselves. The body will warn us of of this rejection by creating symptoms of that rejection that by their nature will define a specific ailment.

Note: Paracelsus referred to all unnatural organisms foreign to the body wanting to grow in the body under the very broad category of “Worms,” classifying it as an ailment unto itself but not under the same category as a toxin. Worms or “parasites” are in fact, an ailment within another ailment.

As long as these “toxins” are in minimal amounts they are relatively innocuous but still have a gradual detrimental effect on the overall body functions because the body is constantly trying to eliminate them to prevent sickness. Sometimes even the body’s attempts to eliminate them makes us feel tired among other symptoms because the work of trying to eliminate them consumes energy.

The body’s vigilance uses up vital energy that could be better used elsewhere rather than being wasted in the elimination of avoidable toxins. By contrast when eating an organic apple, pear, fish, healthy meat, clean water etc., digested in a healthy body, produce no discomfort at all with a minimal energy expenditure. Once digested they cannot be traced in the blood stream or anywhere in the body because, being pure and compatible with Nature, the body completely converts them into flesh without any residual, traceable leftovers in the blood stream or flesh.

Note: At present all animals as well as people, no matter how vigilant, have been chemically contaminated through no fault of their own.

The digestive process ensures that the food we eat does not resemble in any way the ultimate materials that our physical bodies are composed of; meaning, if you eat an apple, our flesh will not contain “apple” anywhere in it or suffer any symptoms from having eaten it. Nature, through the digestive process, literally takes food apart and re-assembles it according to the structure of the living organism being fed. This transmutation is a great mystery to science; one that it neither understands nor accepts because the impetus behind these transformations cannot be seen or measured, only followed through ever more complex chemical analysis. The present hope is that the “DNA” will solve the mystery. But, it would seem that the pursuit of analyzing something micro-microscopic in the hopes of better understanding simple organ functions that have already been well understood for a few thousand years seems . . . well, clever on the one hand but ridiculous on the other.

Presently, everything is being attributed to “DNA” but, it too has an activity that is not merely physical. Nature and Her means produces these transformations that have a corresponding analogy in chemistry but, in trying to pursue the chemistry it is soon discovered that the chemistry is itself unending; an infinite pursuit without end that always leaves unanswered questions. From these transformations and transmutations come uncountable glandular, enzymatic and hormonal secretions besides the ones that are known. Where do they come from and by what impetus does the body know to produce them, let alone arrange them as they are chemically? That they are there is a fact but why and how is the ongoing question and mystery?

digestive process, organs, digestion,The materials that the body is working with seem less important than what is producing the very artful arranging and transmutations of those materials. These subtle workings owe a great deal to things mystical for their full understanding which is why the mystical symbol of the caduceus, the symbol of highest Hermetic knowledge, depicted to the left has always been the symbol of all healing in the West even if it’s meaning is ignored. Not that these things cannot and should not be studied scientifically but, when it comes to matters of life there is always a point where science hits a wall it has a hard time penetrating because science is incapable of defining life itself so it does not know what it is pursuing. When the time comes that science finally humbles itself to also embody some of the finer mystical points of life and existence, it will have a much easier time penetrating into Nature’s workings. Science still needs time to mature to eventually merge with what remains unreachable above it.

Digestion Is Essential To Life, Therefore Nature’s Digestive Process Is Without Mercy

Just like a rattle snake will give you fair warning to stay away, Nature will warn you when you are doing something that is self-destructive like eating what shouldn’t be eaten or, eating too much.

Starting from the stomach, the digestive process uses the fluids it has extracted from what has been eaten. The digestive process very artfully extracts these “food juices” first, as a the main raw material out of which to start blood production and form and maintain nerves from. It is therefore easy to see how the nature and quality of what is being eaten will affect both the digestive process, the blood, nerves and overall health.

Blood is not produced in or by the Stomach. That process starts in the Spleen, which is right next to the Stomach after the Stomach has extracted the fine fluid component from the food being digested. This has been known by Herbalists for millennia. In order for the extracted “food juices” to be transferred to the Spleen they must pass through the stomach lining, to enter into the Spleens very fine capillaries as it proceeds to the central vein of the Spleen as blood.

digestive process, junk foodShould the “juices” from certain foods be too thick, contaminated, chemically laden or otherwise inappropriate, the properties of these “unnatural” foods as you may expect will, in some, clog up their Stomach lining in the same way as a sponge placed into a thick “mucusy” liquid. The digestive process being an essential function,  will not tolerate the Stomach lining being clogged because it threatens the life of the overall system. The Natural forces of the body will do anything in their power to reopen those pores so that the Spleen can receive the fluids it needs to produce blood unencumbered. There are no microscopic tooth picks or brushes in the Stomach to clean out these pores so Nature has to resort to Her fundamental forces to do it. She uses heat to free them just as it do would if there were a fine sliver of wood in your finger.

