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Exploring The Western Spiritual Heritage

Inspired Writers Advancing The Western Spiritual Heritage

There are many writers in the West that have written about philosophy. Some are world famous. Their works are studied in universities. Most of these are intellectual and rational in their conclusions. Some are indeed great. Some are often quoted mainly because they were part of a philosophy course someone may have taken and have adapted their lives to them.

Those who write on spiritual matters that are not related to any religion in particular are harder to come by. Some have been popularized more out of marketing than merit. Many create “feel good” writings that do little to instruct on exactly how a person is to arrive at that “feel good” state but are nonetheless famous. These quote sources to shore up the “feel good” concept. One might wonder that if someone has to quote a source, they have not themselves achieved the “feel good” state that they are advocating is possible through their writings.

“If you want the Source, you need to go to the Source.” – Amadeus

Emanuel Swedenborg

emanuel swedenborgEmanuel Swedenborg

Emanuel Swedenborg was Swedish and an unlikely prophet. His writings have created a global following and a congregational Swedenborgian Church and society.

Emanuel Swedenborg was born Emanuel Swedberg; February 8, 1688 in Sweden. He was a scientist, inventor and mining engineer by trade and was extremely well educated and traveled. Later in life he became a mystic and, based on the quality of the body of his work; he appears to also be a prophet. His writings presage an even greater seer than himself. Based on the truly revelatory nature and similarity in tone within their work, we believe it to be none other than Jakob Lorber.

Swedenborg and His Writings

Franz Bardon

franz bardon, hermetics, practice, evocation, kabbalah,

Franz Bardon

Hermetic Master and Adept – Franz Bardon was the famous European stage performer Frabato of the 1930’s, a POW to the Nazis, Naturopathic Physician & author of the finest books on the Sacred Mysteries ever written.

In a nut shell, the information in the Franz Bardon books is the long sought after “Sacred Mysteries” that were once taught only in the most ancient schools of wisdom on Earth from master to student. These teaching are universal and without any religious denomination. In fact, all religious practices will recognize their origins through them. Mercifully, Divine Providence has made this divine knowledge available in its entirety since about 1958. Succinct and to the point!

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The True Kabbalah
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Memories of Franz Bardon. Franz bardon, hermetics, hermetic science, evocation, kabbalahMemories of
Franz Bardon
  franz bardon, universal, master, keyThe Universal Master Key  

Hermes Trismagistus

hermes trismagistus, tothHermes Trismagistius

was an Egyptian Pharaoh. Who has left a few literary works of his caduseus, hermes, trismegistus, trismegistosown. Again, he is mentioned and his work presented because of his remarkable relation to Franz Bardon. Except for the logo bearing his likeness the works of Hermes Trismagistus are not directly related to the works of Merkur publishing. Although much of what passes for Hermetics is lacking, any work being referred to as Hermetics is in reference or homage to Hermes Trismagistus.

Hermes Trismagistus – The Divine Pymander – The Book of the Dead.

Jakob Boehme

jakob boehme, jacob behmeJakob Boehme

Jakob Boehme is an unlikely person to be in this grouping yet his work is phenomenal. He presents wonderfully penetrating depictions of Divinity and the structure of the seen and unseen universe.

Jacob Boehme was born in 1575 in Germany. He was a humble Cobbler (shoemaker) by trade. Thankfully, God chooses His prophets by their purity of heart rather than their social rank or pedigree. Jakob Boehme was vitriolicly denounced as a heretic by a Lutheran cleric but was encouraged by other clerics and benefactors to follow his inner voice and vision to write several classic volumes. His work is not necessarily an easy read but like all of the other books in our collection it adds a critical piece to God’s mosaic.

Literary Works of Jakob Boehme

Jakob Lorber

Jakob, Lorber, new, revelation, great, gospel, johnJakob Lorber

The Unknown Prophet of The New Revelation – Jakob Lorber was a concert musician. Giving up a conductorship to a Philharmonic to follow a voice in his heart telling him to write. He wrote for 20 years nonstop.

