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Understanding Effective Weight Loss and Losing Weight

Weight loss is not about fad diets. It never has been. In order to lose weight it’s important to understand how and why the weight was gained to begin with. Being in control means thinking for ourselves, setting a goal and then Rising Above.

When you see celebrities on Television advertising a weight loss program. It should be remember that;

  1. They too are having to watching what they are eating. That is to say, they are having to make an effort to eliminate all the junk food while on their diet – The stuff that made them fat in the first place.
  2. They are likely also exercising.
  3. They are being paid to endorse something. There is nothing special about or in the pre-prepared meals that are making them thinner. It is the discipline that it takes to make the changes that brings the result. Anyone can do the exact same thing, get the exact same results for a lot less money by using the same discipline, their own common sense and preparing their own food.
  4. They have to actually lose the weight in order to be able to endorse the product they are selling in a credible fashion to get paid for it. So they have to use the pre-packaged food as explicitly directed to make it perform in order to get paid. This takes discipline!

Remember, it isn’t the pre-packaged food, it is the effort in making intelligent changes that brings results!!

If everyone had a multimillion dollar incentive to lose weight and keep it off, there would be a lot more healthy people around and a lot fewer processed food companies. It is likely also the main reason why Christy Alley lost out to Valerie Bertinelli at becoming the “it” girl for Weight Watchers. It doesn’t have to be that difficult!

With the current obesity epidemic many people are desperately and understandably trying to lose weight. We would like to help but a few things should be understood:

  1. First of all, like any other problem, weight loss needs to be approached honestly, cold blooded and systematically if results are to be achieved.
  2. Although natural products can be of immeasurable benefit; effective and sustainable weight loss is not a product intensive process. Furthermore, there is not now, nor will there ever likely be a magic bullet in the form of a pill, natural or otherwise to solve the problem of weight loss or to remove obesity entirely on its own. Something that took years to happen will not and cannot be expected to go away by simply taking a pill. A “MAGIC BULLET” THAT WILL SOLVE ALL PROBLEMS DOES NOT EXIST AND LIKELY NEVER WILL!
  3. Changes will be necessary to arrive at your ultimate weight goal and vibrant health. Changes will always bring challenges and positive changes bring positive results. Among these are the following.Except for obesity in children, which is generally caused by a lack of intelligent parental vigilance in feeding their children, the issue of being overweight is generally caused by consistently poor food choices.
    1. Any attempt to lose weight will require some discipline.
    2. Some physical activity will understandably be necessary.
    3. Most importantly; without sustained, honest, conscious, controlled and sensible food choices, there can be no lasting results.
  4. Some people are more prone to being a little more “corpulent” than others. Genetics does play a part in this. But, that is still not a hopeless situation. It just means that a little more effort needs to be taken.
  5. It would be illogical, inaccurate and self serving to classify being overweight or obesity as a genetic disorder when they had ever existed historically within the general population now suffering from it.
  6. Be realistic. There are many different body types. If someone is naturally a little taller or shorter, or naturally thinner or more “voluptuous,” that is the canvas they have to work with – there is choice. When it comes to achieving or maintaining a normal weight everyone’s constitution will provide a satisfactory norm as long as intelligent food choices and some physical activity are consistent. It would be unreasonable to expect to look like a pin-up doll if that is not the physical reality of one’s own bodily proportions. So, be happy with and take good care of what nature has provided you with.
  7. Carry yourself confidently, take advantage of your assets, play down any minor flaws and everyone will be pleased. It is helpful to know that none of the so called “super models” or movie stars really look as they appear on screen or in photographs. Airbrushing, camera angles, body doubles and make-up hide a lot. At the same time everyone should have the intelligence, sufficient presence of mind and sober objectivity to realize when they are overweight to the point of it being problematic and/or personally dissatisfying and doing something about it.
  8. A lot of what we come to believe as true, socially acceptable, and common knowledge is based on what we learn from the world around us. Today in the media has a big hand in shaping our opinions, values and norms. Before this persistent torment we all used our own reason to establish a reasonable sense of what is to be considered normal. Today, the norm is being established by corporate interests that tell us what to eat, what to wear, how to act socially and morally and what are permissible tolerances for our own health.

Generally speaking people do not want to hear all this. All they want is a fast and easy solution!

