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Soft Ointment Testimonials

Soft Ointment Testimonials


We have used 2 products of Amalux. 

One product we continue to use is Pre-Allergy & Cold Capsules.  We use it at the first sign of a cold or sore throat AND it works!  It has been years since we have had a cold or flu.  I have also used Soft Ointment for Paronychias (“infection in the region of the nail”) I had contracted.  A medical doctor friend of ours had prescribed antibiotics for it.  The antibiotics cost almost $50.00.  We tried Amalux Soft Ointment.  The Paronychias was gone within a week & has never returned. 


Bud B.
So. Lake Tahoe, CA



I wanted to let you know how much I like your products. I’m especially pleased with the improvement in my feet and cuticles since I began using SOFT. It’s a terrific product!

Carol H.
Boulder City NV

Italian Testimonial

Sono una casalingha. Le mie mani sono molto ruvide. Ho usato tante crème ma con poco risultato. Anche I miei piedi sono ruvidi. A dirittura, mi ci vuole un paio di calze al giorno. Ma da quando uso AMALUX SOFT le mie mani e I miei piedi sono diventati velutosi. La consiglio a tutti quelli che hanno questo problema con un ecellente risultato garantito e una crema buonissima.

Edda F.
Woodbridge Ontario


I am a housewife. My hands are very rough and dry. I have used many creams with very little results. My feet are also dry and rough. In fact I need one pair of nylon stockings a day. (because they catch and run when they are put on).

But when I started using Soft Ointment by Amalux my hands and feet have become velvety smooth. With my results I can highly recommend this product to anyone who has this problem. It is an excellent cream (ointment).

Edda F.
Woodbridge, Ontario

Comments: I received a sample of Soft Ointment two days ago. When I opened it, the scent itself was very soothing. My elbows tend to be very dry and even with prescriptions, sometimes crack. I have used Soft Ointment four times on my elbows and am truly amazed. Using such a small amount I was sure I was not using enough, after only four applications, my elbows are almost “normal” and I did not hesitate to wear a shirt that revealed them. I have been singing you praises. Soft Ointment is an amazing product and I am anxious to be able to order Universal Ointment. Thank you.

CJ Davidson
Richmond BC

I also want to say that your soft ointment has been a life saver for me. I started pre-menopause over a year and a half ago and one of the changes that happened to me was extremely dry lips. I tried over the counter products, I went to my family practitioner and even my gynecologist for help, but neither one of them could help me. My lips were so bad that they almost bled. When I couldn’t bear to kiss my husband, I got on the internet and started searching and found your website. That was in October of 2006 and not a day has went by that I haven’t used your soft ointment. I still use over the counter products like Blistex, because they are more convenient to use. But I can’t go even one day without using the soft ointment because I can feel my lips starting to dry out that quickly. I do wish your soft ointment came in some sort of tube that was more convenient, but until then, I will continue to order the jars.

M. Hamilton

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