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Precautions To Be Taken Before Doing A Liver Gallbladder Cleanse

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Precautions and Considerations that Should Precede doing a Liver Gallbladder Cleanse

In spite of all of the benefits of doing a liver gallbladder cleanse a proper liver gallbladder cleanse must be approached with some caution for the sake of safety and effectiveness.

Firstly there are certain situations in which a liver cleanse or liver flush should not be done – If there is:

  • cancer in the liver or any part of the body
  • if there are tumors in the liver
  • if you are pregnant or nursing
  • after major surgery
  • after a long ailment
  • if you are elderly and in a weakened state
  • if there is cirrhosis of the liver

Also, in the following  situations certain steps must be taken before a cleanse can be contemplated:

  • if you have taken barium
  • if there is weakness of the heart
  • inflammation of the heart
  • if there is colitis or diverticulitis

A few more considerations

    • Some have stated that a liver cleanse will not work unless parasites have been completely removed. To this it must be stated that experience has proven this point may not to be completely correct. The liver cleanse itself goes a long way towards removing parasites by removing their habitat. Often, parasite removal is far more effective after a liver cleanse because an unimpeded liver and gallbladder improves digestion dramatically for most and better utilizes and helps metabolize herbal remedies making them far more effective.
  • Some have also stated that very few stones will come out because parasites are preventing their evacuation. Here too it should be noted that there are other factors that could inhibit the evacuation of gallstones or other wastes in the liver and gallbladder. Accumulated wastes can also harden making them difficult to dissolve. Or, there could be so much accumulated waste in the liver that can impede a liver cleanse. This is not to deny that there may be parasites present as parasites exist in all putrefying wastes. (Pretty disgusting, eh?)
  • It has also been stated that a kidney cleanse should be taken before doing a liver cleanse in order that the liver cleanse be more effective. This depends on several factors and would be true if the kidneys are in a worse state or need more help than the liver. However, the liver protects the whole body from waste including the kidneys. In general the liver filters the “solid” (not fecal matter directly) wastes and the kidneys in general manage the bodies liquids and filter the wastes out of the liquids. Apart from air pollution, which does effect the kidneys directly, the kidneys suffer the most from solids coming into them from the liver waters and inadequately filtered blood which can carry “heavier” toxins in them because the liver is either overflowing with them or has become incapable of managing them and the kidneys are not capable of dealing with these type of wastes – they are a fluid filter. (by solids, undigested and unassimilated wastes carried in the blood and liver waters are intended – not fecal matter) In a sense the liver is protecting the kidney and, in general, by cleansing the liver first will take a burden off the kidneys. In basic Traditional herbal principles; the liver is the door into the body. Whatever is distributed into the body must pass through the liver first. This includes herbal remedies. These must be digested before they are distributed. Hence, a herbal kidney cleanse will be impeded if the liver has not been cleaned first.
  • It has also been stated that a liver cleanse will not work if the metallic amalgams and/or various acrylics used in dental work have not been completely removed. Although, it is a well known fact that these things do affect health moderately to severely, it would be an overstatement to say that they will completely impede a liver cleanse from being effective. Too many people have done liver cleanses while having the above mentioned dental work in their mouths and had successfully excreted hundreds of gallstones and hardened bile after doing a liver cleanse. This is not to say that taking care of toxicity in the mouth due to inferior dental work is not without its merits and absolutely necessary for good health.

A liver cleanse is best avoided until these problems are naturally addressed. These are all deceptively simple problems to address naturally. It is also beneficial not to do the liver cleanse on a full moon for those individuals who have sensitive stomachs. The effects could be more extreme. This statement may sound “loony” or even superstitious but anyone with any sense of bodily wellness and nature knows that when there is pain, fever, a burn, a sun burn and ailments in general will also note that the symptoms are usually worse at night. And, are even worse at night when there is a full moon. A stomach pain or problem is usually a little worse a night. In the human body, the female uterus, breasts and the related menstrual cycle and the stomach are all affected by the Lunar cycle. Anyone who has not noticed this has simply not been paying attention.

Because of extremely poor dietary habits and the various chemicals in the food chain in common use in North America, the average North American should not do a direct liver cleanse – “cold turkey.” This is not advisable because of possible extreme reactions from toxins stored in the liver moving through and out of the body because of the liver cleanse. Experience has taught that it is better to begin slowly, permitting the toxins, accumulated wastes and hardened bile to be gradually softened and become more diluted and be made to start moving out gradually. This is a must for the average North American person and anyone anywhere have lived an unnatural lifestyle.