The New Revelation addresses humanity universally. Anyone who is Christian and having the courage to actively be “asking, seeking and knocking” will find these writings to live up to their highest expectations. Everything you ever wanted to know about Jesus Christ, His day to day life and teachings, God’s plan and our part in it, have never been presented with more detail, depth and clarity. “Prophetic” is the only word that describes the New Revelation. There is nothing that supersedes it.

christian mysticism, bible study, the second coming of Christ, the advent of Christ The Advent
of Christ
christian mysticism, bible study, great gospel of john, three years of Christ's ministry, The Great Gospel
of John
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Life and Health
christian mysticism, bible study, earth mysteriesEarth & Moon Jakob Lorber, Childhood of Jesus, christian mysticism, bible study, The Childhood Of Jesus
Healing power of sunlight, Jakob LorberThe Healing Power
of Sunlight
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in the Temple
Saturn Jakob LorberSaturn

Kabbalistic Astrology

kabbalistic astrologyKabbalistic Astrology Astrological Calculator – The Astrological Calculator was conceived out of the works of Franz Bardon. It is an essential tool needed for calculating Kabbalistic horoscopes which bear no resemblance to Mantic horoscopes.

Our Birthday is a day of celebration for a very good reason. It is the day we begin our schooling here on Earth in physical form. Towards this end every advantage should be taken. What better place to start than with finding out what natural gifts we have been given by Divine Providence to comfort, gratify, help others with and astrological, calculator, kabbalistic, astrology, horoscopeperhaps affront this challenge. Kabbalistic Astrology and the Astrological

Calculator are excellent tools to do just this.

The Astrological Calculator

The Importance of Knowing the Angelic Beings Present at Your Birth Through To know more Kabbalistic Astrology, click here!

Merkur Books

Hermes-head-ContrastedMerkur Books

The Wisdom of The Occident – Merkur Books started with the intent of translating Western spiritual classics. In addition to the works of Franz Bardon and Jakob Lorber they have a growing number of interesting titles.

The books published by Merkur Publishing are intended to further assist in the purpose laid out in the books of Franz Bardon and Jakob Lorber; aiding greatly in one’s spiritual growth.

Alchemy, Alchemists, C.G. Jung, Alchemy, Eleusisian Mysteries, Erring Ways of the Pseudo-Alchemists, Four Fires of the Alchemists, Johannes Helmond, Magnum Opus, Mercury of the Philosophers, Mysteries of Eleusis, Alchemical mystery, Alchemy, Osiris Mysterium, Philosopher‘s stone, Philosophers Mercury receptacle sulphur, Preparing the Azoth, Preparing the Red Lapis, Preparing the White Lapis, Receptacle of the Philosophers, Rosicrucians, Subjectum Artis, Sulphur of the Philosophers, Alchemy, C.G. Jung, Magnum Opus, Mysteries of Israel, Osiris Mysterium, Rosicrucians, Subjectum Artis, Symbolic Language of Alchemy, the red and White Lapis, Von Helmond, RosicruciansAlchemy
Seven Hermetic Letters Dr. Georg Lomer, hermeticsSeven
Hermetic Letters
proper Lotus position, becoming the lotus, anton temple, eastern meditationBecoming
the Lotus
principles, higher, knowlegde, karl, von, eckartshausenMagic:
The Principles
of Higher Knowledge
Paracelsus, Prophet Daniel, Daniel bible study, the book of Daniel, Philosophia Mystica, prophesies of the prophet Daniel, the book of Daniel, Aureolus Philippus Theophrastus Paracelsus, Daniel bible study, Daniel bible study, Philosophia Mystica, book of Daniel, the book of Daniel, Paracelsus, mystical philosophy, Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus bombast of hoenheim, Daniel bible study, mystical philosophy, prophesies of the prophet Daniel, book of Daniel, Philosophia Mystica, Paracelsus, Theophrastus Paracelsus, the prophet Daniel, book of Daniel, prophesies of the prophet Daniel, mystical philosophyPhilosophia Mystica:
The Prophesies of
the Prophet Daniel
develop occult powers karl brandler prachtHow to
Develop Your
Occult Powers



Michele de Nostradame – enjoys an enormous following. Although his renown is mainly for his predictions he also wrote on Christianity. He is included here because of his special relationship to Franz Bardon.

Still famous after over 500 years, Nostradamus was a trained herbalist (physician) who successfully helped stop one of the great plagues in Europe through entirely natural means. Unfortunately, his worth has largely been centered around the prophetic predictions of his quatrains. His other writings are never mentioned or found translated in English. We’ll keep looking.

Books and The Nostradamus Prophesies and Quatrains



Paracelsus was born Philippus Aureolus (Theophrastus Bombastus) von Hohenheim. Genuinely inspired – his bluntness was often mistaken for arrogance. He worked to remove the dogma and superstitions of his day.

