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Natural Herbal Remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome, Restless Legs and Fidgety Legs with Sleep Disorder

This page presents information about restless leg syndrome and natural remedies to assist with it. There are several pages on this topic and with this approach because different people sometimes understand the concept of restless legs syndrome better when it is presented in a more logical and simpler manner.

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Restless leg syndrome, tingly legs, restless legs, fidgety legs

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Restless legs syndrome with related Sleep Disorders, also called Ekbon`s syndrome, is not a totally new phenomenon. The effects have existed for centuries. Today it is far more prevalent than ever, largely because of our modern circumstances.

Restless leg syndrome with related Sleep Disorders can be compared to gout or arthritis only less intense, occurring within the vessels instead of in joints. Also, the “irritating substance” is not so concentrated as to provoke an actual inflammation in one local area but because of its dilution within the fluids of the vessels is being more diffused over a larger area usually producing an irritation rather than actual pain. This is similar to how a wooden sliver will irritate or how an irritating substance on our skin will cause irritation only within the vessels the substance is already much finer and on the inside vessel walls. If there are too many irritating substances being carried in the blood they can also alter itsĀ  chemistry.

Important concept: The term “life force” is a very abstract term to most people. The blood carries this life force taken from the air we breathe and the food we eat to all parts of the body. In the Orient it is called “chi.”

This very fine life energy for various reasons stops flowing freely due to its insufficiency producing a stagnation. With it the movement of the blood in general along with the substances being carried in the blood also become inhibited. This is not a stoppage, but a stagnation. In this stagnation variousĀ  substances accumulate and begin to ferment releasing their heat and rarified toxins producing local irritation. This can range from a mild itching to pain.

This life force is to our blood what octane is to the fuel we put into our cars. The more octane the more power. The more life force the more capacity/energy to move that which could become stagnant. With age there is even less life force available, this deficit in life force leaves the blood less vital. (This circulating “power,” although vital, is not mechanically quantifiable.) And, as most of the blood is in the legs a greater possibility of irritation in the legs exists in older people.

This is how a knowledgeable herbalist would explain Restless leg syndrome related Sleep Disorders

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