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Oriental Products – Great Effective Products

Oriental Products – Indispensable Yet You May Never Have Heard of Them!

african sea coconut, cough syrupAfrican
Sea Coconut
Cough Syrup

zheng gu shui, analgesic, external, linament, lotionZheng
Gu Shui

yin depletion, da bu yin wan, abundant yin
Da Bu Yin Wan

xiao yao wan free and easy wanderer

XiaoYao Wan
Free and Easy

Oriental products are among the very oldest natural health products available. Having been around for hundreds or even thousands of years, do you think they would still be available if they weren’t effective? Not likely!

We are very happy to present you with a few of the best.

Oriental remedies have been reliably helping people with their health related concerns for about as long as recorded history. That is a very long time. If proof of concept means anything, it should be noted that a culture that had developed gun powder, the compass, paper money, printing, pottery, porcelain, advanced engineering, and a whole lot more while the rest of the world was still in the Stone Age says a lot about the validity of the methodology of that culture. Naive, gullible, stupid or blindly superstitious would not be the words that would come to mind or should be used to describe them and historical fact substantiates this.If a culture that was that methodical and had advanced itself to that level of civility had also created a system for healing that still survives to this day one would have to conclude that there is something to it. Something more than blind, naive superstition or, dumb trial and error.Credit should be given where credit is due. The Chinese formulations on this page are an example of literally thousands of others.





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