An enigmatic figure if ever there was one; Paracelsus has born in 1493 and left his mark on history while his detractors have been long forgotten. A genius in the art of healing and gifted in penetrating nature and spiritual matters, Paracelsus gave lucid and verifiable insights into the human being, the world unseen and things Biblical through what he called “the Light of Nature.” Well educated and traveled, he had a knack for speaking his mind and suffering the consequences.

Paracelsus Bio
Prophesies and Book Selection

Robert Fludd

nostradamus Robert Fludd

Robert Fludd was English but wrote in Latin. His writings and illustrations are as beautiful as they are informative. Robert Fludd also has a special relation to Franz Bardon.

Robert Fludd was born in England in 1574. He was College educated and became a herbalist (physician). He received his Bachelor and Doctorate in Medicine in 1605 from Oxford which was revoked and reinstated a few times. Like Paracelsus, Fludd was far more knowledgeable than his peers and teachers and was vocal about their ineptness earning their scorn. He was called “insolent” which means he told the blunt truth. His work speaks for itself and his critics are not remembered.

Book Selection and Drawings

Lao Tse Tung — Is Mentioned Only Because Of His Connection To Franz Bardon

lao tse, franz bardon, ichingLao Tse Tung Lao Tse

is the founder of Daoism and not a Westerner. Daoism expresses the first emanation out of the Godhead; “duality” existing in harmony – holy and not trivial.

No one should attempt to argue with the Truth no matter from where it may come just because it is not from their own culture. In Lao Tse or Lao Tsu the East has its fundamental philosophical base. The Oriental Tao, pronounced “Dao” has the same meaning as “Deo” has to the West; it simply means God. In the East however, the concept of God is impersonal, distant yet near, omnipresent yet within all things. Seen more as a universal all pervasive force or energy. Very different from the Western personified Christian deity.

lao tse, lao tsu, tung, tao, taosim, yin yang, The IChing written by Lao Tse is a very complete and prophetical work. It is hard to argue away its statements that are expressions of the ever present duality of existence also expressed as the Yin Yang in the Orient.

In the West we call this most fundamental of all concepts Hochma in Hebrew, the number “2,” Polarity, the Pair of Opposites and Wisdom itself as expressed in the Holy Kabbalah and the Sephirothic Tree of Life. Whereas, in the Orient this concept is expressed by the above “Yin Yang” symbol; in the West the same concept is expressed by a short, straight horizontal line. These seemingly simple yet profound additional associations from the West lead to the Western view of the various Western sciences.

The Literary Works of Lao Tse Tung – The IChing


The works of these authors are all relevant to anyone’s life no matter from which culture you may be from. But, the fact that the works written by Emanuel Swedenborg, Jakob Lorber and Franz Bardon have been:

A) written relatively recently
B) are deliberately very open and definite about spiritual matters that have never before been revealed,
C) they are lengthy, detailed, logical, tying up the many loose ends of spiritual beliefs and,
D) have been written in modern languages

may definitely get your attention.

This type of information, explained to this degree of depth and detail, had always been guarded by Providence and protected by the mystical priesthoods that had taught it throughout the ages. It would not be wrong to suggest or perhaps even conclude that these are real, true to life prophets. If they aren’t, they sure come pretty darn close.

It is also interesting to observe that these writings have come into being in a timeline. When read in chronological order it is obvious that one builds upon the other. Given the consistent orderliness of Creation, this sequence serves a purpose. Swedenborg, Lorber and Bardon have a unique distinction; their works combined include the essence of all that has ever been written about mysticism on Earth, including the origins of the world’s belief systems. Whereas scholars may speculate, these works lay a sound foundation and explain themselves logically.

Each of the writings work their way through progressively deeper and deeper revelatory information. Swedenborg’s writing style in the Standard Editions takes a little getting used to, partially because it is the oldest of the three and partially because at one time more was said in less words. Lorber is extremely informative and detailed about things that are all around us but that most people never think about – all without deviating from science and physics. After having read through these two authors works, a person has an entirely new and fresh idea of what life is, what death is, what heaven is, what hell is, what it means to be male, what it means to be female, what angels really are, what marriage is, the relevance of all created life with all it’s species, what the universe is, what eternity and infinity are and way too much to mention here.