Nature does not care about our discomfort. Her only concern is that life be preserved at all costs. If that means that the very flesh be dissolved by heating it above it’s natural degree of heat to dissolve the flesh by creating an ulcer that is fine by Nature. The sometimes excruciating pain should be a lesson for us to learn from. Nature does not care about a consequence created by our own actions. To solve this very common problem, it is simply a matter of eating foods that are more easily digested, more enzymatic in their effect (papaya), taking a natural enzyme or, other natural products that will soothe the Stomach lining and promote proper Stomach lining circulation, secretions and lessen the heat, that by aiding the digestive process, would remove what is trapped in the lining of the Stomach.

What the Liver and Gallbladder Contribute To the Digestive Process

Up to this point the processes necessary to help break down the food would not be possible or, at least far more difficult, without the help of the Bile from the Gallbladder and Liver, the heat from the Spleen and pancreatic enzymes.

Although they are seldom mentioned in relation to the digestive process in the modern orthodox view, proper Liver and Gallbladder functions are an integral part of the overall digestive process. Their effects contribute greatly to the lubrication of all joints and tendons, muscles, skin, eyes, the viscera in general, the metabolism of food and the general health of the Stomach, Stomach lining, the strength of the immune system and the health of the urinary tract. The clear suggestion here is that something like the now very common urinary tract infections are more easily resolved through improved digestive process and Liver and Gallbladder functions than by actually dealing with the urinary tract in isolation.

The Liver and Gallbladder are sometimes treated as if they are unrelated functions to each other as well as the general digestive process. They are often dealt with separately which is likely why there is so little understanding as to their relationship to other bodily functions and the overall digestive process. So much so that the removal of the Gallbladder is considered a trivial thing without regard to the consequences.

Now ask yourself, what if your car mechanic would do that to your engine? Would you expect it to still operate normally?

In Traditional herbal theory it is understood that the energy of the Gallbladder aides in the functions of the Urinary Bladder which explains why incontinence is often a consequence of impaired or the removing of the Gallbladder.

The Liver is the largest internal organ and does a lot to maintain and keep the body operating and healthy. It can contain as much as one third (1/3) of the body’s blood during sleep. During sleep it works to filter or clean your blood in preparation for the following day’s activity. If this is not done due to the Liver being somehow impaired in it’s normal functions, people wake up tired in the morning even though they may have had an adequate and normal night’s sleep. It also happens that if the liver’s capacity to do this is impaired it will struggle in performing it’s normal functions. This “overwork” in attempting to do it’s normal digestive functions typically causes people to wake up from their sleep at about 1 to 3 a.m.

Among other things, the Liver controls the economy of the blood supply to the body, meaning that while resting the Liver draws more blood into itself to clean it, and releases it back into the body when there is a greater need for blood when the body is more active. When this particular regulating function is impaired it is normal for some people, women in particular, to feel temperature fluctuations from hot to cold and cold to hot that have nothing to do with anything hormonal.

The Liver due to it’s control of the economy of blood in the entire body plays a major role in the health and functions of the reproductive organs as well. This effect is more obvious with women because of how their reproductive organs work directly with blood before and after conception.

The Liver is also a major blood filter. As a filter it is prone to clogging affecting blood flow to the point of creating blood pressure changes.

For these and other reasons are why so many people have found a periodic Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse to be so helpful.

digestive process, pancreasOnce the Spleen and Pancreas are brought into activity by food entering the Stomach, they stimulate Liver and Gallbladder functions. The ingredients that the Pancreas uses to help the Spleen do it’s work come from the Liver and Gallbladder and are transformed into what is needed for the Stomach by the Pancreas.

If you look at a basic book of anatomy you will notice that there is a bile duct that leads right into the Pancreas which by simple deduction means that bile, the fluid stored in the Gallbladder, is obviously meant to be essential for Pancreatic functions in producing their various enzymes that are catalytic in the digestive process in order that food completely separates out into all of it’s ingredients while it is still in the Stomach. This also includes the complete digestion of the naturally occurring sugars that are in all foods preventing them from going into the blood stream undigested (diabetes), and being transformed into a different kind of sugar (glycogen) that is the energy reserve for the body. Sometimes specific foods or a digestive product is needed or used to aid, support or strengthen these functions. Simple products that are themselves completely digested by the digestive process.

After the Spleen has produced it’s Blood, (Nature does not regard the blood as being “finished” or complete immediately after corpuscle formation. The blood needs other ingredients that the other organs will be adding to it through the portal arteries that interconnect all abdominal organs without interfering too much with blood flow to other parts of the body through the main arteries and veins. As is obvious, impediments to blood flow in this part of the circulatory / digestive process lead to serious blood related deficiencies and ailments.) the process continues on to the Heart, the Liver and Kidneys. While with the aid of the Blood as the carrier of the finer components in this part of the digestive process, the courser part of the ingested foods that have been separated from their finer fluid components are further processed, passing through the digestive tract through the  bottom of the Stomach, past the duodenum entering first into the Small, then the Large Intestine. When there is nothing left in them to be of any use the body discards it as bowel movement.

