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The Origins of the Liver Gallbladder Cleanse

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The Liver Gallbladder Cleanse Are Something Uniquely Western and Mediterranean

There are many variations on the basic liver cleanse or gallbladder cleanse. These variations make little difference to the result. Some will use coca cola, some use various purging agents such as Epsom Salts. The essential part of the liver cleanse or gallbladder cleanse is the olive oil (walnut oil may also be used) and lemon juice. The Olive oil acts primarily as a solvent and balsam. The lemon juice acts to provoke the production of bile and other necessary gastric secretions. Other fruit juices will also work well – notably apple juice – some also use grapefruit juice. But, Lemon juice is the most popular because it works best for most.

Cleansing the liver and gallbladder is not based on taking products natural or otherwise. In spite of what many have said and although there are many product claims – there is no actual herb to dissolve the congealed bile/fats in the form of “stones” – which is what a gallstone actually is. Some might produce more bile flow, but gallstones will not be dissolved so easily by simply taking a pill, tea or tincture alone especially with today’s constant exposure to contaminants.

Herbal remedies are best used to assist in the functions of the liver and gallbladder either during the “softening” process in preparation for or leading up to the actual liver gallbladder cleanse and/or after the actual liver cleanse to restore organ functions that have been encumbered for a long time due to the congestion and their resulting stagnation. Also, liver toxins that have been sitting in the liver for years or even decades will not instantly dissolve with a herbal remedy. However, the proper herbal remedy along with the liver cleanse and a clean diet for a reasonable period of time helps greatly to accomplish this.

There are also gallstones that are the result of calcification. These are not dissolved with Olive oil and lemon juice. There is an entirely different yet simple and natural procedure for this.

It should be mentioned that credit to who actually developed the liver cleanse procedure is hard to place. Some will attribute it to Hulda Clark, others to Hanna Kroeger and to many, many other little know natural practitioners, herbalists and healers. Too many people to mention have had great benefits from this simple cleanse – tempting some to claim it as their own – and many out of gratitude would simply like to give credit to whomever helped them through this method.

The earliest author that we have found to historically use this combination for the liver cleanse and gallbladder cleanse was an English Herbalist called Frank Roberts, who’s books were first published in 1952. However, we are sure that he too discovered it somewhere else, probably the Mediterranean.

The fact remains that this ingeniously simple yet exceptionally helpful combination of Extra Virgin Olive oil and Lemon Juice comes from the Mediterranean. There it is still used daily as a condiment over many traditional dishes or as a salad dressing – which, in reality, is all that it really is – a salad dressing. If people would only bother to look some of the very best remedies are actually this simple.

Many from that part of the world like the taste of olive oil to the extent that they drink it for its flavour. (after doing a liver cleanse many will agree that the taste of olive oil is the last thing they would like to savour for a good while.) The balsamic effect of olive oil alone will explain the lower incidence of major and minor ailments in those areas of the world in general as compared to North America.

Many are concerned about the “detoxification effect” of the olive oil and lemon juice liver cleanse, which admittedly can sometimes be trying for some. But, when put into perspective, lets face it – this does not change the fact that ingeniously simple combination of olive oil and lemon juice is basically a salad dressing.

If anyone should drink it and not feel good for a few hours or days it would be very understandable but, it will not be entirely because of this benign combination – it will be because of what they had put into their body over the years and the fact that these accumulations are finally being dissolved and being made to move and are coming out and in the process these substances make themselves felt!

Most of us can often attest to being our own worst enemy in matters of health!

In any case we do not take credit for having created the liver cleanse or gallbladder cleanse method and no contemporaries can or should either.

There are several variations of the main liver cleanse some of which are included in this article. You will find these variations in the following books APPLE CIDER VINEGAR by Paul Bragg, OUR EARTH OUR CURE by Raymond Dextreit, Old Time Remedies for Modern Ailments by Hanna Kroeger and Modern Herbalism for Digestive Disorders by Frank Roberts.

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