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Racing Thoughts

Racing Thoughts in Relation to Stress and General Organ Depletion

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The following is a brief explanation of Racing Thoughts from the Natural Point of view. Racing thoughts is not a problem in isolation. It has long been recognized as a result of specific deficiencies and resulting imbalances brought about by stress. To excerpts from a detailed report on stress click here.

Thinking is a normal process but, few give it any real consideration because they take it for granted. The capacity to think is directly proportional with the amount of energy a person has at their disposal to devote specifically to thinking. Hence, it is not uncommon, when a person is tired or otherwise depleted, that their capacity to think clearly is impaired.

Many things can impair a persons clarity of thought. All ailments, all manner of substances that inebriate – chemical or, natural play a role in mental clarity. Over eating, not eating enough,ingesting certain foods, non-foods and specific food additives can have similar effects. Racing thoughts being a form of thought impairment, more than an actual mental ailment, has a cause. Like most natural explanations of ailments that cause is simple, logical and direct.

Racing thoughts are experienced by any person who’s energy levels are being impeded, shunted, over used or, otherwise drained. This can be brought about by extreme stress, be it emotional, mental or, trauma induced.

The first place most people consider to have anything to do with thought is the head and the brain. Not to play down the importance of the head and the brain and the effect of a possible blow to the head – but, this conclusion is illogical and to a point, presumptuous. The head and every organ in it are dependent organs, that do not sustain themselves; therefore, it is not unreasonable to assume that if they are affected in some way, other than by a severe enough blow, you will have to look at what organs are directly responsible for maintaining them. Inevitably, it will only rarely be anything in the head itself.

It would be hard to argue that it is the blood that maintains everything but, it too is made by function is of the major organs located well below the head so, it is not unreasonable to conclude that if they are functioning properly, maintaining the blood in its proper composition, which the organs of the head feed of, that the head and everything in it will be in good order. Some may not accept this logic, which is perfectly fine.

It is an accepted fact in natural herbal theory that it is the heart, not the brain that is the actual organ of reason. This too is a concept that is rejected in modern thought even though there is no logical reason for this. It makes far more sense that the brain is more a very complex relay that connects everything in the body, with everything else in the body, so that everything works together in unison and that the brain also acts as a limited memory bank for mundane activity but, not every aspect of memory is brain related. In the end, it is not the brain itself that is responsible for the actual processing of what is stored in the form of memory units within it.

Fully realizing that this concept will raise some people’s eyebrows is not enough to completely reject it as untrue. When you consider that the orthodox solutions to racing thoughts are often remedies that suppress the nervous system rather than strengthening it, otherwise impairing other bodily functions mainly because they do not directly address the actual cause of the problem.

When racing thoughts occur it has more to do with the condition of the blood that is coursing through the heart than the function of the brain itself. Therefore, to help with racing thoughts you will first have to consider the blood, the balance of its composition and the effect it will have on the organs in that state of depletion.

Anyone who is experiencing racing thoughts is also always in a state of panic because you cannot have racing thoughts without being in a state of unease, along with the panic state that it creates. The panic is nothing more than a state of fear. Already here you have the sources of the racing thoughts – blood composition and fear – the Spleen and the Kidney/Adrenals respectively.

The spleen is the origin of blood production, the kidneys are the storage portal into the bone marrow for what the spleen extracts in the form of energy, “life energy” to be more exact, out of the foods being eaten and the adrenals with the aid of the thyroid helps regulate its release. Should the spleen, in a desperate attempt to keep the source of energy that the body is over consuming from its state of stress, become overworked, it will tire and come into a state of depletion. In the resulting domino effect, the kidneys will not be able to store anything while the adrenals, with their relation to the thyroid, will release energy at a rate that cannot be sustained. The energy that was being circulated by the blood will become depleted and the blood will draw on more energy from the nerves themselves, which will then also become depleted. In the end the body in a desperate attempt to keep up with energy demands will have exhausted all of its reserves. The result being, due to energy depletion; general organ impairment, anemia, fatigue and eventually also to the extent of affecting the faculties in the form of panic disorders of every kind, of which racing thoughts is just one.

Also See Brain Fog, Anxiety, Panic Attack, and in some cases even Female Issues – They are all related but, most of the time have similar causes.

Note: It must be noted that the Traditional/Natural way of looking at things is quite different from the present day accepted view. This simpler form of reasoning suggests a solution in more direct terms. Example: If you have a machine consisting of about 400 parts, it can logically be concluded that there can only be 400 possible things that can go wrong with the machine and no more. The Human body consists of a finite number of vital organs that support and maintain life. If there is an ailment it stands to reason that if there is a problem there can only be a finite set of problems the number of which cannot exceed the number of organs.

racing thoughts, brain fog, stress, panic attack, disorder

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