The Fact is that if you don’t know how you got to where you are, you will not find your way back to where you were or where you want to be.

For the most part the vast majority of present day “popular” foods and their additives that are being mass produced, mass advertised, and mass consumed are the cause of the obesity epidemic. Some of the additives in these foods are proven to provoke hunger and be addictive.


The industries that are producing the current overweight culture are, due to a powerful lobbying presence, that allow them to legally place their additives into foods and then proceed to make it culturally acceptable to be overweight and they are not being “called” on it.

Being dangerously overweight creates an unnecessary a health risk. This condition will in a short time translate into sky-high profits for those and related industries because of the inherent illnesses that it will naturally spawn. It is only a simple matter to time when there will be more sick people than healthy people. That time may already be here and obesity is definitely a contributor.

Please bear with the next few paragraphs;

Anyone who currently drives an automobile that uses gasoline would never contemplate putting anything other than gasoline into their gas tank. The idea of putting wood, diesel fuel, jet fuel, coal or electricity into their fuel tank and still expect the car to run would immediately be written off as loony.

Most people would say, “well of course you wouldn’t put wood into your gas tank; the car won’t run.” Unfortunately, those who would recognize the folly of putting wood, or the like, into their gas tank do not apply the same reasoning to their own body.

Even running an automobile on regular gasoline an engine will clog up and requires periodic oil changes, filter changes and additives to clean the valves from accumulated gunk. When the engine isn’t running properly it will accumulate even more gunk. This gunk is by analogy comparable to fat in a human being.

The food we eat and the organs that digest our food are at the center of weight gain and weight loss. These are the only real factors to consider. It is not any more complicated than that!

We only have a few major organs. Among their other many functions, the liver, kidney and lungs act like filters for the bodies solid, liquid and gaseous foods. When they “clog up” things will “back up;” weight gain is no longer a mystery; weight gain is just backed-up bodily accumulations packed throughout the body! If things back up they must accumulate somewhere. The human body, not being a machine, decides to place these accumulants where they will do the least harm while still sustaining life. The net result is weight gain.

The first order of business in addressing and dealing with weight gain/weight loss one has to start with the best possible fuel/food intended for human consumption, and the second order of business is to promote proper, normal organ functions. To not address organ functions with respect to weight loss will, to a large extent, lessen successful weight loss. To use a familiar automotive example: it would be analogous to improving the fuel one puts into their car without periodically changing the oil and all the filters. The car will not run any better and will be more prone to breaking down in spite of the one major improvement.

Food should be as unadulterated as possible and as close to how nature presents it and, a moderate regiment of physical activity and for many the problem starts to fix itself. No pills required – It is that simple.

Food of this kind can be eaten to the hearts content, as often as possible; the result will always be a net weight loss or at least generally stable weight throughout life. Although, common sense will dictate that gorging even the best of foods will overwhelm any organism.

A further note on food and its effect;

Most people living in the United States and Canada have been told for over 5-6 decades that everything about them and their countries is the best, the greatest and everybody else is just sub par. This may be true in some things but not when it comes to food. Most foods served in North America are pre-prepared fast foods and convenience foods. Very little of it is fresh and prepared from scratch as it used to be; like the rest of the world eats it. (Unfortunately, our food concepts are being exported around the world and our problems are starting to show up their too. A global tragedy in the making.)

This means that most people are eating leftovers that are in some cases 3 months to a year old. After this length of time even though the measurable nutritional value measured in vitamins and minerals may be there, but the life of the food is gone.  This is like trying to get heat out of  already burned ashes. Some will laugh at this concept. But, for those who travel outside of North America and experience the foods and the people of the areas where they travel they notice a marked difference in the taste of the foods, the portions needed to satisfy a normal person and the physique of those who live there. Most people in the rest of the world are generally neither overweight or sick. (Clearly, this does not apply in places where people are starving.)

If one travels to any tropical resort; the North Americans always stand out. Their “butts” and legs are generally lumpy (full of cellulite). Even many of the young and slim ones. Genetic? Not likely.

Furthermore, many people in North America due to having ingested additive laced foods for decades experience an extreme hunger when in other countries. They see a McDonald’s and practically salivate and get weak in the knees. This sounds more like a withdrawal from a drug addiction than actual hunger. Many, if they do not get their “preferred” foods start to shake like addicts until they get their food. This is not normal hunger. If you are addicted to a specific brand, look into their additives.