Bowel Issues Start From An Incomplete Digestive Process In The Stomach

The Stomach has a more acidic environment while the intestinal tract is more alkaline. As the stomach extracts from the food all that it can, the environment turns from being acidic to slightly more alkaline. This is the signal for the duodenum to open and release the remaining solids from this preliminary “cooking” process we call digestion, into the bowels. Should what is in the Stomach allow it’s contents to be released while it is still too acidic, it would severely affect the bowels whose environment is naturally more alkaline. This is what causes most types of bowel inflammations – something acidic being introduced into a naturally alkaline environment that is not equipped to tolerate it or able to alter it as only the Stomach can. Naturally, antacids taken for the Stomach discomfort only aggravate this tendency.

As Paracelsus stated; “The Stomach is like an artist, capable of making much out of very little. Even when poor foods are given to it to work with, the Stomach is capable of transforming it into something that will sustain the body.” If habitually poor foods are being fed to the Stomach, over time it will become depleted, sick and the whole body will suffer from it. With all the fast foods and perpetually unnatural food choices millions of people make daily, is it any wonder so many suffer from persistent Stomach and intestinal issues?

Without Bile The Digestive Process Is Incomplete

From the Stomach, Liver/Gallbladder, and Spleen functions originate the two primary circulatory fluids of the body; the Blood and the Bile. The Heart is to the circulatory system, what the Gallbladder is to the Lymphatics system. (no gallbladder leads to problems.) The blood circulates to feed the body, the lymph acts to remove the waste. When there is too much waste in the blood it goes into the lymphatic system. If there is an overload in the lymphatic system, our glands swell and ache suggesting that the body is overloaded with toxins and trying to save your life in spite of our efforts to do ourselves harm. It also suggests a clogged Liver and Gallbladder or that their functions are impaired.

It is surprising in our tech obsessed world that most people have no idea about bodily functions, let alone what Bile is. Bile is an essential ingredient in the digestive process. Bile is produced by the stomach lining with help from the Liver and is stored by the Gallbladder to be called upon in greater volume for normal digestive functions as we eat. Bile renders fats water soluble so that they can be better used by the body. Without it, eating otherwise normal foods produces indigestion and bloating, especially for most people having Gallbladder issues or have had their Gallbladders removed. By extension, because bile gets mixed into what is being eaten by the digestive process, it becomes part of what has been digested and is carried to all parts of the body but not in it’s raw original form of course. The digestive process transforms it as needed locally as It contributes to the lubrication and maintenance of all joints, cartilage and muscles and skin. It is obvious that it does not do this as raw Bile. Just like bile flowing into the pancreas does not remain there idly as raw bile; the body transforms it through the “local” digestive process of every part of the body to suit that area of the body it is to accommodate. The Pancreas transforms it into, among other things, insulin and the many other enzymes needed by the Stomach for a proper and complete digestion process to take place.

This is what a properly working digestive process does. It takes from the foods we eat the necessary ingredients to maintain all body parts, carrying it there through proper blood flow and eliminate wastes through the lymphatic system from the normal eliminatory channels in a well timed systematic order. The different organs take what they need from what is being supplied to them making the other ingredients that are essential to the body out of what the body has been fed. If the food that is being eaten is good food then, any problem lays with a functional disorder that, for the most part, is correctable. It is up to us to mind the needs of the body and to monitor its functions that, we, for our own health take the time to support the body as much for its eliminatory needs as for the proper foods it must have. This is a personal duty if we wish to remain healthy and a spiritual duty if we would like our mental and emotional faculties to remain clear and fully functioning.

The Digestive Process Is About More Than Just  The – GI Tract!

Most people only associate the digestive process with the Stomach and Intestinal tract and often even confuse the two. Although they are the most obvious and are certainly essential, they only handle the courser stages of digestion. One might ask, “how could foods make the organs that they never come into contact with sick?” Hopefully, this possibility has been made clear from what has just been stated above.

digestive process, internal, organs, digestionThe finer stages of the digestive process have to do with blood production and filtration being done by the finer digestive organs. For their own protection what we eat does not come into direct contact with them. They are fed through the blood stream after the food has been in a sense “re-cooked” by the Stomach so that that which is impure has been for the most part removed. (This is a good reason to start off by eating good, fresh organic food to begin with. It makes less work for the body, requiring less energy to be wasted in the digestive process. ) Yet, it has been an often painfully established fact that these “finer” organs which seemingly never have physical contact with the ingested foods are prone to various illnesses related to habitual poor food choices therefore, the undesirable substances within the foods we eat that the body works hard to eliminate must find their way to these organs.

The Large and Small intestine are known to carry “solid” waste out of the body but not before they extract essential nutrients and minerals out of what they carry within them. What is extracted from the intestines are again separated into pure and impure, the impure going to the Urinary Bladder. (Bladder problems – Because the Kidneys are in charge of all that deals with the bodily fluids, before they are deposited into the Bladder they must pass through the Kidneys. Therefore, bladder problems can be aided greatly by enhancing but not overworking the Kidneys) The Small and Large Intestine are constantly trying to draw nutrients from what they are carrying. Even so, eating foods that will help with the voiding process is often better than relying on a supplement. Foods like asparagus, most fruits, prunes, flax seeds, figs, leeks and so on are great for this.

