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Leg-Rest Testimonials

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Testimonials Related to restless leg Syndrome.

We are ever so pleased with the feedback we have been receiving from our customers on Leg-Rest. Not all of our customers write a testimonial – many satisfied customers simply tell us verbally.

Hi Amalux!

I have been trying other less expensive formulas for restless legs and none of them has worked. I just can’t stand being awake all night with my legs jumping around. Thanks so much for Leg Rest. It’s a Godsend.

Edie Bow
Brighton CO


I did receive my order on Thursday. Thank you so much. I can sleep again!

Edie B
Brighton CO

Tired of your legs jumping around at night like frog legs in a hot skillet? After many years of trying perscription drugs that had serious side affects, I tried the Amalux product called “Leg-Rest” and it has worked for me! I take two capsules at supper and two at bedtime and after about 5 or 6 weeks my legs were NOT preventing me from going to sleep and no side effects that I know of. Only you with this problem know how getting rid of RLS can change your life (and your mate that is trying to sleep beside you too)!So give it a try.

Good Luck
L. Sanders
Spring, Texas

Thank you VERY MUCH for processing my order so quickly!

I’ve had Restless Leg Syndrome for over 30 years! For many of those years doctors just told me it was all in my head!

I’ve been using the Leg Rest for about 6 months now and I am so happy! It really stops the jumpy legs and NO side effects! I was using RE-Quip and the side effects were awful. I don’t take it at all anymore! The doctor also had to keep increasing the dose for it to be effective so I was constantly profoundly tired, nauseous and dizzy!

I am sooooo thankful for this product. I will be giving one of the bottles in my order to my daughter who also suffers from it. My great grandmother, my grandmother and my mother had it and many of my siblings have it as well. Mine was so bad that whenever I would sit down and relax my legs would just start jumping off the ground! At night my poor husband suffered bruises because of it! I didn’t attend a movie out for 20 years because of it and now I go all the time!!!!!!! I still have JUMPY LEGS whenever I don’t get enough rest or I’m extremely stressed out but I’d say the improvement is 98%!!!!!! Woooohoooooooo!

E. Bowen
Amarillo TX

Leg-Rest completely took away my symptoms of restless leg syndrome…completely! I can sleep much better. I recommend it to anyone who suffers from this problem.

Marcia A.
St. George UT

Feedback on Leg-Rest:

I’ve used it twice when my legs started acting up, and it helped a lot. My legs also twitch in my sleep sometimes, and according to my husband, the product has not eliminated that. Maybe I need to take more. But I’m glad it at least helps while I’m awake, and allows me to get to sleep. I’d like to order another bottle.

Christine A.
Dallas, TX

I am pleased to report that Leg-Rest capsules help me get to sleep most nights. Restless legs are a constant problem for me and seem to be getting worse as time goes on. Usually two doses of two capsules of Leg-Rest in the evenings will calm my legs and allow me to get to sleep. On occasion, I need to take a third dose. I’m very grateful to have found something that works. And no drug side effects to worry about.

Novi MI

Great Product!!! Reorder ASAP. Thanks.

Ellen P.
Harwich Port, MA

Thanks for you help. I would like to say that the Leg-Rest has helped my wife much. She asked for the pills which is a real good sign.

R and A McDonald
West Springfield, MA

Great stuff, THANKS


Dear Amalux,

Since 1987 the doctors prescribed Temazepam for my restless feet but with no effect, when tired they feel like they’re full of energy. I sleep usually between about 6-8 am, some days they’re fine but when active make it impossible to relax, long-hauls are my personal nightmare.

There have been programs on TV on restless leg syndrome and there is no cure. Over the 2 months I took Leg-Rest I noticed a definite overall improvement, since running out of pills the intensity has returned so it looks like they did help.

Thank you.
R. Woodsman
London, England

Great Stuff, THANKS

D. Horne
Florence, SC

When I first received Amalux LegRest I took two capsules after each meal 3 times a day. Then I realized that 2 after dinner were enough. I have tried other herbs and LegRest is the only thing that has helped. I now feel like I get a good nights sleep most nights and that is because of LegRest. It works great. Thank you!!

Anita L.
Lincoln, NE

I am 42 years old and have suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome in my right leg for about 10 years which I think was caused by a bad bicycle accident about 20 years ago that caused damage to my right leg.

I have been taking B-6 and CoQ-10 but the B-6 only lasts a few hours and the CoQ-10 takes too long to work. A few months ago I had another sleepless night when I decided to search the Internet for an herbal remedy. I came across the Leg Rest and ordered two bottles from Amalux.

The first time I tried it, it took about 15 minutes and a warm feeling in the thigh muscle worked its way down and the spasmic urge to move just dissipated. I gave the other bottle to a friend who suffers from nocturnal leg pain due to poor circulation. She took the LegRest and now she can sleep and her husband doesn’t have to massage her legs every night for her to fall asleep.

Leg Rest has improved my quality of life.

P Pearl
Muskogee, OK

Needing to spend lots of time at the computer, my legs became very uncomfortable. I would have to change chairs and position often throughout the day. Now, after taking Leg-Rest I have very little discomfort. I am very grateful for the quality of Amalux formulas…

J. Shepherd,
Arden, N.C.

Hello Amalux,

Sorry to hear you don’t have a UK branch! Do you have one in Germany?

I ask because I had to fork out an extra $4US to our Customs people. (you posted the parcel on the 7th, it arrived in JHB (Johannesburg) 13 days later, on the 20th, and from there it took another 11 days to get to my local PO on the 31st, I received notification on the 3rd-Jan 3 days later, 27days in total)

Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining, just thought you might like to know how long it takes to reach the customer. Could you maybe inquire what the cost would be via a freight company that serves SA from the USA.

Leg-Rest is helping my wife, the 1st night; it didn’t seem to help; the following 2 nights she had restful sleep, so for tonight, we’ll have to wait and see.

We were a wee bit concerned with the ginseng and licorice root, thought it would work against her hypertension medication but so far no adverse effect.

South Africa


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