With this groundwork set a person now has an idea of what they are as beings and the purpose of life, setting the stage for the work of Franz Bardon. Having all the materials identified, Bardon teaches a person how to rebuild themselves into complete human beings, which has been the purpose of all spiritual writings and teachings throughout time.

Why We Sell Christian Spiritual Books

caduceus, hermes, trismegistus, trismegistos, hermeticsThe main reason we have a book selection of this type is because of our interest in Christianity and Christian Mysticism and their historical relationship to the healing arts, all the sciences and mathematics. In fact, it is not a big stretch of the imagination and can easily be shown that the present borrows heavily from the past. For example; the present day universal symbol for the healing arts is the Caduceus, also known as the staff of Hermes. Most people do not even know that this symbol actually has its own name and that it is, and always has been the symbol of the highest possible wisdom and the hermetic arts for thousands of years as well as being synonymous with the name of Hermes Trismegistos or Mercury.

When assembling this collection we knew that it would not be easy because we wanted to present, as much as possible, the original and complete works of the respective authors themselves rather than books written about them by others. Not that the comments of others might not be completely without worth; but, it just seems that if you want to know what some one actually said and thought it is probably a good idea to ask them directly if possible or, in their absence, you can read their original words.

We also know that society is becoming less and less literate in the sense that fewer people actually read; opting instead to ‘fritter away” their time with tech gadgets for entertainments sake rather than actually cultivating knowledge from within. We hope that this collection might inspire and cultivate thought, self knowledge and a higher sense of spiritual worth.

Eternal concepts exist in eternity. If actively cultivated during life on Earth, they remain ours forever.

If You’re Already Christian, Why Not Just Read The Bible?

The Holy Bible is complete. This should not be denied. Everything that is needed for a person to achieve “spiritual rebirth” is contained therein. By reading the Arcana Coelestia by Emanuel Swedenborg will reveal that they are actually books dealing with psychology and the relationships between spirit, soul and body something that Franz Bardon also deals with in practice. However, most of what is in the Bible is also veiled in metaphor; especially in the Old Testament either by time and the lost meaning of Biblical metaphors or the level at which the Bible is written. Proof of this is the many, often divergent, interpretations of the exact same Biblical words.

People of the Christian religions have fought wars over opposing Biblical interpretations almost from the beginning of Christianity. This craziness is not the fault of the Biblical script itself. What is at fault is the lacking of a universal and agreed upon, unifying philosophical foundation that could act as a key to unlock the uncountable Biblical metaphors and mysteries. Even though Hermetics has done this historically for a few and at present the New Revelation does this even better for all, both of these gifts from Divine Providence would likely produce disagreement amongst orthodox believers and the less spiritually mature. For this reason and even though religion remains the best method for presenting spiritual guidelines to the masses but, mysticism historically has been left to individual pursuits.

Many mystical societies came into being to enable a free exchange of ideas among like minded individuals and to protect their members from persecution. Rosicrusianism is a good example of this. In those times even trying to pursue “mysticism” one risked being accused of heresy which could carry horrific consequences.

Mysticism is “the light that shines into the darkness but the darkness understands it not” and therefore threatens the status quo. The pursuit of mysticism was, and still is, often treated with disdain by the representatives of the status quo of religious organizations largely because “they,” who should be in a position to understand it, do not!

Also, many of the accepted and considered to be standard interpretations of Biblical script are often misinterpretations. The best example is the well known allegory of material creation believed to be contained in Genesis. It would shock many to know that Genesis has nothing to do with material creation. The Earth was not built in 6 days. Genesis is dealing with an entire different and much more important subject than what humans can and have already and correctly deduced for themselves upon witnessing creation itself.

Just as in the Old Testament there was a necessity for prophets to be awakened just to clarify scripture and remind the people to improve their general behaviour, they are even more necessary in the times of the New Testament when there is a lot more at stake. There have definitely been prophets since the assent ion of Jesus Christ but, not too many people were paying attention and recognized them when they lived or in the works they left for the benefit of humanity.

There are prophets for those who recognize the work of God in their words.

What Prophetic Writings Provide?

The purpose of prophetic writings is to expand upon what are elementary spiritual concepts raising the overall spiritual awareness and knowledge to a higher more useable, practical and fully conscious level.

