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Dear Amalux,
Your product (Digestorum) and company (Amalux) were discovered by complete accident as I did a Google search under Migraine herbal remedies. I was prescribed a Beta Blocker by a Neurologist and my family Doctor’s approval at the age of 42 but, did not want to go down this path.

I embrace alternative therapies but was desperate as I could find nothing to remedy the headaches. I even had major sinus surgery as that was originally thought to be the culprit of my headaches. When I came across this website and read about the Migraine – Digestion connection I almost fell out of my chair. I also have major reflux and connected the dots instantly. Yes! 4 days later I am absolutely floored with no headaches and nothing shooting up in my throat after eating. Unbelievable! You have saved me from total misery! I have no choice but to scream to the world about this product (Digestorum) and may I succeed in getting you into Whole Foods and any other retailer.

E. Fields
Chicago, IL

Hi Amalux,
Just wanted to say that Digestorum has been working for me, I have been Migraine free for 6 weeks and this is the first time since I was 18, Iam now 57, I always said my migraine came from the gut but the specialists decryed me and tried all the drugs which did not work and left me feeling foul.

Lets hope I can keep being migraine free, it will change my life!!!

J. Holland
Leichestershire, England

The Digestorum really worked for my migraine.

S. Bandaratilleke
Mississauga ON Canada

Thank you so much! Digestorum has helped me. I had suffered with Ulcerative Colitis for years. I also developed either gallbladder problems or and ulcer. I have needed help and did not want to take steroid medication. I am doing so much better and I have not had an attack since I’ve been on Digestorum. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You have changed my life.

C. King
Vancouver, WA

Note: Digestorum is not a cure for Ulcerative Colitis but is great on the stomach which can affect the bowels positively.

The end of last year I contracted a parasite (Giardia) that was discovered as I started having problems with Acid Reflux etc. Unfortunately, I went untreated for about 6 month as the doctors kept treating me for Acid Reflux etc. During that time I dropped about 10 lbs. in weight. After I took the treatment to kill the parasite, I improved a little and also started on an enzyme treatment for about 4-month but could not put any weight back on. Further to this, the anti-acids did not go well with my stomach and I started having stomach pains as well. So the doctor had me try various different anti-acids. The doctor also wanted me to take another product that treats IBS etc….so I was a little frustrated as none of the medicines seemed to bring relief or improvement.

Anyhow, over the internet I found out about Amalux and ordered my first bottle of Digestorum. Within 2 days the stomach pains were gone!! It also helped with the Acid- reflux. Within my first month of taking your product, I have put on 3 lbs.!!! I read that Digestorum will aid with the use of enzymes and I guess this is proof of that. I will continue to take Digestorum on a regular basis for another month….as I feel by that time I will be back to normal.

As Missionaries in Panama, we also travel a lot and this is the second time in 3 years that I was infected with a parasite….so on our trips to the inland, away from Panama City, I will continue to take Digestorum as well as a precaution……

Again, I am thankful to have found a natural product that works and delivers on its promises with no side effects!!!!

Andreas F.
Panama City, Panama

To Amalux,

I just wanted to let you know how much I like your product, Digestorum. I have never taken anything that works as quickly or as effectively. On the occasions that I had indigestion after a meal, it went away quickly after taking a couple of capsules of Digestorum. More remarkable, the one time I felt nauseous and thought I was getting stomach flu, the symptoms disappeared after taking a couple of capsules.

Thank you for introducing me to your product. I will be sure to have a bottle in my medicine cabinet from now on.

Carol H
Boulder City, NV

I have suff from Stomach Disorder to Anxiety Attacks for years. I have tried many over the counter medicines, for Stomach Disorder. They did not work, Only for a short time. Surfing the web, I came across the AMALUXHERBAL.COM web site. I read about the Products they had. I bought two of the Products, Digestorum and Exstressor. So I gave it a try. What did I have to loose. I’ve tried Everything Else. Well, There’s no way to Explain how WONDERFUL, these Products are.
They are a Miracle to me. Thank You Very Much for your Great Product.

Eddie Lodato
Tampa, Fla

Dear Amalux,
I would like to thank you for your wonderful products that have restored my health.

After being on hypo-thyroid medication for over 25 years, 7 years of treatment for low iron where the cause could not be determined, and 2 years of pain in the lower back that forced me to sleep in a chair instead of a bed, the use of your Digestorum and Exstressor eradicated the hypo-thyroid and the low iron. I am now supplement-free thanks to Amalux.

Your Paracelsus Anti-Toxin capsules cleaned my liver from years of built-up from allergy to MSG, artificial sweeteners, all other preservatives that had caused discomfort for 30 years of my live and was only found by trial and error in my choice of food. Only after I switched to become a total vegetarian living on mostly fresh minimally processed products was I able to fathom the extend how poisoned my liver was. A nagging pain in my right chest after consumption of certain foods together with the rest of my back pain disappeared together any discomfort in my lower abdomen that I had been battling for.

I will now start making the Paracelsus Elixir and will use it for the rest of my live.

I am convinced in the quality of your products and do not hesitate to recommend them to others.

U. Krueger


I just wanted to say your Digestorum product works great. I have definitely never tried a supplement that works so fast. I mean the results are instant. Furthermore the product has made me realize that my acne is very related to my digestion and not so much to what foods I eat as I already eat a wholesome natural diet. After taking the product on several occasions with my meals I did not break out, at least as far as I could see. So it is not what we eat but what we digest that really matters.

What a blessing you have been!

Thank you,

To the people of Amalux,

It is a rare treat to find a company with so many products that all live up to their claims and even more rare that I would write to tell you about it.

My wife my daughter and I have found so many uses for the universal cream, that I would need to write a book to tell you about it. It has been used for small cuts and scraps, cold sores, minor burns, and just dryness of the skin. All with quick results.

The Psoriasis cream is the quickest, cleanest, most effective ointment I have ever used on my Psoriasis. One application in the evening and the rash was gone in the morning.

I have also suffered from the problems associated with digestion for many years. I have tried many different medical treatments, with little effect. The discomfort, the pain, and the inability to sleep with the over-active mind were all eliminated quickly with the taking of two Digestorum capsules. I carry a bottle in my car, one in my overnight bag for travel and one in my home. I have even found relief from a night of excess, with the taking of this product.

Thank you for living up to your claims and thank you for giving my family and me the relief I need.

Regards Bill E
Toronto, Ontario

We were amazed!! After many years Henry’s symptoms of nightly GERD were gone after the very first dose of Digestorum.

Henry & Teresa
San Jose, CA

Dear Amalux,
Just contacting you to let you know how well your Digestorum product works for stomach flu. I know how the start of stomach flu is for me. Recently I starting to feel funny again and knew it was stomach flu coming on. I took three Digestorum capsules and in 2-3 hours took 2 more. Just like that; no more stomach flu. Every time I feel stomach flu coming on I just take Digestorum – it’s my “miracle worker.”

Carol H.
Boulder City, NV

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