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Psorossa Testimonials

Psorossa Ointment Testimonials


Dear Amalux,

FRANKS EARS ARE ALREADY BETTER!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! He used almost a whole jar of Universal Ointment before with some releif but the Psorossa is actually healing his ears, they are definately less swollen, less red, less flakey, less cracked and not weeping. Will keep you posted further and thanks again!!!

bye for now, Liana.
Scottsdale, AZ

To the people of Amalux,

It is a rare treat to find a company with so many products that all live up to their claims and even more rare that I would write to tell you about it.

My wife my daughter and I have found so many uses for the universal cream, that I would need to write a book to tell you about it. It has been used for small cuts and scraps, cold sores, minor burns, and just dryness of the skin. All with quick results.

The Psoriasis cream is the quickest, cleanest, most effective ointment I have ever used on my Psoriasis. One application in the evening and the rash was gone in the morning.

I have also suffered from the problems associated with digestion for many years. I have tried many different medical treatments, with little effect. The discomfort, the pain, and the inability to sleep with the over-active mind were all eliminated quickly with the taking of two Digestorum capsules. I carry a bottle in my car, one in my overnight bag for travel and one in my home. I have even found relief from a night of excess, with the taking of this product.

Thank you for living up to your claims and thank you for giving my family and me the relief I need.


Bill E.
Toronto, Ontario


I’m amazed at this product just started using it and I like the results.

Nick O
Ontario, CA

Hi – thank you for your shipment. Your psoriasis ointment is amazing – prescription creams and amazingly even Shea butter couldn’t clear up my son’s skin the way your product did.

Also love the books (esp. Philosophia Mystica: The Prophesies of the Prophet Daniel) a fascinating book which needs to be studied, not read once. Thank you again – I’m sure I’ll be ordering from you in the future.

R. Miller


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