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Paracelsus, Elixir, Swedish, bitters, swedish, bitter
Paracelsus Elixir
100 grams
Cost: $52.95
Swedish bitters, schwedenbitter, paracelsus, elixir, life elixirParacelsus Elixir is in essence
the original formula for
Swedish Bitters found
among the writings of Paracelsus.
This formula is not Swedish
at all and never has been.
Paracelsus Elixir is about
460 years old and variations
of it have been in continuous
use throughout Europe ever since.

Paracelsus, Elixir, Swedish, bitters, swedish, bitter

Aureolus Philippus
Theophrastus Paracelsus

Born 1493 – Died 1541

Being very well acquainted with the writings of Paracelsus it is unfair to not credit the creator of this classic European “Life Elixir.”

Note: We have named this product Paracelsus Elixir to pay tribute to its formulator; Paracelsus. While being the original and complete formula for what has come to be known as Swedish Bitters, it is understandable that the term Paracelsus Elixir is completely unknown to most people. We have therefore used the term Swedish Bitters beside the term Paracelsus Elixir in this article to give our the Paracelsus Elixir context.

Our Paracelsus Elixir  is not the Maria Treben Swedish Bitters formula. This is not to discredit Frau Maria Treben in any way – but the formula is acknowledged as not being hers. The Maria Treben formula is also known as the “Short Formula” and it appears to have originated from the notes and manuscripts of the Swedish physician and rector of medicine, Dr. Samst. He is not credited as the formulator or creator of Swedish Bitters either. The name “Swedish Bitters” was likely adopted because of the long forgotten formula having been rediscovered among the effects of this Swedish physician. To complicate matters further there are likely dozens of formulas for Swedish bitters floating around in Europe. And, there are various European manufacturing and supply companies, not to mention traditional apothecary’s that have and produce these various formulas. Some of these companies produce product for some of the larger North American companies that are now famous for their Swedish Bitters. However, none of these companies have the original Paracelsus formula.

We at Amalux having long been students of the work of Paracelsus have been fortunate to have the original Paracelsus formula that has become world renowned as “Swedish Bitters” from his original medical writings. And because of this can present the original formula to you. The ingredients of this formula, their proper proportion and the superb quality of the herbal ingredients are the secret to its effectiveness.

In addition we decided to call this formula Paracelsus Elixir rather than renaming it Swedish Bitters out of respect for the very deserving yet largely unknown Paracelsus. We feel that it is grossly unfair to not credit the creator of this classic European herbal combination that has now received world wide recognition without its formulator being known.

The Paracelsus Elixir formula is also available in an encapsulated form as Paracelsus Anti-Toxin.

The ingredients in our Paracelsus Elixir combine to produce the complete “Swedish Bitters effect.” A formula that does not contain these ingredients is not the Paracelsus formula and although it may be called Swedish Bitters it does not have the same or as complete effects.

Swedish bitters essentially:

  • Help to digest wastes accumulated in the body
  • Move the wastes accumulated by the body
  • Open the channels of the body
  • Provoke circulation
  • Regulates the consistency of the fluids in the body
  • The results of the above mentioned benefits come from the Swedish Bitters formula cleaning the blood.

These effects are achieved by:

  • Supporting digestive functions in all parts of the body
  • Supporting eliminatory functions in all parts of the body
  • Removes obstructions like phlegm permitting the flow of life fluids to all parts of the body.
  • The consequence of these effects is cleaner blood.

This sounds simple. Yet, this is all that is needed to sustain, improve, and maintain bodily functions.

These are the reasons why Paracelsus Elixir, also known as, Swedish Bitters are considered to be a truly “Universal Remedy” and probably the only one of its kind.

Each of the ingredients in Paracelsus Elixir – Swedish Bitters have multiple effects and each complements, moderates and in some cases counters the others possible negative effect. Several are known to support stomach functions, others remove wastes out of the blood, some strengthen the finer heart functions which is an essential, if not well known principle for the effects of the herbs to be properly distributed via the blood throughout the body, some produce mild dilations that improve circulation – some are astringent, others resolve phlegm while others have well known eliminatory properties. All of these effects being carried throughout the body in a balanced and balancing manner will, through their effects on the organs, modify and normalize the blood and lymphatic fluids and their circulation. As the blood is the life of the whole body and the lymph is the finer eliminatory fluid of the bodily tissues – it is obvious that positive effects upon these fluids can be very beneficial. It should also be considered that if the lymphatic fluids become overloaded with wastes, the wastes will back up into the blood.

Each organ contributes in very many specific ways to the feeding of the body, or the elimination of waste in the body. This is to say that each organ has literally thousands of functions – some known and many still not commonly known. As much as these same functions obviously occur on a macro scale they must also occur on more micro levels. To put this differently; these functions occur in the body as a whole and we are witness to it through our more familiar metabolic functions. But, common sense dictates that this must also occur on a smaller scale within each of the major organs themselves, within the tissues of the flesh, and down to the level of each cell that make up all of the bodily tissues. Some would argue that the scale of these processes proceeds beyond the cells to still finer and higher levels. In spite of the incredible intricacy of these processes all that is taking place in essence is the feeding of the body and its parts and the elimination of its wastes.

