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Why are there so many sick people in the North America?

We have just started this page as a result of the wave of seemingly endless and boundless general corruption and mismanagement rampant throughout the upper echelons of public institutions and enormous American corporations.  Although it is not our place to pass judgment on these situations as anyone can come to their own conclusions as to why they occur, there is plenty of information out there to glean through and we hope to provide some of it.

Even though we advocate and support natural alternatives to conventional approaches to health, the fact that so much money is being literally wasted on non-solutions to health producing no benefit to the vast majority of people.

This section of our website is dedicated to the many articles written by so many people around the world who research the state of health care. The articles are informative and independent of ourselves at Amalux. We hope you enjoy them, their information and perspectives.

More Articles to Come

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