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On Over Supplementation

Over Supplementation Is Such A Common Problem

From the Herbalist

(1) Now more than ever in human existence it has become interesting and important to know and understand the times we live in. The herbs we have available to us are very useful in correcting an imbalance or ailment. It must be stated for the benefit of those who value their health that when you have overcome your ailment through the use of herbs you are then better served by watching the quality of your food intake in order to maintain yourself and keep away the affliction. Ultimately this is far more beneficial for your long term health. Few would argue with this point.

It is often a mistaken notion in our increasingly ‘over marketing’ oriented world that if a product has removed a problem that it should be continued indefinitely as a preventative.

It is an established fact that most Americans are over medicated. Often times out of ignorance and fear they remain this way. There are a great many problems that arise because of this. At the other end of the scale many are also becoming ‘over supplemented’ with ‘natural’ products that they do not need.

As far as the use of natural products is concerned it is far wiser to use a product in two fundamental ways:

A) One is for what is known in Europe as a “therapeutic regiment” whereby a natural remedy is taken until the problem has abated and then is eased off altogether. In Europe this is called a Kure or Cura which does not mean to cure but actually means a period of “taking care.” and,
B) Second, is using a herbal supplement on an ‘as needed’ basis.

There are many advantages to these sensible methods. Let us explain.

Our bodies are created to function. Many times by over supplementation bodily functions are impeded or due to over stimulation become exhausted and do not function as well as they should. Or, another problem can develop. The best example of this is the effect produced by some of the “energy” or body building supplements. Many have personally claimed benefits. However, many have had problems. To build up the body into a lumpy, vein popping muscular hulk is hardly healthy and attractive only to a select few. And, it should be remembered that energy cannot be created out of thin air by a product. In general the energy surge felt by some of these products is of and from the body’s own energy reserves being used up at a faster rate.

Note: The wild energy surge a person feels when taking such a herbal product, or for that matter, even crack or cocaine is not coming from what they took, it is from their own body. When their own energy is exhausted they will generally fall “flat on their face,” or worse. Although sustainable normal and often vibrant energy levels are the result of good health and sometimes proper herbal supplementation, it would be advisable to avoid the “extreme” and often harmful substances at all cost.

Good health is the purpose of herbal supplements. Whereas, wild nervous energy is neither healthy nor the goal of a normal thinking person.

By giving the body a breather from some unnecessary supplements and eating properly the body is allowed to function more freely on its own.

This, of course, presumes that the individual is already in reasonably good health.

When someone is mildly, moderately or, severely ill steps must be taken to restore well being. Once health has been restored the same rule applies.

Good clean and healthy food is ultimately our real and best medicine. Natural remedies are great and are best used when needed and then stopped, with few exceptions.

Having said this and in light of the ubiquitous pollution that is now everywhere, it is beneficial to keep away from contaminants. However, this is a near impossibility in today’s world. Our Paracelsus Elixir is the only formula that can be taken in a small support dose of one teaspoonful in water indefinitely to help support and balance normal bodily functions and, eliminate the ever-present unwanted wastes in foods, and environment.

In a world that is being marketed to death people have become over consumers of just about everything. Life is the most precious of commodities; to secure it physically just takes good food, some physical activity and some rest. It is neither right nor is it necessary to degrade otherwise very useful and beneficial natural herbal supplements to the level of mere consumer goods through their over consumption.

There is a new phenomenon taking place in American society in particular. Through commercialism natural products are going mainstream. The net effect will likely be that natural supplements or what will pass as natural supplements will generally become degraded in quality as they become just another consumer good being mass marketed through the media and ultimately become marginally effective or completely ineffective. This new trend is not a threat to companies like ours that consider quality the cornerstone of our products, it will however “cheapen” the Health Food industry as a whole.

We at Amalux strive to provide genuinely helpful products.

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