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Soft Ointment

Soft Ointment

Details on the Soft Ointment Product!

Amalux herbal products,Soft Ointment, very dry skin, Dry feet, dry handsSoft Ointment
50 ml.
Cost: $12.99

  • Really dry skin and really cracked skin on the feet and heels (Excellent)
  • Dry elbows
  • Cracked, Bleeding cuticles
  • Dry Lips

Soft Ointment Testimonials
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The Soft Ointment is fast acting. It has a very special yet simple composition. It is a combination of specially prepared minerals, lanolin, Neem, lavender and cinnamon essential oils in a neutral petrolatum base.

This ointment combines the healing properties of our special minerals from America with the unparalleled softening capacity of lanolin from New Zealand. In addition we have added Neem oil from India for its incredible softening and repairing properties to the skin, nails and cuticles. We have also added the essential oils of lavender and cinnamon, both of which enhance circulation to the skin.

The general effect of this ointment can be best be described as a softener of the skin.” In this we also include the nails an cuticles of the hands and feet.

This ointment is designed primarily to soften hardened and dry skin on the soles of the feet and ankles and elbows. Effective on the list below;
Only a small amount need be applied to thinly but reasonably cover the desired area. It can be repeated as often as needed.

This ointment has a predominantly lavender fragrance with a hint of cinnamon.

This product is intended for external application only and should be kept out of the reach of children.

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