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FAQ – (Frequently Asked Questions About Amalux Herbal Products)

This page is dedicated to questions we sometimes get about product. We will post question as we get questions we feel pertinent.

Q: Are your herbal products standardized?

A: No! We do not feel that this method of herbal preparation uses the potential of any herb to the fullest advantage nor benefit the end user. As glitzy and high tech as this “modern” method may sound, it is only expensive, but not useful. We have never seen or known these standardized powdered extracts to actually be effective or at the very least outperform simple good quality herbs in any form of preparation. What this does do it converts a herb into more of a pharmaceutical product than a herb. Some may disagree with this.

Q: Can any one use your herbal products?

A: Yes, anyone can use our herbal products. Especially the products intended for external purposes. We recommend that like any herbal products that they not be given to children or pregnant and nursing women. Or, if they should be, it should be done under the supervision of a professional care giver.

Q: Can your products be used indefinitely?

A: Although our products have been used for many years and the individual herbs have been used safely for millennia we do not recommend that any herbal product be used indefinitely. The intelligent use of herbal products is predicated upon observing and adopting a sensible and reasonable dietary habits to produce sustained well being.

We only have one product that can be used for life. This is the Paracelsus Elixir. This is a 15th century life Elixir formulated by Paracelsus. In a polluted world and generally poor food quality this product helps the body cope.

Q: Do your products cure any ailment?

A: We do not and cannot purport to cure any ailment. All foods affect bodily functions and nutritional supplements are by definition foods therefore they modify bodily functions as only foods can. Anyone with any experience with food will note their specific effects. For example: figs and leeks are laxative, asparagus is laxative and diuretic, parsley is diuretic, Dandelion greens help digestion and liver functions, mustard, helps digestion, horseradish opens the nasal passages, and so on. This information is or at least was common knowledge. Today, more and more people no longer eat real food, What is passing for food has very little or no effect other than satisfying cravings or hunger and generally and gradually making people sick.

Q: What is the connection between Amalux Herbal Products and Amalux Books?

A: We sell herbal products and metaphysical books. These two sections in our site are an outgrowth of our evolving studies in both Spirituality and Herbalism. For Millennia these two topics have always been inter-related. Today the strictly “scientific” approach to Herbalism is arguably leading nowhere. The very “micro” view of the scientific approach of looking at herbs is like evaluating an entire forest from examining the molecular structure of the bark of one of the trees in that forest. Few useful conclusions can be extrapolated from this. And, likewise, the modern organized spiritual institutions have become so shallow that they are developing doubts in their own viability.

In the past science and spirituality were one and the same. They were separated because of their mutual decline through worldliness and politics that led to blind superstition.

The old sciences and Spirituality are on the verge of being re-established as scientists look to metaphysics and the religious look to science. (NASA has come to look at our site) Amalux books is dedicated to providing the most qualitative metaphysical books that explain physical, astral and spiritual existence. Amalux herbal seeks to provide simple herbal remedies without aggressive marketing – because a sound mind can only exist in a sound body, and a sound mind should be respected and should be capable and permitted to draw its own logical and reasonable conclusions.

More questions to be posted – as they come.

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