Once softened these toxins will be moved more easily when the cleanse itself is done. It is in their own interest that they start to eat a cleaner, more nutritious, and more conscientious diet. This is the responsibility of an individual who desires to seriously help himself. Although even over eating good foods can burden the liver, in today’s world we should not be too surprised if many of the toxins stored in the liver are of petrochemical origin (pesticides, additives, fertilizers, chemicals at large, etc). Aside from different types of calcifications that can happen in the body, most cloggings are considerably softer. These are like hardened or “saponified” oils and fats within the liver. To dissolve a hardened “oil” you must use another oil that is capable of doing it. (Soap uses the same principle. Soap is oil/fat congealed with a hydroxide. The oil of the soap is used to dissolve the grease and grime on our own bodies. In principle, oil is being used against another hardened oil.) When you stop to consider that edible oils like olive oil are little more than a salad dressing, the line between food and remedy becomes somewhat blurred.

Softening Liver Waste Before Cleansing.

To start, an ounce of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil (walnut oil may also be used to start with. For as much attention as flax seed oil is getting its benefits do not include liver cleansing. However, “it is excellent for softening any organ that has cirrhosis;” excerpt from The Healing Power of Sunlight by Jakob Lorber. Most raw food oils act as gentle solvents.) with one ounce of freshly squeezed (not bottled) lemon juice (apple juice also works) is to be taken before bedtime for 30 or more consecutive days. (Paracelsus Elixir alone is best used alone and in some water under these circumstances)

Along with this an appropriate herbal remedy must be taken to help stimulate possibly stagnant organs such as the stomach, liver and gallbladder functions There are a few products but Digestorum is one of the few formulated to support these very functions that actually works. In addition Digestorum can be used before meals and Paracelsus Elixir after meals for great effect and benefit. The products Digestorum or, Paracelsus Anti-Toxin may be taken before meals, followed by Paracelsus Elixir after meals.

If there are stress related problems, PMS or other female problems Exstressor can also be taken between meals during this process. This product should not be needed for very long.

If there are extreme bladder problems with migraines, head aches, swollen eyes, red eyes, ear pains with pressure, sore throat, pain in the area of the liver, sleeplessness, Digestorum, Paracelsus Elixir or Paracelsus Anti-Toxin may be very helpful by supporting proper liver, gallbladder, stomach and pancreatic functions which often produce the above mentioned symptoms in preparation for doing a liver cleanse.

Those with stomach ulcers, acid reflux or general stomach problems may find taking Digestorum in capsule form for a 4 to 6 week period in preparation to doing a liver cleanse to be most advantageous. But, as a tea it is even more beneficial. Digestorum makes a bitter tea – bitters have been used for digestive functions for millennia. See  Digestorum dosage.

Also, if there is constipation present Cascara Sagrada herb can be used in a tea form. One teaspoon in one cup of water boiled (not micro waved) down to 1/2 cup. This is only necessary if there has not been a proper bowel evacuation for at least three consecutive days it also awakens a stagnant liver and gallbladder. It is a very bitter tea. No sweeteners are to be added. Cascara is often thought of as a laxative. It is in fact an excellent liver and gallbladder stimulant. After these considerations have been taken a liver cleanse should go more smoothly.

Caution: If Barium has been taken a direct liver cleanse should not be undertaken, the preparation process being a little longer. Beginning with one month of proper diet with olive oil and lemon juice in the evening while taking Magnesium Oxide before meals three times per day with water. The intake of Magnesium Oxide must be adjusted according to personal bodily need. If too much is taken it produces diarrhea if not enough is taken there is no effect. The bowel movement should be just a little softer than normal. This is done for 30 days. When this is completed a liver cleanse can be pursued.

The heart should always be protected. Therefore if someone has a weak heart Hawthorne tincture should be taken for at least two weeks prior to starting the cleanse. (red face, shortness of breath, pressure in the chest and between the shoulder blades)

If the heart is inflamed a good tincture of myrrh is taken until it passes. (The nose is red, rough and bulbous, like that of an alcoholic.) If there is no gallbladder, a gallbladder flush cannot be pursued but the one ounce of lemon juice and olive oil for one month minimum or more can be taken, until a soft yellow bowel movement is seen. These are toxins from the liver.

Herbally, Digestorum or Paracelsus Anti-Toxin should be taken before meals and Paracelsus Elixir afterwards. (Note: Paracelsus Elixir is noticeably more effective than Swedish Bitters because it is the complete formula) in water or, better still, in papaya juice after meals for the duration of the intake of the olive oil and lemon juice for those without a gallbladder. This should be done yearly. Those without gallbladders have also found that using a digestive enzyme to be noticeably beneficial.

Article Continued – Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse Support Products

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