In the same way as children are taught elementary concepts in a deliberate sequential fashion in order that they might grasp progressively more complex concepts enabling them to be able to practically and confidently apply their knowledge effectively with the benefit of these intellectual tools; so it is with the teachings of a genuine prophet.

spiritual, progression, awakening

Divine Providence in its infinite wisdom guides humanity towards its ultimate goal of perfection providing the appropriate teachers, at the appropriate time, within the appropriate cultures. When all of their collective works are assembled and read together and cohesively, it becomes apparent that their works are related and their combined knowledge cumulative and without contradiction. This is when we should awaken to the worth of such teachings and cold bloodedly examine them to see if they are genuine and try to implement their wisdom.

A Prophet’s Purpose

According to the writings of Jakob Lorber – God; through Jakob Lorber, states that no matter how purely the words of God are presented to the inhabitants of Earth, because of the nature of the world and it’s inherent “darkness” and how it affects people, they are always in danger and prone to being corrupted. That is to say, the words themselves are not corrupted or corruptible; they become corrupted through human beings. Human beings, because of the influence of life of Earth, in time interpret, change, edit and otherwise alter the original words and their meanings to suite themselves making them ineffective in time.

In the Old Testament of the Bible God sent several prophets to the people of Israel, not to change the original words of the Bible, but to reinforce or at least set things straight according to their original meaning and intention.

If what defines the New Testaments apart from the Old Testament is the coming of the Messiah in the person of Jesus Christ and, if through the New Testament human being will have their Deliverance or Salvation then, how much more important would it be to keep the meanings and intended meanings and teachings of the New Testament as understandable and useable as possible? Given that the basic susceptibility to corruption amongst people has not changed much in the times of the New Testament would it not make sense that some guidance should manifest itself through prophets in these the times of the New Testament?

In the writings of Jakob Lorber God states, through Lorber, that He had sent a prophet to Earth since the crucifixion of Jesus Christ about once every 100 years. To date there are few prophets to have been officially recognized by any Christian churches and, the ones that have been recognized as prophets seem to have served the purposes of their respective churches but not necessarily the purposes of Christianity.

Not all of the books we have gathered here have been written by prophets but the majority of the authors presented can, by virtue of the quality of their work have changed human thought; in some cases profoundly and in some cases more personally.

Clearly, Lao Tse being of the period of the Old Testament and from the Orient does not represent Christianity yet his work has influenced an entire race of people positively and should not be discounted for its prophetic value. We have included him because of his relation to Franz Bardon.

The remaining featured authors however, present and extraordinary body of work; all of it in broadening Western thought and in complete conformity with Christianity. These works are superb and open up the universality of Christianity with its rich mysticism. These writings are not dogmatic. They conform with each other and leave little room for argument except among the very unenlightened orthodoxy but, historically, that has always been the case and to be expected.

Spiritual Rebirth

Personal Spiritual Maturing requires hard and deliberate work that ultimately leads to the Divinity within and an understanding of the promised Eternal Life.

This gradual process of spiritual awakening is often called Spiritual Rebirth. Spiritual Rebirth can be achieved in two ways, either through the Saintly or the Mystic path. The Saintly path requires less work and more time, the Mystic path requires more diligent work and less time. Both methods work and both require enormous sacrifice and dedication. These books present both methods clearly. Bardon shows the Mystic path and Lorber the Saintly path as well as details of the Mystic Path that Franz Bardon presumes the reader to already know. Both writings are universal.

If a human being can mature to achieve an angelic state in the course of ones life, the purpose of having been born on Earth would have been fulfilled.

Some of the authors presented here may be considered prophetic or even actual prophets. This determination is being made not on religious grounds or by the consent or council of religious theologians, who historically have never been able to determine this. It is based solely on the content of the works themselves and what thousands of readers have stated over the years and centuries.

All of the authors we have assembled are in accord with one another in spite of having written in different time periods and sometimes being of completely different backgrounds. As diverse as these authors may appear at times they all relate to Christianity either through specific reference or through universal principle. Their works mesh together comfortably and perfectly.

The over riding premise in the works of all of these authors is the emphasis on meekness and humility. These are the fundamental attributes needed to cultivate love. Without love no one can ever hope to enter into the inner most sanctum of the heart where God is to be found and where the children of God are blessed and recognize themselves. No one who is without love is permitted into the Holy of Holies. Nothing eternal is attainable without love.

God is Love. He will know His children by their love. A prophet makes the listener or reader aware of this. This is why we have concluded that most of the authors presented here are also very likely prophets.


The topics listed below are all part of Universal Mysticism. Please select a topic for more details.

Books, Other Topics and Products

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