If what is being carried in the bowel is too toxic for the body to want or need to absorb it, it can make us feel tired, give us headaches, even migraines and so on, in which case many people use enemas or even colonics to get relief by removing intestinal toxicity.

In addition to the sequence of the flow of fluids from one organ to another, it is important to understand that each organ has a different purpose and therefore a different “degree of heat,” a different shape and tissue consistency, and each deals with the same substances transformed through different stages of preparation in the digestive process. Blood, for instance, goes through various organs using the portal arteries in order to become a complete substance in itself. In each organ it is given some ingredients while others ingredients are being removed or transformed.

As in an assembly line, if all things are working in unison, if all materials needed are made available in proper sequence; the end product is finished and complete. For example, platelets are part of normal healthy Blood. They cause the blood to coagulate when we are cut. If this ingredient is missing the blood will have difficulty coagulating and we would bleed to death from minor injury. If it is not being included as part of our normal blood composition then, it stands to reason that somewhere in the blood production process there is a functional issue. But, more often than not, it could also be that the Portal arteries are themselves clogged and not capable of sharing blood freely between the organs so that they can each make their unique contribution in ingredients towards total and complete blood formation. Clearly, this is a symptom resulting from an interference within the finer processes of the digestive process.

Blood Production As Part Of The Digestive Process

The Spleen receives the finer substances prepared for it by the Stomach as already stated above. This substance is already somewhat refined before the Spleen receives it but made even more so as it is being processed through the Spleen. The finest of these moistures rise upward to moisten the lungs, skin, muscles and all tissues, while the courser, but still highly refined fluids pass over to the kidneys for further refinement and from there to the Bladder for still further refinement before what is completely useable is ultimately eliminated. The Spleen also nourishes the nerves and keeps the mind calm.

In passing through the Spleen the finer fluid is formed into blood. Blood formation is a miracle in itself that is formed through surprisingly simple processes that human beings mimic without knowing it and have adapted to other arts and industrial processes that ultimately produce useful everyday implements.

In Classical Herbal Theory, the Spleen is considered to be a “hot” organ – the body’s “furnace.” And, because it is full of very fine blood vessels it is to be assumed that because of it’s purpose in blood production, is especially closely related to the heart. Both of these organs were said to be analogous to the “Sun.” When it is active in digestion/blood production, the pulse of the Heart can be felt in the Stomach/Spleen area should it be over active, especially after having overeaten. With the aid of the pulsing of the heart and by means of it’s natural heat and subsequent internal pressure, the Spleen proceeds to produce blood. It is important to keep in mind that the tiny capillaries in the Spleen are not just simple straight ducts. They are like a string of pearls; like a series of chambers connected by a tiny duct. These chambers change in shape along these very fine vessels to eventually conform to the shape of a blood corpuscle.

Imagine a living fluid having been taken in from the Stomach that by nature is affected by heat as say, the whites of an egg would be. As this fluid passes through the above mentioned very fine, string-of-pearls-like capillaries, being led forward by both the beat and pressure of the heart, along with it’s rhythmic expansion and contractions of these tiny chambers. How would you expect such a fluid to behave? As it finds itself being progressively forced forward in these little chambers that are expanding and contracting; as they pass through and getting heated, they will coagulate to gradually form normal blood corpuscles.

Besides being formed into what will be blood corpuscles, the expansion and contraction of the chambers are removing any excess carbon that may have been present in the food that was eaten. This is very much like a blacksmith hammering iron to ‘pound out’ the excess carbon to make the steel purer and stronger.

Should there be too much carbon to be expelled in this part of the digestive process the body will store some of it as fat. If there is too much to pound out, it goes into the bloodstream to cause problems including circulatory issues. (When you consider the amount of carbon in preserved and processed foods, it would explain at least one aspect of present-day rampant obesity.) And, some of this excess carbon is taken into the gallbladder causing the bile stored there to harden, forming gallstones. (in a process that is similar to saponification) The newly formed but not yet completely finished blood gets all of it’s other ingredients with the aid of the other organs, is collected and carried to the Heart for its final transformation into blood.

By this explanation it is clear that the Heart does much, much more than merely pump blood! In this context, the function of the Heart is part of the digestive process as well – and why shouldn’t it be? Blood production is a product of a digestive process within a series of other digestive process es as are many other digestive process es in the entire body, right down to the cellular level where every cell has

The concept of Specifica is a complex one to explain. The only book written about it in understandable terms in modern times is Earth And Moon by Jakob Lorber

it’s own internal organs that resonate and react to the main digestive organs and any remedies and foods they are being given. All of these digestive process es happen in a sequence but all at the same time and involve the whole body.

Obviously, the digestive process itself takes place while we are alive and breathing. The Life Force and specifica present in the foods we eat is being separated out of the food internally, while out of the air outside of us, Life Force and specifica is also being taken in by the Lungs, which are essentially the stomach for the air we breath; these essential substances meet in the Heart where the Heart merges them to form Blood. Air providing the major part of what feeds us and our food providing the corporality that delivers it to what is the physical part of our being.