Some have talked about food addictions as a cause of weight gain. The fact is that no one can actually be addicted to real food per se. Food is essential for life and does not render itself addictive. History will back up this assertion. Food is a necessity. What people are actually addicted to is the non-foods and their additives. These have never existed before in human history. No amount of government lobbying to legitimize them will change this. Their effects are obvious. Even though they pass standard microbial and bacterial laboratory tests does not make them safe nor does it make them actual foods in spite of the fact that they are commonly being eaten.

No one can be addicted to apples, grapes, carrots, strawberries, fish or even beef or chicken etc. Even if people were they would not bring about any major ill effects on their own and obesity would definitely not be the result. The addictive non-foods are typically to be found in the central isles of the grocery store. These are foods that for the most part, even if they had never existed, would not be missed except by those who are addicted to them of course. The essentials that are not addictive are usually on the perimeter ie. standard produce, dairy, meats.

Intelligent food choices are vital in healthy weight control and weight loss.

This does not mean going into the local health food store and stocking up on snack foods stamped “organic.” Substituting regular potato chips with organic potato chips, even though this is a marked improvement, will not work if you are trying to lose weight.

A deliberate change of dietary habits has to take place; otherwise expect nothing. A wholesome food regiment and some level of moderate physical activity is a must not only for good general health but also for reestablishing normal body weight.

Crash dieting is not only futile it is not sustainable because it always leaves one hungry and literally deprived. It is also very dangerous for those who are extremely overweight and clearly internally toxic.

Note: Any person who is overweight by over 100 pounds must understand that sometimes by simply cleaning up their diet their bodies will in time start to remove what is making up their bulk. At this point it is no longer simple weight loss; it becomes detoxification, which, although perfectly normal, has its hazards. The result will be headaches, tiredness, fatigue, aches, changes in bowel movement and so on depending on the amount of excess weight, how long it has been there, age, gender, the general state of the individuals health etc.

There is no easy or instant way of losing weight without some sort of disciplined, organized and deliberate changes being made to ones lifestyle.

  • The simple choice of eating better food is always the first step.
  • The second step is to help restore the functions of the main digestive organs.
  • The third step is to monitor the bodies activities and help it when it is trying to discharge its old wastes which had been stored in the various organs and cells throughout the body (enemas or colonics may be needed). Several natural health care providers are familiar with this and should be consulted. It is good to find one that is.
  • The fourth step is to create a consistent exercise or other physical activity routine. This does not mean trying to become an overnight athlete. Walking regularly is generally accepted to be an excellent exercise.

So much is said about what “food” should and should not be eaten for the sake of losing weight. A lot of it is completely contradictory. Who is right and who is wrong?

Well, given that epidemic obesity is pretty much a latter-day phenomenon and did not really exist until relatively recently, one could conclude that a traditional diet was not the culprit; a traditional diet full of additives plus a very sedentary lifestyle however could be suspect.

If one were to take the traditional European diet and clean it up a little or a lot, and eat a little less of it, one would already fare pretty well. But, when someone is not well or extremely overweight some further refinements are necessary.

For starters:

  • No microwaving of anything that is to be eaten! Including water!
  • Lots of raw fresh fruit and vegetables are necessary to not only nourish the body but to help clean the body – As much as one can stand to eat. Raw fruits and raw vegetables should be eaten one hour apart otherwise if they are eaten at the same time they will ferment in the stomach producing gas and discomfort. Salad dressings should be made from scratch (an olive oil base is best) or if a pre-bottled dressing is preferred, it should be completely organic. Fruit should always be eaten ripe. If it is not ripe and it is eaten a little green expect the stomach to be upset. If the fruit is not fully ripened it must be cooked before being eaten. Some might say, “what about calories, or fruit contains sugar?” The only answer is, try to gain weight eating primarily fruit and vegetables! Fruit can be quite filling when it is ripe and in season and it is usually self evacuating. i.e. it helps to provide bulk, fiber and roughage to clean the intestinal tract and body. Just having regular bowel movements due to food choices is a huge step in losing weight. Not forced bowel movements but regular bowel movements.

For those who are calorie conscious, consider what the body would find more favorable; 1000 calories of fruit or 1000 calories of doughnuts. As you can see it doesn’t take rocket science to make the intelligent choice.

