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Female Fatigue PMS Relief and Post Partum Issues

Information About Female Issues from Traditional Herbal Theory!

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It is interesting to note that when ever an apparently “new” ailment is being observed, as female concerns often are, that it is assumed that they must have a completely new cause that never existed before.

Traditional Herbal Philosophy disputes this. Because, the Human body has remained virtually unchanged containing exactly the same organs, in the same positions, having the same functions for thousands of years. The only things that have changed are the environment we currently live in, the foods we now eat and our lifestyles. The environment is clearly less rural and more urban, the foods are obviously less natural and more processed or otherwise “treated” and our lifestyles are generally more destructive and less loving.

The now cliché term “hormone imbalance” focuses in on the hormones themselves. This new “catch all” term is blamed for nearly everything to do with female problems. This is like saying that “water is too wet” because it penalizes women for being female and gives no explanation for their physical problems. Hormones exist and must exist within the body for it to function but, the key questions are: how does the body make them, how does it control them and how does the body itself balance them? Clearly this of greater importance than to simply state – “Well, it’s hormonal!”

To get lost in the discussion of “balancing hormones” with other foreign hormones is like trying to hit a flying bullet with another bullet. Finally, this concept is being popularly disputed. Since nothing exists on its own – so it is also with hormones. One major hormone like estrogen has to have several other hormones acting with it to create harmony. The body on a physical and sometimes emotional level can do this in the proper proportion on its own. Should hormones find themselves in disproportion, then it is entirely conceivable that the organs that would produce them or otherwise keep them in balance are not doing their job for one reason or another. It is the organ(s), not the hormones that are in imbalance. The hormonal problem is just the consequence.

The oversimplification of estrogen vs. progesterone is not logical because there are literally thousands of hormones in the body all of which commingle, increase or decrease and otherwise react to and with each other and the body’s circumstances.

Stress is a major factor for the body as a whole. It will affect hormone levels. Stress affects all organs but, stresses will affect some organs more than others. Which is to be expected.

If the organs are balanced through  proper diet and supplementation  they create the harmony needed – the hormones balance. This is a much simpler and safer approach because no foreign or known potentially hazardous substance is being introduced into the body. It is also easier than trying to balance one hormone with another hormone which usually results in a non sustainable and fragile balance of hormones and the familiar complications that result from it. Furthermore, as previously stated, when the body produces say, estrogen, it also produces its satellite hormones in proper proportion. If an external estrogen is introduced, it will not have the accompanying hormones with it. Thus, creating another type of  imbalance with its resulting consequences.

If instead the glands and organs that would create the hormones necessary for the body to function and the organs that would eliminate the excess hormones the body no longer needs were to be brought back into function the result would be a more harmonious body function inclusive of hormonal balance. And furthermore the hormones the body produces itself with its own organs are not toxic to themselves or the body. This is the premise of the natural approach to female hormonal imbalances.

The questions remain:

It is not a coincidence that the symptoms of PMS, Post Partum Issues and related hormonal imbalances are almost identical to The Causes of Brain Fog, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD, Stress and Attention Deficit Disorder ADD

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How can Exstressor help? Exstressor primarily provides Spleen and Stomach. By supporting spleen functions all organs generally benefit by an improved distribution of energy to all organs. This also generally warms the body while not being actually “thermogenic.” This effect tends to clear the blood with the aid of the other organ’s support.

Exstressor can be used as a restorative tonic for the physical and emotional problems of the female.

Most, if not all female problems can be eliminated by cleansing the liver. If a woman is too weak after childbirth her body should be strengthened before doing a liver cleanse. (Read below.) But, a liver cleanse is always a good idea.

To further speed up this tonifying process a good quality Beet supplement is helpful. A good brand is Schoenberger Red Beet Crystals available at a good health food store.

Exstressor is all natural herbal remedy and surprisingly fast acting.

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