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Paul Bragg – Effective Healing and American Entrepreneurship

Paul Bragg And Patricia Bragg Effective Healers and American Health Entrepreneurs

Paul Bragg was a very colourful character. He advocated using deep breathing, water fasts, organic foods, drinking distilled water, juicing, exercise and listening to one’s body as methods of prolonging life span.

That he may have been a promoter of sorts is hard to deny. He has been designated the “Father of the Health Food movement” and had many followers and his influence is not insignificant. Paul and Patricia Bragg had many followers. Among them were Jack LaLanne, and a whole bunch of celebrities as well as several gold medal Olympic athletes.

patricial bragg, apple cider, vinegar, paul braggpaul, patricia, bragg, apple, cider, vinegar, health, food, fatherHe wrote many books, a few of which became best sellers and are still in print and quite relevant. The books; “The Miracle of Fasting,” and “Live Food Cook Book and Menus” are still read and Braggs suggestions are still successfully adhered to which is testimony to their effectiveness. His company also promotes several health products. Two of the most popular are “Bragg Aminos,” and “Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar.”

His daughter-in-law Patricia Bragg has carried on his legacy. Her book “Apple Cider Vinegar” is also a best seller and in continuous use. Her information is not necessarily original as the use of vinegar for therapeutic reason is thousands of years old but, it is a good compilation of uses of vinegar in general and apple cider vinegar in particular.

Many people seem to have a hard time putting together Paul Bragg’s life “story.”

Although he died at 81, (due to either a surfing accident or a car accident – the details are sketchy) he claimed that every human being could live to 120 by following his regimen.

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