It is clear that all of these internal processes combined with external processes, like so many others in Nature and in the body, are synergistic. They work altogether, interactively to produce more life elements and varied effects than simple food and air could on their own. Through the body’s digestive process they produce life within the body.

What? Your Heart Isn’t Just A Pump? It’s Part Of The Digestive Process?

digestive process, heartAs shown just above, the belief that the Heart is nothing more than a Blood pump can be disputed. From simple physics; were a model to be made consisting of a pump to simulate the Heart, with progressively smaller pipes sized to exact scale to simulate arteries, veins and capillaries, being filled with a fluid of the consistency of blood – when turned on it would not circulate it’s fluid for long before hopelessly failing. The fluid would not be able to circulate past the fine capillaries, back into the veins and back to the pump at the same rate as a real human heart would. If greater pressure would be applied, it would rupture the pipes. If a machine cannot do it, how does the heart do it?

To start, the body needs to be looked at in a very different way. It should be respected as a living thing, not a lab experiment. The ancient concept of how the body functions is still far more workable than what the present day science sees it as.

Not that a lot has not been learned through modern science in relation to physical anatomy and chemical processes but, a lot more could be learned if that learning were free from the direct influence of private corporate profiteering as the impetus for it.

Instead of a pump, let us propose that the Heart among it’s many functions, acts as a blood “polarizer.” Polarizing the various components of the blood in exact relation to the polarity of every part, every cell of the body. In Traditional Herbal Theory as in Metaphysics, the model for the physical body is the Etheric body that has been traditionally referred to as the Soul. The Soul being the model – the blueprint that the body is formed by corresponds to every part of the physical body it digestive process, projection“animates” (To animate literally means to have a soul. The term was been adapted to cartoon animation.)

It would be like a slide in a projector, projecting it’s image onto a screen using the energy of the light to leave an exact image on the screen. With living things like blood, the Soul leaves its impression on the blood being assigned effectively assigning it it’s place and duty, directing it to a specific part of the body by attracting it to that part of the body by the polarity it has been charged with to feed that area. Everything would circulate on a same-to-same basis regulated by the Heart by the electro-magnetic attractive force of the charged polarity but not solely by the shear pumping force of the Heart alone. (One more reason why an artificial heart will never, ever work. I know that we shouldn’t say, “never say never”. . . but . . . )

Based on this concept and given that it is the task of the organs to clean the blood, assuming that a person is in perfect physical health and are eating healthy, clean food; the only thing that could tinge the blood would be the state of mind at the time of the blood’s impregnation by the image of the Soul through the Heart. And, as the Soul is also considered to be the emotional body of the human being, should a disproportionate degree of destructive emotion be present, it would affect the projection, ultimately affecting, distorting or even destroying what had been intended to feed a specific part of the body. This is at least one explanation as to why specific emotions have been related to specific organs, their functions and ailments.

Paracelsus suggested over 400 years ago that an ailment like cancer is caused by the Heart because it houses the mind which influences the energetic state of the blood; Jakob Lorber provided more details. This explanation should explain this ancient but very plausible concept. The modern view might reject these ideas but, so far, they are often scratching their heads looking explanations of their own and are starting to borrow from the Traditional concepts more and more.

Liver Functions In Relation To The Digestive Process

The Liver is not the largest organ in the body by accident. In protecting the body from toxins It does the greatest amount of work. It is also particularly interconnect to the other parts and organs of the body to maintain their equilibrium by contributing to keeping the inner organ environment clean. For this reason it must be occasionally helped and be taken good care of especially in our present day very polluted world. It separates out the poisons out of the blood from the foods we have eaten and, if they are too toxic, will even hold on to them to protect the life of the rest of the body. If it would not do this we would be killed by the simple act of eating. This is why the whole body quickly benefits from helping the Liver.

The Liver Handles More Than Just Blood In The Digestive Process

Most people have been, have bled and are aware of having blood being carried through their arteries and veins. Another fluid that most are aware of being within their own body is water because of the fact that they pass it from their body as urine and perspiration daily. Most do not consider other bodily fluids because they do no readily see them or associate them in the context of the digestive process or in the context of their own body’s. What are these other fluids? Where do they come from? How do they circulate? What do they do? And, what do they have to do with the Liver?

These four fluids are analogous to the Classical Four Humours that are associated with the Classical Four Elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth which correspond to the Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic and Phlegmatic Temperaments respectively. They are Blood, Air, Water And Bile.

Nature has placed four essential life giving fluids to circulate throughout our body that are in some way regulated by Liver functions because their respective vessels all converge in the Liver. They each have their own separate ducts that come together in the Liver in such an arrangement that they travel side-by-side in a convenient square formation that they can easily interconnect to each other with finer ducts so that these fluids can balance each other by exchanging their fluids between them. These ducts circulate to every organ, muscle and all parts of the body but are rarely if ever considered in matters of health.

