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From the perspective of Traditional Herbal Theory skin problems that occur apart from external contamination or accidents are brought about by substances that are ingested that incapacitate the internal organs to the point that they no longer dispose of wastes through the proper channels and elements of these wastes start being expelled through the skin.

This occurs for very simple and obvious reasons. In principle all living organism nourish themselves with specific foods. These foods are separated through digestion into useable and unusable substances. The useable, seamlessly become part of the organism while the unusable are naturally eliminated from the organism. When the unusable stay in the organism ailments develop as the organism deals with this acquired toxin.

Most animals live from the consumption of solids, liquids and gaseous nourishment. That is to say that We need to eat, drink and breath. To accommodate these three fundamental types of nourishment the liver deals with the solids the kidneys the liquids, the lungs the gases. After eating the liver separates from the blood and lymphatics the unusable solids and the kidneys separate out the liquid unusable substances from the blood and bodily waters.

The lungs, together with the pores of the skin, breathe. The lungs, in addition to working in conjunction with the skin, also work together with the kidneys. The Liver in addition to being the bodies filter for solid wastes also uses the useable substances in our foods to manufacture the body’s flesh inclusive of skin. Therefore, liver problems will manifest and are indicated on the skin. Should the liver function become impaired due to being over burdened its solid wastes will overflow to the kidney. They, not being able to effectively deal with solids, will themselves gradually become overburdened and unable to fulfill their functions to the fullest. The only organ left to eliminate the waste are the lungs and with them the skin

The blood manufactured from food by the internal organs carries with it the ingredients out of which all our flesh is formed. Should the blood through improper digestion and elimination carry with it superfluous substances unsuitable for the making of normal flesh – these substances mix with the normal substances to produce an abnormal skin. Because the body knows how to produce its parts according to its established order it can rebuild the skin if the abnormal ingredients are removed from the blood. The resulting rash, irritation and flakiness of the skin can be compared to rust in metal. This inflamed rash is the result of the skin trying to separate out of itself the material unsuitable for the production of normal skin in much the same way as a sliver of wood produces an expected inflammation where it is lodged. The sliver of wood example is clear and understandable. But, that there may be other, perhaps finer substances that may act as the sliver of wood does escapes the accepted concepts of what causes a skin problem.

Were this to occur in the joints, arthritis would be the result. In olden times this was called “Podagra” by Paracelsus.

Although it cannot be said that the Psorossa Ointment “cures” Psoriasis, its main action is in opening the pores of the skin, helping the skin remove the wastes out of its tissue more easily. This is 80% of the Minerals effect. The other ingredients act as anti-inflammatory.

Those who have used Psorossa have found that a little bit goes a long way. In some instances fewer and fewer applications are needed.

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