If You Want To Get Rid Of PTSD You Have To Understand It First!

What PTSD Is, What PTSD Does . . . And Why!

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PTSD Affects The Mind . . .

  • Do Your Thoughts Race?

  • Do You Have A Hard Time Holding On To A Thought?

  • Are You In A State Of Anxiety Or Mental Confusion?

  • Do You Have Nightmares?

  • Do You Forget Things As Fast As They Are Told To You?

  • Will Your Mind Not Turn Itself Off At Night To Let You Sleep?

. . . As Well As The Body!

  • Is Your Throat Always Dry?

  • Do You Feel Dizziness?

  • Do You Get Night Sweats

  • Do You Experience Hot Flashes?

  • Feeling Weakness In The Knees - Like They Can't Support You

  • Do You Feel Hot All The Time?

  • Does Your Lower Back Feel Weak or Achey?

  • Do You Always Feel Tired - Especially In Mid Afternoon

  • Crave Cold Drinks Or, Wanting To Chew Ice?

It's Not All In Your Mind! This Is What PTSD Does!

All of these problems started over 30 years ago with me while I was still in my early 20’s affecting me both personally and professionally. It nearly drove me out of my mind because I simply could not function in my professional capacity as a design consultant working on mufti-million dollar projects. There were never any professional mishaps but everything required an intense effort just to stay focused and on-task. Eventually, I made the very painful decision to voluntarily leave a profession that I loved to look for a solution. ptsd, stress, anxiety, panic, add, adhd

Hi! My name is Amadeus. Many of the people in the alternative health field got into it for the exact same reasons that I did. They had a health issue, couldn’t find a workable solution where they had expected to find it, went looking for answers, educated themselves in the process and, did not stop until they had finally found a complete solution to their own problem. I studied herbal, naturopathic and homeopathic healing modalities and after nearly 20 years of doing my own research I finally discovered several facts that permanently solved my PTSD/stress related issues and I am now going to share my findings with you!

In searching for answers I quickly realized that “official” explanations about health problems are not written to empower you to help yourself. People are told to get more sleep, eat healthy, avoid stressful situations etc. They hear the same standard talk about cortisol, adrenaline, changes in brain chemistry and so on. This very thin mix of common sense like facts seems designed to sound like a solution or an explanation without being either.

Why should anyone surrender control over their lives based on information that is too vague to draw any intelligent conclusions from? You feel like they're telling you a lot but very little is actually being given to help or explain PTSD. It leads to a non-solution like drug dependency. After considering the side effects, I very quickly decided that it was definitely not for me. There's a growing number of people who feel the exact same way!

That said, without an explanation, no solution is possible and there are few complete explanations about what is happening within a person who from having experienced extreme stress and is now suffering from PTSD.

To solve any problem you have to understand what is causing it and why. Once you understand that, you are in a better position to find real answers. When it comes to health; comparing “official” explanations with alternative philosophies will go a long way towards filling in the information gaps that are often not being considered.

Alternative choices are real! What are now being called "alternatives" were standard practice as recently as 50 to 100 years ago. Many have existed for hundreds, even thousands of years. Why are they not in common practice now? Simple! They work! They're inexpensive! They get in the way of corporate profits because of it! It's just a sign of our times.

In spite of their effectiveness and clean record, homeopathic and naturopathic hospitals got closed about 100 years ago. Overnight, everything from the concepts to the remedies were arbitrarily deemed unfit, unproven or otherwise marginalized. They were discredited, suppressed or eliminated by corporate interests backed by big money to exert huge political influence . . . don't kid yourself; the health industry is as lucrative as war itself. The inconvenient truth of the matter was that what was trying to take their place could not compete against them in both effectiveness and cost.

Don’t believe it? - Do some research to see for yourself!

No one will argue that there have not been significant advancements in modern medical practices especially in trauma care, dentistry and hygiene. But, the alternative view, being far less fraught with conflicts of interest, remains extremely relevant. Against all odds the alternative view is making a comeback for one reason only; because it is being given credit for what it has always been very good at doing for thousands of years - healing!

By contrast, alternative explanations for what Stress is, what Stress does and how it can give rise to PTSD are more technically sophisticated and logical than you might expect - yet still simple and straight forward. When investigated they integrate very well with proven scientific concepts and suggest simple effective solutions without creating other problems.

Finally, there are simple and real alternative explanations and answers to your questions about the Stress and PTSD nightmare.

In this context PTSD is nothing more than the effects of Stress raised to a higher level. The alternative perspective sees stress as being basically about two things - fear and energy; everything else is just a symptom. All sides will agree that stress is nothing more than a form of fear brought about by circumstances. That the symptoms of stress are the result of the energies of the body being depleted is rarely if ever considered. With PTSD this is taken much further. The main energy being depleted is an essential cooling, "moist" energy. This concept is ancient but being relatively new to the West, it represents a major breakthrough in understanding PTSD.

The PTSD - Stress Report contains detailed information compiled over a 20 year period from my own research and personal experience that addresses nearly all aspects of the distress of Stress and PTSD. In a very stressed out world, those who have read it agree that this combination of already well established and reliable ancient knowledge as well as recently developed concepts about Stress related PTSD is as unique as it is extremely valuable.

ptsd stress There are CD's and all sorts of books that are supposed to relieve stress by suggesting such things as methodical planning before doing things in order to avoid unwanted aggravation. Although planning certainly helps avoid unnecessary aggravation it solves nothing when the effects of stress have already left their scar.
ptsd, stress Relaxation methods or breathing techniques are useful in the moment but, they are little more than variations of already well known ancient meditation practices.
ptsd, stress Going to a spa to be pampered is extremely relaxing but, spas can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars a day. Few can afford it but, even after all that, it may still not be enough to balance the organs and energies that have been depleted from years of on-going Stress or PTSD.

