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Stress Relief: A Healthy Body Supports A Clear, Calm Mind!

We all have a body and a mind. We need one to understand the other and, one definitely affects the other.

A healthy body maintains a clear, sharp mind – A rational mind is capable of keeping it’s body healthy. That being the case why suffer with ongoing, brain fog, anxiety, panic attacks, racing thoughts, not being able to turn your brain off at night to fall asleep, perpetual fatigue, ADD, ADHD, PTSD . . . when you can do something about it? Each is an organ related symptom brought on by stress.

This report was written to help others with stress and stress related issues. This information took a few decades to compile before I was able to make it useable to finally help myself with it. I know stress well because it had been with me from a very early age. At about the age of ten, I developed a fierce stutter that was so bad that school councilors used to call in speech therapists. The stutter got worse and lasted into my late 30‘s. As if that wasn’t bad enough, at about the same time, I also developed very severe acne; the kind that would swell an eye shut from time to time. This, on top of already being introverted and shy meant that every aspect of my life was affected. Add this all up and you have one seriously inhibited, hung-up and stressed out individual.

Although I was very good at hiding it, the effects of stress had literally broken me and had completely taken away my sense of purpose while I was in the prime of my life as I felt my mental and emotional faculties shutting down. I panicked as my once very sharp memory and ability to penetrate into almost any subject became nearly non-functioning. It got to the point that I couldn’t even remember what I’d heard or did only a few minutes earlier. It felt like I was going out of my mind and was helpless as I watched my hopes and dreams – my very life completely slipping away as the sense of desperation borne out of helplessness created a very real sense of panic. The big question for me was always why and how is this happening.

stress, anxiety, attack, panic, brain, fog, insomnia, While still in my 20‘s I wondered, “How will I cope with the demands of my profession?” “If I can barely think clearly and hold my thoughts together now, what am I going to do when I’m in my 60‘s and 70‘s?” To make matters worse, through all this I felt a sinking feeling and a real sense of underlying terror but, for some reason it never quite overtook me. There always remained a strong sense of direction, a feeling that sought to guide me to a solution and, in time, it did.

Educated in North America and having successfully earned a professional university degree, I am well schooled in the scientific method. It would have made complete sense to have sought professional medical help but, I was well aware that the orthodox medical model, although great for dealing with severe trauma, it offered few workable solutions for what I was experiencing. Similarly, psychological approaches all provided the same tired and often irrelevant coping techniques that although clever sounding, did not deal with the real issue. In frustration, I left my profession and decided to seek out answers that I knew had to exist on my own. I felt perfectly capable of doing this because although anxiety, panic and other symptoms of stress are debilitating they are not mental illnesses.At the time there was no official explanation or solution to my problem so, it was up to me to find answers for myself.

This led me to the holistic field and the study of Traditional Herbalism and Homeopathy where I finally found the answers I was looking for. The answers didn’t come all at once. They came only after having understood the human body and the functioning of its internal organs from the Natural point of view. From there, the solution seemed nearly obvious and, it was. Once I understood the problem simple, logical solutions suggested themselves. It only took one or two formulations and my life seemed to have been given back to me. After a decades long struggle, my mind was stress, anxiety, panic, attack, insomnia, brain, fog, racing, mind, thoughts, stressfinally clear and sharp again, my nerves were calm, my energy levels were normal, I could remember things with the same power that I used to have and my non-stop near obsessive thoughts no longer interfered with my normal thinking process or prevented me from falling asleep at night. I could finally “shut my brain off,” fall asleep to wake up refreshed and ready to go. Finally my mind, my life and my future was under my own control again . . . naturally!!!

Not wishing this type of hopelessness and despair on anyone, I am glad to present my thoughts and findings to anyone unfortunate enough to have found themselves in the same general situation that I had found myself in.

Please know that I am not a medical doctor and do not wish to present myself as one. Alternatives have always come from people outside of the area of accepted common thought. In matters of health there are many, many problems that are not explained or explainable by those we think should know. I have been teaching these principles for the past 35 years and it is interesting that some modern medical practitioners are finally in agreement with many of them even if they do not explain why these principles work or offer few solutions for many of our modern day physical or mental issues. I hope the information in it lives up to your expectations.

You need knowledge to make intelligent choices!

Studies have shown that stress is a contributing factor in over 80% of all ailments. Without it brain fog, racing thoughts, anxiety, panic attack, PTSD, ADD, ADHD and other related issues rarely occur! To help ourselves we need to pay attention to ourselves. Our own health is very much our business. Our physical body is a big part of our identity and sacred sovereign territory. To help myself I made it my business to understand how the body works. Not that everyone should do this but some basic knowledge is good to have and it’s a lot simpler to learn than you might think.

