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Physical And Metaphysical Heart Functions And Effects

The Functions and Effects Of The Heart Are Both Physical and Metaphysical

heart, physical, metaphysical, functions, effectsThe Heart and it’s Many Functions

  1. Heart affects the brain and thinking, Blood too thick – blood too thin.
  2. Heart as pump
  3. Heart connection to the Spirit and Soul
  4. The heart and placebo effect
  5. Air pollution and the heart
  6. Heart makes you sick
  7. Having a good heart, soft hearted, hard heart, heart of stone, heart of lead, heart of gold.
  8. Brain centered thinking, heart centered thinking
  9. Stress and the heart, fear based, arrogance based, vanity based, obsession and the heart
  10. The heart and stress
  11. The Blood and the heart
  12. Blood production
  13. Damaging the rest of the body through the heart
  14. Electrolytes minerals, small intestines functions
  15. Kidney health and the heart

If you compare the philosophical thinking of what constituted life in the minds of people hundreds of years ago compared to what we consider it to be in our modern times you would clearly find a huge chasm of differences. Then as now, there is much misconception. In times past there were only a few who understood things that had to do with health. There were many who were genuinely helpful and there were a lot of charlatans – many of them credentialed. In spite of what we think about our modern advancements that have thankfully removed many of the wild superstitions of the day; based solely upon the huge numbers of sick people in otherwise advanced societies it could rightfully be stated as in times past: that there are still only a few who understand life processes for what they are and and know how to work with them to achieve optimal health. There are still many practitioners who are helpful but, surprisingly, there are still many highly credentialed charlatans. Were it not the case, there would be substantially fewer sick people in our modern times.

This article makes many presumptions based on Traditional Herbal Theory and Western Mysticism. It agrees with many modern concepts but disagrees with some as well. The ancient concepts have stood the test of time and except for some of the completely superstition based beliefs have yet to be disproved. At the same time many of the modern concepts to do with health have not yet been entirely proven either. They remain theories.

The term Heart disease suggests that it is the heart that is the cause of its own demise. In fact it is not the heart that is the cause of what is commonly referred to as heart disease. All of the other organs that precede and follow the heart in the circulation of blood are responsible for the heart problems. Even though the heart is a vital organ it along with several other organs is dependent on other organs to be supplied with the vital fluids of life. The stomach, spleen, liver, intestines, kidneys, pancreas, and other organs all affect the heart functions as well as the conditions of the heart.

Heart attacks and other heart failures are related to an inadequate supply of blood to the heart due to arterial obstruction. This is not the heart’s fault. If the arteries leading to the heart are obstructed it cannot be the fault of the heart. The heart could not have created these obstructions, suggesting that the problems with the heart must precede the heart and have to do with the blood and what is coursing in it. The blood itself and a disproportionate presence of substances coursing through it have to do with the functions of the other organs, not the heart.

Apart from the obstructions of arteries, should what is coursing through the blood affect the blood consistency, either too thick or too thin, this will effect our state of mind. Many toxins have a coagulating effect and others have a diluting effect. Being a solvent everyone knows the effect of alcohol – it brings about inebriation by diluting or thinning the blood. Certain substances like certain hormones (estrogen thicken the blood inhibiting its flow and can produce stupor or brain fog in addition to stroke and tumors. Opiates have the same effect. Stimulants like ephedrine thin the blood and make us race in body and mind. And so on.

This information suggests that the heart as the center of life in the body is as much a powerful organ as it is a very fine and subtle organism. The heart is thought of as being more than a mere pump. If this is all that the heart really is then to replace it with an artificial pump should be a very simple matter – but it isn’t and will likely never be . the heart like every other major organ in the human body performs literally thousands of different functions that an artificial organ can just not perform because it is inanimate and without consciousness. Clearly the heart responds to electrical impulses and can even be controlled by electrical stimulation yet no one ever asks where the power source for the heart is. Why does the natural heart not need batteries. If it needs no batteries where does it get the power to function from?
No one will dispute that the heart is instrumental in the distribution of blood throughout the body. But how does it get the blood to flow into the finest capillaries and out of the tiniest veins back into itself. If a model of the circulatory system were to be made to scale no pump would be able to circulate the blood through it without seizing up. There could never be enough pressure to push or pull the blood through the fine capillaries and veins in a continuous loop.