These approaches all have their place but, there are far simpler, more effective and less expensive ways of dealing with Stress and PTSD.

I have given seminars completely free of charge on the subject of Stress. The information must have been helpful or at least interesting because even after 4 - 6 hours everyone stayed in their seats right to the very end. No one got bored and all those who stayed were genuinely interested in the new, reasonable, workable and completely fresh points of view being presented.

I never thought of selling the information itself until someone came up to me after a seminar wanting to buy my lecture notes. They were willing to pay me $60 for them. It surprised me! I asked them why they wanted my notes? Had I not explained things clearly enough during the lecture and question and answer session that followed? Besides, my written notes are only a guideline; I keep 95% of my information in my head.

The person requesting my written notes because;

A) "no one had ever explained stress and it's effects quite that way before,
B) everything in the lecture was very clear and made so much sense to them but,
C) there was too much information to remember it all and
D) their spouse, who suffered from severe stress could not attend and really needed to read that information.”

I have never made my complete notes available before. I hope the PTSD - Stress Report is as helpful to you as it has been for so many others.

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 Inside the PTSD: Stress Report You'll Learn:

Why The Brain Is Not The Main Player In PTSD!

There’s no denying that the brain is important but, what few fail to understand is that the brain is a ”maintained” organ. It depends on all the other organs for it to function properly. To help the brain you need to aid the main organs that support it.

Which Organs Are Critically Affected By PTSD!

We cannot physically feed our brain directly from the food we eat. Our organs need to digest that food so that the whole body, brain included will be fed by it. Whatever gets in the way of that process affects the entire body. It is a fact that stress affects digestion - that's where you start.

Why Energy Levels Are Affected By PTSD!

PTSD and Stress are all about energy depletion. Not being able to cope with day to day life situations has less to do with lack of intelligence and more to do with simply not having the energy to deal with it.

How Energy Levels Can Be Quickly Restored!

The last thing someone exhausted from PTSD or stress needs is an energy drink. Energy drinks do not restore energy. They just use up the energy you already have at a faster rate, leaving you even more tired and worse off than before.

Whether I had delivering it in a live lecture or as a transcript, this is what people have been consistently saying about the information in this Stress report.

 Here’s What People Think About The PTSD - Stress Report:

Wow, this is fantastic! I started reading "The PTSD- Stress Report" last night and finished it this morning and boy did I learn a TON!!! I cannot believe how it is so all encompassing!! I will definitely keep it close by as a reference material when I start to feel any of the symptoms mentioned (which I feel often and which are so common!) I already recognize something that has been bothering me for quite some time and just now realize from where it is really stemming - and it's not that complicated!! Incredible. I also really love the analogies used to illustrate some of the concepts and ideas!! They really help with understanding how things really work! This is not like reading a boring medical journal. This is down to earth, basic information that is easy to understand and like nothing I have ever read before…all presented in a refreshingly informal way laced with a bit of humor here and there to keep it light and interesting. The many basic principals of how the body works (and specifically the organs) is something that I am especially grateful for! So glad to have useful information that puts the power back in my own hands. In this modern world I think this is a subject that is affecting every single one of us! I highly recommend this as a "must read"!
L. Tumino
Scottsdale, AZ

This was a very interesting read and it's tragic that more people do not think this way. In reference to your book: With delight I always look forward to reading anything written by Amadeus. I have always found his work to be insightful and practical. His book on stress falls into this category. Whoever reads this book and follows the instructions that were given, will be rewarded immensely. It cannot be overemphasized how destructive stress is on the mind, body, and soul.
Sheldon T. Ceaser M.D.
Chicago, IL

Reading the "PTSD - Stress Report" has answered so many questions I had, and answered questions I hadn't even thought of. I want to thank you for explaining very succinctly, the root cause approach to understanding stress and it's implications. I now see where the stress related issues stem from and can stop chasing symptoms and get to the heart of the matter. I had no idea that the stomach and spleen were so important in the production of blood and other life giving properties. No more stimulants for me - I finally get it - stimulants and energy drinks only deplete energy that leads to more stress. Stress has become so much a part of everyday life where it becomes so persistent I view it as something unavoidable. I will keep this book close at hand. It is an invaluable resource which I can utilize as the need arises for myself and for my family members alike. Thank you once again for the excellent " resource manual" and God Bless.
F. Piccinin
Gravenhurst ON Canada

Understanding PTSD To Get Rid Of It!

Full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The information in this report is information that I have applied to myself and it completely changed my life. It not only gave me back my own life, it created a whole new outlook on life and how to live it. I remember all too well the opportunities lost, the emotional pain and embarrassment that the effects of stress brought me. I remember the feeling of hopelessness that I felt, thinking that I would not find a way out of this mental prison brought on by extreme stress! It wasn’t hard to feel compassion for people who found themselves in the same situation I used to be in. Watching them blossom as their lives changed.

How they would be brought to tears because finally they felt calm, they could sleep, their minds were finally clear, they could remember things again, their cravings for sweets had stopped and their lives were finally their own once more. It’s hard to put a price on that. I am so confident in the value of this report that I am guaranteeing your satisfaction for a full 30 days.