To some, the herbs combined may appear to be redundant, that is to say that two or more of the herbs appear to do the same thing or are associated with the same or similar organ functions. But it must be understood that every organ has many thousands of function and correspondingly there are literally thousands of herbs in creation for any one organ or system of the body and no two herbs will do the exact same thing. By combining seemingly similar herbs a more complete enhancement of specific functions is achieved. Paracelsus was acutely aware of this.

As a fundamental premise it must be understood that whenever and wherever work of any kind is being done it will necessarily produce some sort of waste. If an organ is functioning and is being fed by the blood flow to perform its tasks it must also release a type of waste particular to that organ and produce an amount of waste proportional and particular to that organ.

In addition the organs where blood is circulating poorly are always diminished in their capacity by being underfed. This will eventually weaken the organ making it unable to discharge its waste and thereby accumulate its waste. These accumulated wastes due to the environment of the body and the nature of the waste will degenerate into phlegm, clogging the pores of an organ inhibiting the easy flow of fluids that feed and remove waste through it. The phlegms can also have distinctive qualities (more acid or alkaline) that will determine the nature of the condition they create ( too hot, too cold, or stagnation. This can occur throughout the body inclusive of all membranes and skin. Were these situations not to occur the causes of many ailments would not have a reason to occur. And, it is understandable that in the event of these occurrences, should these fundamental functions be restored the problem would subside. In addition what ever is done to properly maintain these processes would prevent problems from occurring.

It can also happen that if an organ is not being fed properly or if that organ’s wastes are not being dispelled – that organ will eventually have a problem. Or, at times an organ can also consume too much or not enough of its proportion of available food (energy). Which can create still other problems.

This premise (feeding & elimination), like any good functioning principle is as simple as it is elegant. This principle differs greatly from the assumption of current nutritional theory that it is the “nutritional value” of a health product that is healing. It should be stated that herbs as compared to a vitamin or an amino acid supplement functions on an entirely different principle.

That whatever is ingested into the body will produce a reaction is a logical and fore drawn conclusion. The effect of a vitamin or an amino acid is not a complete effect and usually needs to be sustained because its effect does not produce an actual equilibrium in the body. This can be proven because they need to be taken continually. On the other hand an herb used for the right reason at the right time produces a complete balance and in a relatively short time will eventually render itself unnecessary. In herbal theory an herb is a completely digestible alternative and is not taken for its nutritive value at all but for its ability to change a hot condition into a cooler one and a cooler condition into a warmer one or to provoke movement where there is stagnation. Example: it is an established fact that vitamin C will cure scurvy. However, whereas one tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice, with a relatively small amount of vitamin C, will cure it – larger amounts of even the best quality of the shelf vitamin C will merely treat it but not cure it. Many common foods do the same thing. In this regard the superb herbal combination of Paracelsus Elixir – Swedish Bitters are a balancing formula like none other.

To further punctuate what was said earlier; according to Traditional Herbal Theory, every major organ in the body corresponds to a similarly functioning organ down to the cellular level. The major organs can be seen as the masters of their particular function in the body. With this in mind it must be remembered that each cell must feed itself and eliminate its waste in much the same way as the body as a whole does. In order to do this it must have similar organs to those of the entire body only on a micro scale. The state of the major organs will affect the corresponding micro organs within the cells and their function at the cellular level very much like a single large tuning fork will affect smaller tuning forks of the same key. This “harmonic” relationship means that if you affect a major organ you will also affect the smaller corresponding cellular organs at the same time both by the major organ harmonic and also as the herbal ingredients reach them throughout the body via the blood.

This can also happen in reverse. If an external compress is applied to the body it can affect through the skin the other internal organs. But more interestingly a substance applied to the skin could only be effective if that substance can be digested in some manner by those tissues from the skin or in the flesh itself. This could only happen if there are micro organs in the cells of the flesh itself. This is also why a wound properly dressed with the proper nutrients will heal faster and without scarring.

More to the point by the intake of Paracelsus Elixir – Swedish Bitters all of the major internal organs are affected and by extension so is the rest of the body. This being the case a true Swedish Bitter – Paracelsus Elixir can justifiably be called an Elixir Ad Longam Vitam (Elixir for a Long Life) or as Paracelsus called it, a “Life Elixir.” Should Paracelsus Elixir be applied externally they will also work at that level (locally) on the problem just as thoroughly as they would internally.

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2 thoughts on “Paracelsus Elixir – The Original Swedish Bitters

  1. Andrew Phillip

    Hi I have a quistion, I purchase the paracelsue Elixir and it say to add 1.5 liters of brandy and leave for 30 days in the bottle, (1) the bottle is two small for the 1.5 liters of brandy (2) it say in the open, I do’t underestand please explain.

    Thank You

    1. Amadeus Post author

      You need to use another jar to prepare the Paracelsus Elixir. You can use a large mason jar. Some use the brandy bottle itself. They pour the powdered contents from the glass bottle you receive from Amalux into it and then pour out the finished elixir in 30 days. Hope that helps. Always use a glass jar or bottle. It is inert and does not give off the sometimes dangerous chemicals associated with plastics.


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