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Kabbalistic Astrology

The Theory of Kabbalistic Astrology (Part I)

The purpose of Kabbalistic Astrology is to know the Angelic Beings Present at Birth to assisting someone in filling in at least one part of the puzzle of, “who am I and what is my purpose on Earth?” It is not a mapping of the soul. No system of astrology can do this because the soul can change its state through personal maturity and willpower. If anyone should want to make themselves subject to astronomical phenomenon all one has to do is break natural law to suffer the consequence. The main consequences will relate to health.

Kabbalistic astrology, kabbalistic natal horoscope, kabbalah

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Kabbalistic astrology, kabbalistic natal horoscope, kabbalah

According to Kabbalistic Theory it is the Angelic beings present at birth that impart to us their attributes that produce our natural talents and tendencies not the Stars in the Heavens.

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This page discusses some aspects of the theory of astrological influence and why astrology is often misunderstood.

Every philosophy or practice must have its premise: To start with it must first be stated that if we are sufficiently self-aware; we must first accept that we have a physical body and that it exists in a physical realm and by merely existing it influences others and the world. Secondly, if we also believe that human kind have been endowed with a soul to animate its physical body and a spirit to animate its soul, then these too must have a realm of existence that parallel each other. We accept that the spirit exists in a spiritual realm of activity, that some call “heaven” but, we seldom contemplate on where the soul has its activity. Some confuse the spirit with the soul. Paracelsus stated that each of the three bodies that make up the human being existed were a heaven unto themselves and together they made a whole and each also existed in its own realm of heaven. In this context, heaven is simply a term that defines an intelligent organization of intelligences that work together and are maintained as a medium towards a specific purpose.

In the study of the Christian Mysteries Hermetics being a universal spiritual discipline is also included. Within that structure the physical body has its physical-material plane, the soul exists in the astral plane and the spirit exists in the spiritual or mental plane. The spirit links to the soul or astral body via the spiritual matrix. The Soul or astral body links to the physical body through the astral matrix. Consequently the life of the soul is the spirit and the life of the physical body is animated by the soul or astral body. In principle, the above mentioned also applies to the physical Earth we inhabit and all of the created living things upon it.

Therefore to study astrology is to study the unseen astral influences (activity in the astral plane) that affect and shape physical life. It is not the study of the “devil” as some misguided souls blindly have come to believe. Psychology, by definition, is the study of the soul not the spirit.

Many who study astrology are not acquainted with the actual “influences” themselves; where they come from or, how and why they mechanically occur and how they intern affect us on Earth. The absence of this understanding is like someone wanting to make a wooden cabinet without any knowledge of wood or the art of carpentry. This knowledge is critical in determining and distinguishing between a clearly physical effect from an actual Astral influence. Also, the position of the physical heavenly bodies with their effects, and the Order of the Spheres also known as the Sephirothic Spheres having the same names have absolutely no correlation to each other and act on different “planes.” The study of the former is regular Mantic Astrology, the latter is Kabbalistic astrology. These are entirely different studies – like day and night. The position of a planet or star cannot project or otherwise instill a talent or attribute anymore than a common rock can do this. These can only be bestowed etherically from the Astral world governed by the beings of the Spheres. The position of a planet or stars can and do affect animal, plant life, the weather, the coming of pestilential diseases and so on. It should be noted that in the past 100 – 150 years, given the deteriorated state of the environment through pollution, and the demolition of forests, Nature seems not to be herself as of late.

It should be mentioned that the subject of astrology in the past was much less a divination tool and more a spiritual study. It was a comprehensive system of comprehensively organizing creation on the Spiritual, Astral and Physical levels by analogy. The ancient herbalists used this system wisely to categorize herbs, minerals, metals and animals with respect to their attributes which is also their “signature.” In the work of Jakob Lorber it is stated that this ancient and very wise methodology based on the science of analogy will be restored in the future times.

Many people condemn this this would be sacred science without any understanding of it. Not accepting that the Creator created that we may understand Him better through His own creations. They accept that these physical things exist but cannot fathom that they may have a higher spiritual purpose or have been created according to a spiritual order.

It is not insignificant that over the millennia there has always been an almost religious wonder as to the effect of the stars upon our Earth. But, because the actual mechanism of action that produces the effects has never been adequately or openly explained it is easy to understand that this subject and others like it are shrouded in the sort of ignorance that gives rise to an almost superstitious fascination. Many intelligent people observe the effects and associate them with this or that heavenly body but do not know why or how the effects manifest.

The various religions of old all made a point of dispensing only just enough information for the populace to make their actions seem that much more mysterious in order to place themselves above them and exert control over them.

In Europe the Catholic Church was very much aware of the effect of the heavenly bodies on our Planet. (We are not against the Catholic Church or Catholicism in general but, history itself has had issues with some of its practices)

A) They knew that weather patterns often followed Lunar cycles and that rain was more likely with the new Moon. If there was a period of drought the farmers would beseech the priests to supplicate God for rain. The priests complied for a fee (this was true of all priesthoods at all times through out history). A special Mass was said for rain. But, the priests waited for the most advantages astronomical time to say their Masses – waiting for the new Moon. When the rains came they were very quick to take full credit for this blessing.

B) The concept of the flat Earth was also created by the religion of the day for the same reasons in spite of the fact that the Egyptians, Greeks, Vikings and Romans were well aware of the Earth being spherical.

C) Also the concept of the celestial bodies rotating around the Earth had the same origins. They took the truth and deliberately misinterpreted it. They took the spiritual Kabbalistic concept of the “Order of the Spheres” (also known as the Sephirothic Spheres) which is Earth centric and declared it to be applied literally to physical circumstances. This of course is ridiculous and the ancients knew otherwise. Although this model of reality accurately depicts the astral order of beings relative to the Earth it does not and cannot represent the actual physical circumstances of the solar system.

Or, Earth centricity can only be justifiably accepted in the context of us perceiving the other created stars and planets when viewed from Earth as a vantage point. In this context we are the center of our universe, while not actually being at the center the solar system or of existence.

The fact that all religions throughout time including the Christian religions made it a point to meticulously observe stellar activity. It would be foolish to think that this was being done without purpose. Information laying out the framework of the stellar influences abounded but was kept exclusively by the elite. With it the priesthoods could anticipate climatic or even pestilential events and manipulate the people in their ignorance. Because the general population witnessed the foretold events but in their utter ignorance could not explain them rationally, they attributed undue powers and abilities to the priesthoods (all priesthoods) who used their ignorance for monetary profit and political control. Their superstitions were borne out of their fragmented knowledge. Up until recently, in Italy, the land of the Catholic Church, it was considered “officially” evil to merely star gaze.

To this day those in the know will guard this information jealously and will deliberately proclaim this information to be mere superstition. And in addition educated people will reject it because in their education there was no provision for it and therefore regard it as old-fashioned superstitious nonsense. Yet who cannot say that they perceive the differences in how it feels to experience 70 degrees in spring, summer and fall. They measure the same on a thermometer but “feel” different with the change in constellation.

Today we accept that the Sun and Moon seasonally influence plant and animal life. We have long measured time by the movements of these heavenly bodies deriving the times of day, days of the week and months of the year. The names of the week are named according to the “order of the spheres” after which the planets were named. Using this method these repetitive cycles are mathematically predictable and exact.

Why then is it so far fetched that if all this can be derived from the Sun and Moon, that the other stars might not affect the Earth and what grows and lives on it. The mechanism that brings about the effects and how they manifest is at the heart of this very intriguing subject.

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Some parts of this information has been paraphrased from the out of Jakob Lorber, Franz Bardon and others.

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