The ancients believed that every part of the body had a distinct polarity and that the heart ‘’prepared’ the blood by polarizing it to be drawn towards every part of the body – the heart acting more as a regulator rather than an actual pump. An artificial pump cannot do this and cannot be made to do this. Allegorically and metaphorically the heart was symbolized as the Sun within the body as it ‘s grace into and throughout the entire body much like the Sun does to the Earth. The matter as to where the heart got the grace to caste throughout the body is where the physical crosses over into metaphysical dimensions.

It was long believed that human life remained within the human body for as long as the heart was beating. Now, of course this has changed. The very recent credo associates life with brain activity. This is not what the ancients believed at all.

They believed that the human spirit and soul directly linked into the human body through the heart. In the heart there are two seemingly insignificant little lumps of nervous tissue where these connections take place. If this physical material should ever be harmed or likewise disturbed it would result in instant physical death. (see the Lord’s book of life and health; Jakob Lobber).

Why is the spiritual and astral link to the heart significant? It would explain many things, among them why emotions and virtues affect us physically.

If someone is ecstatically happy or extremely upset it visibly affects and reflects on the entire organism. This is done by the soul impressing her feelings upon the heart and into the blood through the heart. Because the blood becomes impregnated with the usually unrestrained feelings of the soul – this determines what is being fed, destroyed, distorted or healed within the physical body. This also explains the placebo effect. If someone in their heart believes something will work it does if they do not believe it will not work – all because of the impression from the heart onto the blood.

What we eat as food is destined to become blood, but the final stages of blood production takes place in the heart. Here the essence taken out of the food are mixed with the even finer essences taken out of the air by the lungs.

This is why air pollution directly affects the heart. In addition to this mixing, there is also the final impregnation of the blood by the soul’s feelings for distribution. The soul has the same form as the physical body in a normal person but with abnormal negative feelings the soul accumulates substances or destroys substances based on its feelings that either ennoble or distort the form of the soul. This knowledge is the basis of where the artists of old painted the hideous forms of human beings in the beyond and where the story of Dorian Gray comes from.

This is not the origin but catalyst that produce ailments and pre-mature aging. This is also why we can read on someone’s countenance if they are angry, sad hateful, jealous, happy, stingy, noble, friendly and so on. This also determines what ailment they create – because every ailment is attached to a predominant personal negative characteristic. Therefore it is through our nature within our heart’s that we ultimately make ourselves sick.

We often speak of having a good heart a soft hearted, a hard heart, a black heart, a brave heart, a lion heart, a heart of stone, heart of lead, heart gold, of having a “heart ache “ of being “heart broken”. We often say that “what ever is in their heart is also in their mouth.” The state of the heart affects the entire body and it would strongly explain the instinctual feeling that it is the heart that is at the center of things – not the brain.
It is the soul and spirit that enlightens or darkens the heart. Through their influence the heart spreads either a grace or a scourge throughout the body via the blood. The heart impregnates the blood through the emotional state with health or sickness.

To take this logic further. There is a very old axiom that states that the “spirit of the brain goes to the heart and back to the brain.” This exemplifies at least two things. One, that thinking although heart inspired can have at least two houses to concentrate itself in. Given the chance the heart, through the brain controls everything. This statement goes contrary to modern material thinking. It suggest that the heart is the center of thought not the brain. It is impossible to deny that there is measurable brain activity directly associated with specific thought patterns and physical activities. But, by the same token, at this instant as I am typing this essay, it is my key strokes and mouse movements that incite the activity of the computer circuitry. It is not the circuitry dictating to me what I should be writing. The computer is acting as nothing more than a complex relay of my thoughts converting them into a digital format which by there binary coding get stored onto a piece of highly organized microchip that function electronically. It can manifest itself as either a physical print out or an online digital article. How is the brain any more than this compared to the heart; it’s inspirer?

We are often taught by those who love us to “follow our heart’s.” It is a statement made more out of feeling than intellect. An intellectual person thinks this to be complete foolishness – largely because they can no longer feel with their hearts and have become hard hearted. Of course the brain is important. It is an incredible “relay that connects every part of the body to every other part of the body that enables us to control our bodily motor functions as well as involuntary life functions. But it is the heart, as instrument an organ of reason and not the center of thought for an enlightened person. The heart can affect the entire body through it’s effect on the blood and the brain . In other words the soul and spirit dominate not the physical body.

