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Exstressor – PMS and Post Partum PMS Support

PMS and Post Partum Depression when discussed separately from “hormonal imbalances” are considerably easier to understand and naturally manage. According to Traditional Herbal Theory, hormones are not their direct cause, the are at least one effect produced by the cause.

This suggests that if PMS may not entirely be caused by hormones and hormonal imbalances. Even if a hormonal imbalances exists, the reason why they exist is the cause of the problem, not the hormones themselves. Clearly, this is not the conventional point of view.

Please note that not only is it interesting but, it is also more than mere coincidence that the symptoms of PMS, Post Partum Issues and related hormonal imbalances are almost identical to the symptoms associated with reduced stomach and spleen activity generally arising from stress and the related depletion factors that come with it.

Theoretical Information About Specific Bodily Depletions Relating to PMS and Post Partum Depression

PMS is without a doubt one of the most unpleasant problems plaguing women today. This is not a new problem, it was once very accurately called hysteria. But, today very few seem to understand why it was given this anatomical rather than psychological name.

Hyster” literally meaning uterus indicates that hysteria is a female uterine weakness rather than an emotional disturbance as is often suggested to.

For a multitude of reason the uterus at times does not allow the menstrual/blood wastes to properly be eliminated monthly through this specifically designed organ. This problem is conceptually very similar to intestinal constipation only in this case it is occurring in the uterus. With intestinal constipation it is well known that the wastes that should be eliminated get reabsorbed producing many other symptoms and ailments. This same logic is not being applied to the uterus. If it were PMS and Menopause would be clearly understood and easily resolved.

The toxins begin retained by the uterus would also back up into the bloodstream. This would explain why so many women during their menstrual cycles can taste their own menstrum in their mouths or it can be smelled in their pours. This can only happen if the a part of the menstrum, like any toxin, courses in the blood stream.

Any toxin (non disposed of metabolic waste) coursing in the bloodstream narcotizes to a varying degree. This, in principle, would have a narcotic effect on anyone, male or female, and is not exclusive to women. In the same way as someone might react to alcohol, valium, too much sugar, too much or too little of a specific hormone or other substance, the woman, depending on her disposition, will react when these toxins pass through the heart. The result is PMS and is therefore not necessarily directly hormonally related and has been well understood in Traditional Herbal Theory for millennia. That abnormal levels of hormone may occur in the blood stream is not being denied; but were the menstrual process in good order the PMS would not occur because the complete evacuation of the menstrum would prevent the problem. Abnormally profuse menstrual bleeding, like diarrhea, is not necessarily an indication that what needs to be eliminated is actually being eliminated. Instead, it is weakness, an imbalance in the body energies recognized as Spleen deficiencies in Traditional Herbal Theory.

It is very interesting to note however, that in the present day this problem like many others occurs more frequently and with greater debilitation, especially in modern industrialized societies. The female is the host for life. Her body and its unique chemistry accepts and incubates life. Many chemicals entering the female body flourish within it creating among other things what have been generally coined as “hormonal imbalances.”

More than anywhere else on Earth women in North America are being exposed to more environmental toxins, synthetic additives in almost everything from food to clothing to house cleansers paint. Studies have shown that some of these substances are actual hormones while others closely mimic hormones. When exposed to or ingested these will strongly affect hormones and general female body chemistry. In short these substances are toxins.

Also, as special and miraculous as childbirth is, the process itself is for many woman very taxing. The above mentioned situations only aggravate it. Affecting various aspects of vitality normal transformations of foods within the body to the point of significant incapacitation. In many cultures around the world women use various tonics to restore and tone the female system after childbirth. In American culture this is an almost unheard of concept.

Exstressor can be used as a restorative tonic for the physical and emotional problems, PMS of the female due to the factors mentioned above. It may work even better if used in conjunction with a good quality Red Grape, black currant or Red Beet juice. (If there are high blood pressure problems Red Beet Juice should be avoided.)

Food choices play a critical role in those afflicted by the above.

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The Exstressor Product in Relation to Female Concerns

Exstressor is a multifaceted product. It will support both men and women who have difficulty sleeping at night especially if the pattern of sleeplessness has to do with having perpetual mental activity that has been often described as not being able to turn your brain off at night. This occurs in spite of being thoroughly exhausted from the day’s work. This can also occur we’re over tired. Nervous system suppressant are often used. Those who experience this type of sleeplessness have often worked all day and already feeling tired to further suppress an already suppressed system can only weaken not strengthen and heal.

  • PMS
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • PMS Relief
  • Brain Fog
  • Post Partum Fatigue
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Post Partum Anxiety

Overwork and poor eating habits contribute to a very specific type of depletion. This depletion first depletes the blood, which in turn depletes the nerves. The nerves therefore do not require suppression but fortification in order for them to fulfill their normal functions.

This information is based upon the principles set forth over thousands of years by Herbalists.

Exstressor is a very unique product. It is a result of East meeting West. Eastern herbs have been synergistically combined with Western herbs to produce a superb blend that will significantly support the mental and emotional faculties by relaxing them, while simultaneously sharpening them. The effect is quick. The more out of balance the individual, the quicker and more dramatic the effect. The benefits of these herbs have been known for millennia and have been more recently researched and validated by modern means.

Most people when taking the product experience a gentle warmth, not a flush, produced by a gently increasing circulation. The warmth is centered in the stomach area and radiates to the extremities warming cold hands and sometimes feet, removing abdominal bloating and lessening excess food and sugar cravings while balancing the appetite. The most remarkable effect is felt in the head where the same gentle circulation is being felt. Generally the faculties seem to be relaxing, and very shortly afterwards they become very sharp and clear. Because of the gentle increase in circulation, if a person is rather pale they will develop a ‘rosier’ complexion.

Exstressor is surprisingly fast acting.

Ingredients: Euphoriae longanae, Atractylodes, Poriae cocos,  Astragalus, Angelica, Zizphipus, Codonopsis, Panax ginseng, Elecampane, Polygalae, Licorice,  Sarsaparilla, Hawthorne, Rosemary, glycerin (from the capsules)

Featured Ingredients:
Astragalus – Fortifies Energy Flow
Codonopsis -Fortifies the Spleen and Energy Flow
Poirae – “Calms the Spirit,” Aids Digestion
Sarsaparilla – Kidney and Adrenal Tonic
Hawthorne – Heart Muscle Strengthener
Rosemary – Circulation, Heart Strengthener, helps Brain Fog

 Suggested Use: 2 caps between meals with warm water three times per day. The product is best taken between meals with some water three times per day. It is best taken for one week at a time and there afterwards on an as need basis. Remember, your food is, and always will be your best medicine, eating sensibly on an ongoing basis is a wise lifestyle choice. Even the best of supplements shouldn’t be taken indefinitely.

Exstressor is all natural and surprisingly fast acting. Exstressor should not be used during pregnancy

Schoenenberger Red Beet Crystals (not red beet powder) – is also an excellent and helpful product for improved energy with any intense stimulating effects.

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