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Common Health Topics Discussed From A Different Point of View

There is a need to see health in a different light. In a world where marketing and selling gets in the way of nearly everything, it is ultimately left up to the individual to find the truth of things for oneself! All too often people seek out others to solve their problems for them and in taking their advice can end up in a worse position than when they started. Ultimately, solutions to personal problems can only to be found personally because the benefits and consequences are also personal.

In this health topics area you will find concepts, theories and explanations that have stood the test of time, are understandable, workable and from “outside of the box.” They are not by any means new but, they may as well be, as people rediscover things that have been said for thousands of years for the first time. Their purpose is to provide a new outlook, a new perspective from a point of view that is obvious after having been thought through. We hope you find them useful!

health topics, Brain Fog, Liver cleanse, liver cleansing, liver and gallbladder cleanse, Candida YeastThe Best Remedy is Usually Good Food and Common Sense . . . unfortunately both good food and common sense are not so common anymore. The present day world presents us with information that seems genuine, but often, if examined more closely is nothing more than marketing. The slickness of presentation and clever wording lulls us into a sense of false security. We have gotten used to not thinking for ourselves because of it; accepting what we hear without questioning it too much. This is one of the biggest tragedies of our times, which is likely why a keen observer of human nature like Mark Twain made these two statements well over a century ago:

“I never let my schooling interfere with my education.” Mark Twain

“Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect)” – Mark Twain

The point being . . . Think! Think for yourself. Examine everything without prejudice and come to your own conclusions.

If someone wants to help themselves, understanding must come first. Without comprehending fundamental principles of causes, effects and their origins, a real solution is neither possible nor credible. A real explanation has to be more than just the marketing “sound bites” we have gotten used to. A helpful and plausible explanation from a natural, alternative point of view should be less about a product and more about service to others through good, understandable, reliable and easily verifiable, practical information.

Health and Healing are related to the concept of “wholeness.” In Latin the word “san” means health and it also means to be whole. In the word “san” the implication goes beyond the physical to include the whole being of the person. It includes also the health of the soul and spirit; emotional and constitutional health respectively. It is impossible to deal with health without including the whole person, their physical, emotional and mental faculties.

The Human body has remained virtually unchanged for at least several thousand years, containing exactly the same organs, in the same positions, having the same functions. The only things that have noticeably changed are the environment we live in and the foods we eat.

The environment has clearly become less rural and more urban, our foods are obviously less natural and more processed or otherwise “treated.” Could the epidemic increases in major diseases have something to to with these very obvious changes instead of viruses, bacteria, heredity and DNA? . . . You can decide!

“An explanation of any ailment and their causes from the Traditional Herbal point of view may sound more like an allegory than an a “sound byte” type of explanation because the natural way of describing an ailment is quite simple – but not simple minded. Anyone with common sense and the willingness to think for themselves will usually understand it quickly.”

What becomes apparent is that many ailments are interrelated and not separate from each other because no problem can be greater than the sum of its parts. There are only a finite number of vital organs to support and maintain life. If there is an ailment it stands to reason that there can only be a finite set of causes, the number of which cannot exceed the number of organs/parts the body has. How then is it possible that there are literally thousands of ailments and causes of ailments with new ones being discovered all the time? Are these new problems, variations on problems that already exist or simply overcomplicated explanations that miss the point to sell a procedure or a product?

From the natural point of view every symptoms is believed to be the direct result of an imbalance or a pathogen (toxin, virus or bacteria) resulting from a of specific organs struggling to remove them from the body; the symptom suggesting the organ that is struggling making things very simple to understand. There is no need to get unnecessarily technical in order to explain most things. The details are only necessary after the main concept is explained and understood. Once the principle is understood, the means of aiding are often self evident.

It is interesting to note that when ever an apparently “new” modern ailment is being discovered, it is being assumed that it must have a completely new cause that had never existed before. With all of the modern chemical toxins that are all around us, the pathogens certainly may be new but, not what the body does with them. The variable is the degree of severity. So are they actually new problems or, are they just forms of the same old problems? It is also very interesting to observe that as soon as one of these new ailments or syndromes appear, a remedy seems to also be presented for it. If it never existed before how could a remedy already exist? Many have been forced to ask, “Is it real or is it marketing?”

We hope that this information will be useful. The views, ideas, and concepts contained are based on long established, unchanging natural principles often found in the Traditional Healing principles of both East and West.

 “The physician should be an Alchemist; that is to say, he should understand the Chemistry of Life. Medicine is not merely a science, but an art. It does not consist merely in compounding pills and plasters and drugs, but it deals with the processes of Life, which must be understood before they can be guided.Paracelsus

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