Blood: Once the blood has been made whole and suitable in aiding digestion it flows from the Heart to the Liver picking up various ingredients and proceeds to the whole body to form flesh and skin. Skin discolorations and ailments are therefore almost always Liver related.

Water: As previously stated, the Stomach collects our bodily waters as part of the digestive process. It therefore makes sense that vessels that carry that water should originate from the Stomach, proceeding to the Liver for the essential purpose of diluting the Cyanide or other toxins collecting in the Liver from the foods that have been eaten, while letting small amounts into the Blood for the health of the blood. This is absolutely necessary. Should there be too much cyanide accumulation, we die, not enough our blood thickens having the same result.

digestive process, liverIn order to keep itself alive when the body is lacking water, the body finds these waters where ever they are available, if they are not supplied from our chosen foods it will scavenge them from our bodily tissues or, it will provoke a feeling of thirst as needed even without the person having exerted ourselves through physical activity. The water dilutes these poison so that they are less concentrated and therefore less problematic. One effect of the Liver’s pursuit of water for it’s functions is dry skin which is not the fault of the Liver but, a consequence of our lifestyle choices having affected our internal functions. This water also carries the excess poisons from the Liver to the Kidneys. So, the Kidneys can suffer from what the Liver is not capable of removing out of the blood from having been over burdened through our eating habits, exposure to toxins or from having become overburdened or clogged to the point that it cannot filter them out itself.

Bile: A third fluid flowing within its own vessels is bile. It originates from the Stomach lining. As previously stated, this is a very important digestive substance that is stored in the Gallbladder to be used when digesting food in the Stomach. If this function is impaired we accumulate and ferment our foods and fats as the digestive process has become severely impaired and we feel more tired and feel more aches and pains and it can even produce incontinence in some from poor Gallbladder functions or from not having a Gallbladder. Should the Bile back up into the blood vessels from a clogged liver it is called jaundice.

Air: Everyone knows that we breathe through our skin pours. But, if the organ that digests the air is the Lungs, then all of the skin pours must connect to the Lungs through very fine vessels that come from all over the body. The air is the fourth “fluid.” It is carried in very fine vessels that originate from the Lungs or at least in the plenum between the lungs and Pleuris in the Lung cavity and wind their way throughout the body and beside the other three vessels within the Liver. Air being the “Spirit of Life,” assists in organ functions; further accentuating the need for clean air as a must for good health.

Kidney Functions As Part Of The Digestive Process

It is common knowledge that the urine that the body voids comes from the function of the Kidneys is the excess watery wastes it receives from the Liver. These substances that the Liver passes over to the Kidneys are not all toxins. Being a fluid they are already of a finer nature and are used for finer purposes through a very special, Kidney specific digestive process. Davinci-Man-SexualityThe Orientals believe that this is what the sperm is made of. In the West this concept is further substantiated in saying that from these waters the material “Substance of Fertility” also referred to as “Positive Polar Energy” (Qi) is produced together with the Heat or Yang Energies available to the moistures as they meet in the Kidneys.

This energy is used in the broadest sense for “procreative” activities that are not confined to just sexual activity. These range in scope from thinking, to the application of actual creative thoughts expressed as writing, painting or composing music, running businesses, inventing etc..

All of the above mentioned uses and purposes are creative and therefore sexual in nature, realized by raising the sexual or Kundalini energies upward towards the head rather than downward strictly for sexual pleasure. It is essential not to squander this vital energy. To waste it frivolously, prematurely or for depravity is to needlessly diminish intellectual and spiritual growth during our life on Earth. That is why all spiritual paths are concerned with chastity to some degree without necessarily suppressing it. Nothing is wrong with healthy sexual procreation or course but the Kidneys also have significant influence in sexual functions and fertility.

This is why it is well known to the ancients that if you want to weaken a culture intellectually and spiritually simply do all that you can to loosen their moral standards by preoccupying them with sex – that is to say, “putting their brains in their pants” and very soon you will a nation that are easily defeated. Sun Su stated this openly in his “Art of War” written several thousand years ago. The concept still stands.

The Kidneys are also considered the seat of the Soul within the physical body during the act of procreation which explains the feelings resulting from it. They also connect to the Stomach and Solar Plexus through the abdominal ganglia. The perceptions of the Soul being ahead of our conscious perception. It conveys warnings or a guide nudge. When we get a certain instinctual or intuitive ‘feeling’ in the pit of the Stomach, this is the reason why.

digestive process, kidneysBesides blood filtration, the Kidneys also work with water and minerals and so find themselves in the are of the intestinal tract where the minerals are being extracted and absorbed. Being placed along side of the spinal column and there being fine waters within the spinal column that enter into the brain cavity is not a mere coincidence. The Kidneys, as part of the digestive process maintain the electrolyte balance and keeping those waters clean to ensure proper nerve and brain functions.

