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A Healthy Calm Mind Is In A Healthy Strong Body!

The term “a healthy mind in a healthy body” is far from being a new concept.

It only makes sense that an ailment, by affecting the body in general, will affect its functions and by extension the senses that are being supported by those vital functions. With the help of our intellect, we form our reason from what we perceive through our senses. When our sense become impaired our perception becomes distorted, our intellect becomes less capable of working with our perceptions and our reason suffers from that lack of clarity.

There is nothing more important to being human than to preserve our capacity to reason with complete mental clarity. It our mind that separates us from all other creatures. Our mind is who we really are. Our body is just an outer expression of it.

We do our deepest thinking when in a clear and calm state of mind. When that clarity and calmness is disturbed our thinking becomes somewhat distorted. It has less to do with a chemical imbalance in one particular part of the body and more to do with an overall imbalance in the body as a whole. Everything in our body is connected to everything else in the body; every part affecting every other part.

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The Chinese Art of Healing

Please be aware that this book is available as a used book and may have different cover art. Follow the link to where it will be made available. We have read it and have found it to be quite complete and an excellent introduction into Chinese theory of organ functions.

Our physical body represents the form of our entire being and it makes sense that every part of our body represents a different aspect or facet of our being that all together form one complete unit.

As obvious as it may seem, we identify our body with who we are; which is why we generally take care of it by bathing it, sometimes adorn or groom seemingly less important parts of it like our finger nails and dye our hair. We cut our hair, trim our beards, remove unwanted hair, moisturize our skin when needed, clean our teeth, remove ear wax from our ears, protect our body with clothing or make a statement about who we are with the clothes we wear, etc, etc. All of these habits deal with the exterior of our body.

As much as we do physically to our body to express ourselves and our personality, the body itself will put on an outer display of what is going on inside of it as a barometer of our overall physical or emotional health. That display is very readable to a trained eye.

The exterior of our body is maintained by our internal organs. The body serves as a vehicle for our mind. Just like the best software will not function properly in poor hardware, so it is with the mind and body. All efforts made to better understand bodily functions and how they contribute to a sound mind are worth knowing. What is most interesting is that understanding the body from a natural point of view is not that difficult to understand. The information that is the easiest to understand in relation to the human body and it’s organs is perhaps the Chinese system of the organs.

Not that everything Chinese is necessarily the best. It is being recommended because it relates how the body works more clearly and simply than most other systems of natural healing. With the points of reference that this basic information establishes a person can get to the point that they can gauge their own health with some accuracy. This also gives a person a certain amount of control over their own lives. As it now stands people know more about their iPhones, computers, cars, television set or home appliances than they do about their own body and mind.

The fact that all the appliances and electronic devices are basically inanimate objects should give us pause. We as living beings owe it to ourselves to learn about ourselves, who we are, what we are and how we function. This is not narcissistic. The better we know ourselves and our own minds, the more capable we become. The more we are able to interact and offer to others in a meaningful way. When we are not well we should make it our business to understand why.

Whether we like it or not, Mind and body work together. If the body is not functioning properly, neither will the mind.

No amount of verbal counseling will correct a physical imbalance. It may be comforting but it cannot bring an organ imbalance back into equilibrium. It is entirely possible, however, to restore mental and emotional calm by restoring internal organ equilibrium. Find out how.

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