For anyone who has lived honestly their experience has taught them that their heart did not lie to them. It is as though a voice is speaking to us from the heart.

Related Topics and points of interest to be further described:

  1. The Heart is more than just a pump
  2. It is where the spirit and soul link into the physical body. The soul is where our emotions have their activity therefore making the heart the center of emotion. Lion heart, brave heart, chicken heart, heart of stone, cold hearted, warm hearted, heart of lead, good hearted, hard hearted, big hearted, etc
  3. It performs the last stage of converting the fluids extracted and filtered during digestion and converting them into blood.
  4. It polarized the blood so that each and every part of the body is being fed. Like the Sun does to our solar system. The heart therefore feed the rest of the body while in return the rest of the body/organs assist the heart by filtering the blood for the hearts consumption – keeping it clean.
  5. Heart problems are the result of one or more of the other organs not functions properly.In this case the heart suffers from lack of food and or toxicity like any other organ. Conclusion: the heart disease is usually not caused by the heart.
  6. Unknown to most Blood is made out of what we eat. The excess of the bodies consumption – not completely digested foods – deposit on arterial walls – deform or damage arterial walls – block blood passage to the heart.
    1. Spleen –makes blood – affects the heart directly. Exstressor
    2. Liver – main body filter – affects blood – affects heart Digestorum
    3. Kidneys: Stores energy- affects heart. The soul moves from the heart to the kidneys during procreation. You can feel it.
    4. Lungs – digests air and gives it to the heart.
    5. Pericardium – acts like a radiator – cools the heart and regulates its temperature.
    6. Small intestines – help in blood production with the aid of the pancreas – affects the heart.
    7. Stomach – like the wife of the heart – In herbal theory, if the stomach gets a sniffle, the heart catches the cold.
    8. Legs – Muscles help to pump blood while walking, assisting the heart.
    9. Arteries carry clean blood – Veins carry dirty blood. Arteries lead out of the heart – Veins lead into the heart
  7. The spirit/intelligence that controls the body tries to keep arterial blood clean otherwise you are dead. It will absorb the worst toxins into the body and sometimes place them into the lymphatic system rather than let the toxins enter the heart. Result – swollen lymph, obesity, tumors etc.
  8. The main valves regulate blood flow as we all know but, there are two very small nerve lumps/warts. Almost invisible to the naked eye. These are where the life of the heart enters the heart through the spirit and soul. If disturbed or injured – result – instant death. Young hockey player hit by puck in the chest.
  9. The heart is considered to be a “HOT” organ in herbal theory. It can overheat. Alcoholics end up with an enlarged or inflamed heart. This can also happen to those who habitually eat poorly or are on drugs.
  10. The tell tale sign of an inflamed heart is a large red bulbous tip of the nose. This applied only if this is not a natural or genetic characteristic. – Tincture of Myrrh.
  11. Also, if the heart is over working the face is ruddy in appearance. – Hawthorne.
  12. Water around the heart and short of breath – Hawthorne
  13. Congestion of arteries and heart – Hawthorne tea.
  14. Circulation – feeling cold: Rosemary tea.
  15. Paracelsus Elixir – Life Elixir – Caps and liquids.
  16. After prolonged emotional strain the heart can become congested. Heart Wine. Maria Treben: Health through God’s Pharmacy.
  17. Best remedy for the heart is good food that does not thicken the blood and keep the body clean. “Food Marinates our flesh.” Our flesh is porous – we breath through it. Food tinges our flesh. Cleanse, fast (Lent) Paracelsus Elixir for 4 to 6 weeks.
  18. Food is either clean or unclean! Unclean food smells foul when decomposing.
  19. Fruit, fish, cooked grains (oats, barley, brown rice, etc, — Avoid –too much red meat, some vegetables (cannot digest the cellulose in many green leafy veggies. Some vegetables are better – broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, beets, etc.), homogenized milk products, chemical additives in everything, micro waving,
  20. Activity is essential for heart health. Walking, (running), minimum.

ps. This article is still in process and ongoing

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