As we see in Nature, mineral formations are born in water from fine mineral deposits. It is therefore given to the Kidneys as part of the digestive process to form bones because they already work with water and minerals. Bones are formed from the inside out which means that what is in the the bone marrow is also from the activity of the Kidneys. The bone marrow is like an energy bank where a very fine life substance referred to as “nerve spirit” by Jakob Lorber. It also aids in blood formation and nerve maintenance. 

As an extension of this logic, it also makes sense that ailments like arthritis and rheumatism are from Kidney impairment because of the bodily waters like the sinovial fluids are not being completely filtered clean by the Kidney functions having been cooled and their functions impaired. This is yet another interruption of the digestive process that can be precipitated or aggravated by poor food choices.

The Kidneys also sustain a “holding down force” effect which directly affects the Lungs and breathing. When this function is impaired fluids rebel upwards to accumulate as phlegm or a “toxic vapor” that can produce coughs, athsma and excess fluid accumulation in the Lungs. It is also possible that if this “holding down force” is weakened that pockets of moisture can accumulate in areas above the Kidneys as phlegm filled tumors on the neck even inside the head.

The area of influence around the head also suggests that Kidney functions affect the head greatly. Veritigo and dementia are  issues that can logically be handled through Kidney related functions because they also affect the Brain, it’s maintenance and formation.

The Kidneys also affect Stomach functions, because both of these organs work with water, the Kidneys ruling bodily fluids.

The Digestive Process And Spirituality

Everything you do is a digestive process that involves separating what you want from what you don’t want. When you were a young child going to school, you met other kids in the school yard and made friends with them by sifting through them. You chose those to befriend based on your inborn and learned biases. These choices are based on the process of separating. We do this when we enter relationships, when we decide what to believe and what not to accept as true.

We are taught similar relationships in spiritual studies and religious matter. We separate the clean from the unclean on the premise that the clean benefit us and the unclean are detrimental to us and deter us. This is the basis of what is considered good and evil or right from wrong. All living things do this. They take what is essentially theirs to have and leave what is not for them. When what is not good for them is accepted, it results in hardship or, in the context of this article, an ailment. Cultivating and strengthening our a specific digestive process in all things is part of universal principle.

When we think, we are digesting perceptions and information. The better our mental digestion process, the closer we come to a more objective reality and the less likely we are to make mistakes in our conclusions.

When we use our emotions and learn to feel we are using an emotional digestive process that seeks to lead us towards the cultivation of positive emotional experiences and recognizing that which would be painful ones.

When we eat, our physical digestive process is painless when we eat the right food. It quickly becomes painful and even an ailment when we are not wise in our choices.

There is another very simple observation to be made that can be seen as a universal principle in action through our digestion. In creation all created things must return more exalted to their origin – to their perfection. Being created perfect they must return even more perfected from their physical experiences. This process occurs in all of creation on a micro and macro scale.

To bring to perfection and to digest are perfectly analogous processes that are the basis for the digestive process as a principle of life. Our body is the ultimate instrument of creation towards this end. The transmutation of our ingested foods proceeds right down to our fingertips – to every single cell. Elevating the foods eaten to a higher level by becoming part of the human body. In other words the  digestive process takes place throughout the entire body. What the Creator achieves on a macro scale, we physically achieve on a micro scale as beings created in His likeness benefiting all of Creation. Digestion takes place not only in the digestive organs but all over, even within the digestive organs of all over our cells. Otherwise the ingredients that form skin, muscle, nerve, bone, etc. would not and could not transform themselves into these ultimate materials were it not for this unseen ubiquitous digestive process and power existent throughout the miracle that is the human body.

The simple and obvious lesson here is that you can make this digestive process easier by aiding it or, more difficult by getting in its way. We will all find that there are huge advantages from being more sensitive to what we eat. Some of those advantages are more than merely physical. They extend to our ability to think, perceive and reason with greater clarity.

Supporting The Digestive Process through Occasional Supplementation

The Liver, Gallbladder, Stomach and Pancreas act instrumentally in feeding your body and allowing the digestive process to take place without discomfort. When there is discomfort associated with digestion there is likely a problem with one of these or other organs. And, because the main reason these organs are impaired is likely food related, genetics and DNA are never, if ever the culprit.

Gradually, the bodily functions slow down as the wastes that the body should have evacuated through normal digestion are retained and start to ferment. The body starts to ache, the head becomes heavy and pained, we tire more easily, the muscles labor to do simple tasks, our flesh becomes bloated as our complexion starts to deteriorate. In short, we start to age faster.

Many ailments having mysterious sounding names actuality have their origin in the impairment of the digestive process and are nothing more than the extension of digestive disorders even ad they become chronic, more serious ailments.

Simple, basic distinctions need to be made in regards to ailments. There are only a limited number of problems that any organ can have that will produce bodily discomfort. Aside from a physical injury, an organ can only be inflamed, (Fire) have a functional issue (Air) or be congested (Water/Earth). Without being able to make these fine yet simple distinctions it would be difficult to determine which remedy would be the most appropriate to use.