  • Vegetables are actually more a remedy than a food from the herbal perspective. They provide roughage to assist in bowel movements and many are remedies for specific organs. For example, dandelion greens are excellent for the liver. Asparagus are great for the kidneys and so on. Eating as much fruit and vegetables as ones appetite needs is important to provide the body with the energy needed to eliminate the waste and rebuild cells as much as possible. This means that in many cases the skin may have a chance to somewhat shrink back to its normal shape. Naturally this will depend upon the degree that it has been stretched. This fresh food helps to clean out the cells of the whole body including the skin. Anyone who has tried to live on salads alone will have discovered that salads on their own are generally not very filling or as satisfying as fruit. Fruit and vegetables should be eaten about one hour apart, otherwise there will be bloating.
  • Organic whole grains like oats, rice, wheat, barley, millet etc cooked as gruel are excellent. Eating “gruel” sounds awful – something out of a Charles Dickens workhouse; perhaps freshly cooked oatmeal, rice or cream of wheat served with freshly prepared apple sauce or 2% milk sounds a little better. A bowl of freshly cooked oatmeal is excellent for the stomach and will settle the stomach should it become upset when the body starts to remove its own waste. When the body starts eliminating its fat/wastes they will land in the stomach first. Oats, dry or cooked feel great in the stomach at these times or when nausea is present.
  • Only breads made from organic grains should be eaten. The typical spongy bread that most people have grown accustomed to should be completely avoided! Real German Pumpernickel, not the spongy dark stuff labeled pumpernickel, is excellent not only to eat but it benefits all organs especially the bowels. It may take some getting used to but remember that it will bring you to your goal. Many, if not most foods are acquired tastes to some degree.
  • Baked potatoes are a very underestimated food when trying to lose weight. Some will say, “all those carbs!,” but that isn’t the point at the beginning of weight loss. (if one were to eat nothing but baked potatoes what would be the result – a net weight loss – carbs or no carbs) Besides organic potatoes that are baked cannot be compared to chips or French fries. When there are too many toxins coming out of the body a potato absorbs some of them in the stomach. It also is a little bit of a comfort food. A potato can be dressed with lemon juice, olive oil, fresh salsa, which can be made spicy, or there are various kinds of pesto that can be made as an excellent dressing. A mildly spicy food is good for the stomach, as the heat aids greatly in digestion.
  • Fish is an excellent food, for anyone, but for the very heavy some organic chicken is also helpful a few times per week because it is nutritious and the protein will slow down the process of detoxification which for some can be extreme. These foods, especially the fish, also are great for the body. Avoid anything farmed with artificial or hormone laced feeds. By simple deduction; if the added antibiotics and hormones fatten the livestock what will they do to you?
  • Organic fruit juices are excellent. (avoid the common watered down brands) Grape juice leading the way as it helps to clean the blood. But, many will find that Papaya juice will help with digestion a great deal. For the purposes of weight loss Papaya juice would be a supplement and a food in one. Orange and grapefruit juices should be avoided at all cost as they interfere with digestion and alter the acid/alkaline balance of the body. Adding a teaspoon of the Paracelsus Elixir to the Papaya juice is great for the stomach, gallbladder and liver functions and for the occasional headaches that may accompany the process of losing weight due to the different foods being eaten.


Even though we at Amalux manufacture and sell herbal supplements we understand when they are appropriate and when they are not. To shamelessly market is not ethical. This needs to be said because, other than for pure profit, it does not always serve the greater good.

Although some supplements do help, on the whole, too many people take too many supplements for weight loss. No supplement, natural or otherwise, on its own, will ever completely make any one lose weight in a healthy sustainable manner. There is no magic bullet! People trying to lose weight take stimulants believing that the “thermogenic” effect will actually bring down their weight will in time be disappointed. Some use herbal remedies that are supposed to achieve a distinctive perhaps more sculpted “cut” muscle. This look is called being “ripped.”  It is a trendy look and has never mattered before in human history. Supplements are not a substitute for food as they cannot on their own sustain life.