Enzymes, specific herbs and food choices are useful for digestive problems. Enzymes can be very helpful in certain congestive problems because they help to break down the congestion specifically. This process does not necessarily improve organ functions but, it can provide relief that is sustainable with the continued use of enzymes. Whereas the discomforts that are produced by the accumulated substances retained by the body manifest through their internal decomposition or composting. Believe it or not this process can and does take place within the body. It happens every time you feel bloated or feel full of gas only to get relief when we burp or pass gas from below. In these circumstances the enzymes are very useful as are certain specific herbs.

For the past few years the importance of what are now known as “fatty acids” has become important. Fatty acids are just a fancy name for food oils. These include fish oils, flax seed oil, hemp oil, olive oil and many more. The main benefit of oils is that they act as and are primarily a base ingredient from which the body can digest into other necessary ingredients for the body and oils also act as solvents for the bodies accumulated and unwanted retained wastes. They have the ability of emulsifying (dissolving) previously hardened oily deposits in the body from petrochemicals in foods and cooked fats and a lot more. These oils are best used in their raw state. Oils exposed to high heat, as in cooking, loose their nutritional benefits. The heats changes their molecular structure making them more harmful than beneficial.

Herbs, on the other hand, will affect organ functions by warming, cooling or promoting the function of an organ. To understand this concept would require a paradigm shift for most people. Even though this is a very simple and fundamental principle it remains unknown, misunderstood and largely unworkable to the modern mind. Yet it is simple. Herbs are a far more sophisticated remedy than any man made substance yet they are very simple, easy to come by and for anyone wanting to learn about them an almost free remedy that grow all around us. Despite all the hype and misinformation herbs, with very, very, very few exceptions are for the most part safe and non-toxic. Those that are non-toxic are not really toxic, they just need to be prepared so that the toxicity is neutralized into something of benefit and few are left who know that art so, it is best not to toy with what is not understood.

Digestorum, Paracelsus Anti-Toxin, Paracelsus Elixir have been used for a very long time to help in most digestive process es including having simply over eaten. Digestorum when used before meals is also essential for those who travel to the tropics and are worried about getting a parasite or bacteria from the food or water. Because Digestorum, Paracelsus Anti-Toxin and/or Paracelsus Elixir supports and strengthens Stomach, Liver, Gallbladder, Spleen and Pancreatic functions bacteria that might be ingested is itself digested and thereby destroyed by the Stomach rendering it harmless. This should not get in the way of good sense in food choices. Food is, and always will remain the corner stone of good health by aiding in the digestive process.

Regardless of the benefits of Digestorum, Paracelsus Anti-Toxin and/or Paracelsus Elixir or any digestive product, without an honest attempt to be more vigilant in ones eating habits it stands to reason that any severe digestive disorder will never be completely aided or gotten rid of.

Digestorum, Paracelsus Anti-Toxin and/or Paracelsus Elixir are old herbal formula effectively used as aids to support the digestive process by average adults. They are designed to support pancreatic, liver, gallbladder, stomach, digestive and eliminatory functions. They also are among the best remedies for supporting and re-establishing Liver functions when doing the lemon juice and olive oil, or similar, liver cleanse the details of which are on our web site.

These products are all natural and surprisingly fast acting in support of the digestive process.

In Support Of Digestive Functions

digestive process, internal, organs, digestion Digestorum
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To Review the Benefits
of the Digestorum

Stomach Ulcers
Acid Reflux
Stomach Pain
Digestive Problems

Paracelsus Elixir is an
excellent formula
with many uses
among them being
very surprisingly
complete digestive

Paracelsus Anti-Toxin
is the same formula as the
Paracelsus Elixir
in encapsulated form
minus the Theriac
Venetian. A very effective
formula for digestive
and eliminatory support.
  • Migraine
  • Acid Reflux – GERD
  • Hiatal Hernia
  • General Indigestion
  • Helicobacter pylori
  • Gastritis
  • Stomach Ulcer
  • Stomach pain Problems

The information in this article have come from over 35 years of learning, observation, experience and deductions drawn from Classical Western Herbalism theory, some Oriental Herbal Herbalism theory, the writings of Paracelsus and Karl von Eckartshausen and some has been paraphrased from the book, The Lord’s Book of Like and Health by Jacob Lorber. It is by no means complete, as the details of the digestive process would be near infinite and the digestive process being both simple and complex, physical and at the same time mystical as it always been traditionally believed to be.

Other perspectives on the digestion click here or here.


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    Wow. This is the most informative article I have EVER read! What a journey! How generous of you to provide this information for all to read freely. I am left here with a feeling of complete awe at creation. At the same time, I realize even more than I did before, the importance of taking responsibility for our own health through proper food choices. I knew it was important but somehow did not realize how very very important….how pinnacle, how fundamental, how incredibly simple even. You touched on so many points that left me speechless. Thank you so very much for taking the time to explain this incredibly important topic. I do hope this one article will become a book one day soon. It certainly warrants it, and for people that are willing and able to open up their hearts and minds to this type of ancient wisdom and common sense, even if seen as ‘unconventional’ for our modern day, it could be life saving. Thank you.

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