Any reasoning person aught to be able to conclude that a supplement can never do what food can do unless you are taking a supplement to assist in the process of digestion or to support organ functions on a temporary basis. Supplements that actually work should render themselves unnecessary when the reason for having taken them has been achieved. These supplements actually serve a purpose and should be taken while trying to regulate appetite, to control cravings and assisting the organs in doing their job to digest and eliminate the accumulated wastes that have become fat.

Once they have fulfilled their purpose supplements are no longer needed on a regular basis. Good food takes their place and completes in the restoration of the bodies strength and maintenance. After all, the process of losing the excess weight the body itself has to work harder than normal and this requires energy; the energy that only good food can provide

Weight loss products, on the whole, are marketed as a dream in a bottle. It is far better to select products that improve and support organ functions for long term health rather than products promising direct weight loss. Even if they do drop some weight, this product driven approach is not sustainable in the long run. Plus, the individual comes to believe that they do not have to make any personal modifications in their lifestyle. This would be misleading.

Again, and it cannot be emphasized enough – food is the key to weight loss. Eating is important. People trying to lose weight should not go hungry while dieting. Dieting does not mean starvation. It means making conscious, intelligent choices. Reading all labels and avoid anything that is of artificial or chemical origin or, otherwise unpronounceable should be a personal responsibility. This is also inclusive of any food that has “diet” written on it. The additives in these foods are often addictive and the foods themselves have little or no food value. Many people are fooled into believing that diet foods actually help in weight loss. They consume more of them and gain even more weight as the corporations that produce them laugh all the way to the bank.

Note: A very heavy person should consider a tincture made of Hawthorne for a two week period and perhaps a cup of Hawthorne tea daily after that. It helps strengthen the heart which could be helpful for those who due to their weight tax their heart.

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Balancing Liver, Gallbladder and Stomach Functions for better Assimilation and Elimination. Paracelsus Elixir is an excellent formula with many uses centered primarily around digestive support.

Please note that this formula needs to be prepared before use. For instructions on its preparation click here. Once prepared it is both very effective as well as economical.

Paracelsus Anti-Toxin is generally the same formula as the Paracelsus Elixir with an entirely different effect. Offering excellent digestive and eliminatory support. This formula will act more as a detox formula than the Elixir. To Help Support Spleen Functions Balancing to create energy for the organs for better Elimination.

Helping to restore organ function is the most critical part of successful weight loss.

Without it the body does not resume its normal functions during and after the weight is lost. We eat to feed our body, every part of our body. If the internal organs are not clean and in good functioning order some part of the body is deprived and suffers. This includes the skin for which every effort should be made to restore its elasticity. Good and reasonable dietary habits are a way of life. At times everyone craves a slice of, say, chocolate cake. After the weight is under control a person should find the best chocolate cake money can buy (not the cheap additive laced stuff) and have a slice from time to time but not daily. If a person likes ice cream, buy the best ice cream made with organic ingredients and have some. As long as you are not eating a quart at a time there is little harm that can be done. Once healthy these minor indulgences will not affect anything long term.

Helping to restore organ functions must begin with their slow cleansing. As it is very difficult, if not impossible, for a reasonable person to function and live in a cluttered, filthy, smelly home; so it is with each of our organs. They will not function to their fullest or at all when they are clogged.

Something as simple as taking 1 oz of freshly squeezed (not pre-bottled) lemon juice mixed with 1 oz. of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil before bedtime would be an excellent start for most.

(see Liver cleanse) This should be continued for several months. Remembering that Lemon juice and olive are nothing more than a salad dressing should put most people minds to rest. Although it is one of the simplest and one of the very, very best food combinations ever for helping to start unclogging the liver; it is also very easy to prepare and very inexpensive. Some will say, “olive oil” is a fat and is fattening. Again, forget the fat hype. No one in history has ever gained an ounce by using uncooked olive oil, much less olive oil mixed with lemon juice in their regular diets.

A full liver cleanse should not be done by a very heavy person. It should be started slowly over a period of several months (from 2 – 6 months) following the above mentioned instructions. Only after this several month long period and having taken Hawthorne, and/or Digestorum should any attempt to clean the liver be made.

Note: One has to expect that when the toxins that have been accumulated throughout the body start to move and come out that they will make themselves felt. It is not uncommon to feel out of sorts when this happens. Enemas or colonics are the best remedy when this occurs. No supplement on its own will void what comes into the bowels better.

The rewards are worth it but there is some effort involved and the effort will be worth it.

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