It would be illogical to conclude that stress produces brain fog, racing thoughts, anxiety, panic attack, PTSD, ADD, ADHD, insomnia, etc. from brain chemistry alone as is often presumed. To ignore the main organs that are responsible for, or greatly influencing body chemistry is like checking the tires when looking for an engine problem in a car. Something that will be explained in more detail later.

stress, anxiety, panic, attack, brain fog, racing thoughts, The full report is filled with amazing information and explanations. The solutions are simple! Look for them in the green information boxes as you read the full report.

What a problem “is,” and what a problem “does” are not the same thing!

To understand any problem, you have to differentiate between what it is doing i.e. – what difficulties it is creating – from what is causing it. That, in principle, is the fundamental difference between solving a problem or getting lost in the superfluous – the symptoms.

In engineering it’s pretty straight forward. Here’s the problem – there’s the solution. When there is trauma the problems associated with it are more or less self evident, as are the actions needed to be taken by those competent in that art. But, ailments in the modern world are rarely looked at in this way. The emphasis is on symptoms and solutions are biased if favor of chemicals to deal with those symptoms rather than what might or could be more effective.

Furthermore, even though their chemistry is well known, organ functions are not readily tied to the finer points of diseases because the philosophy needed to make those connections does not exist within the modern mindset of healing. Abnormal body chemistry is noted and well documented but, why it is as it is, often cannot be explained within the philosophy of that healing modality because everything is considered separately in isolation from everything else. Within that philosophy what is recommended is based on countering chemistry with artificial chemistry – sometimes on a hit and miss basis. In an emergency this may be helpful but for ailments, this has not worked for many as it rarely deals with the cause and serves the chemical companies more than the sick and ailing.

Ongoing research is always welcome. It collects enormous amounts of valuable data that sometimes can be conclusive. At other times it is used or arranged to form a model of reality that is based on a statistical probability. Whereas engineering could derive absolute conclusions from data collected in the same manner, conclusive facts cannot be drawn from it because an organized philosophy that would make that possible is absent. Being statistical, it is subject to broad interpretation and the conclusions might change based on who is doing the interpretation. Most disciplines do not function in a manner that would exclude information because it might lead to a different conclusion that the one that is being desired.

By contrast, within the general simplicity of the natural healing modalities it is understood that each major organ has a well defined scope of influence that is recognizable by a set symptom pattern. Once you know the symptoms you know exactly which organ or organ systems are responsible for the problem. Using that philosophy, the worth of research data could more easily be put to good use. This is why by balancing organ functions, cleansing the body, improving diet and removing obstructions to fluid flow – the chemistry tends to balance itself. Although, this is very basic and elementary, therein lays the main difference between the natural and chemical healing modalities.

Why suffer? Learn to protect yourself with knowledge and reason!

Verifiable paradoxes like these mean that it is important to be informed. Educating and thinking for ourselves is a painless personal responsibility that starts with:

stress, brain, fog, racing, thoughts, anxiety, panic, attack

Examining everything without prejudice or, preconception

stress, brain, fog, racing, thoughts, anxiety, panic, attackRemaining detached and objective with whatever you are examining

stress, brain, fog, racing, thoughts, anxiety, panic, attackQuestioning everything intelligently! Credibility and authority is easily counterfeited for the sake of creating believability.

Informed decisions arrived at through sound reason always serve us best. This is important because no matter what advice you get about how to solve anything – in the end, you’ll have to live with it.

We live in a crazy world that often deliberately masquerades a lie behind carefully crafted slogans intended to shape your thinking, part you from your money and sometimes a lot more than that! People are waking up to this and starting to question:

stress, brain, fog, racing, thoughts, anxiety, panic, attackThey are recognizing that they are being deceived

stress, brain, fog, racing, thoughts, anxiety, panic, attackThey are seeing how it is being done

stress, brain, fog, racing, thoughts, anxiety, panic, attackThey are witnessing how they are being scammed

stress, brain, fog, racing, thoughts, anxiety, panic, attackThey are seeing that even their children are being mislead

stress, brain, fog, racing, thoughts, anxiety, panic, attackThey are losing faith in what they have always trusted and believed in

Is it any wonder that people are more stressed now more than ever and do not know where to turn, what to trust, who to believe and where reliable information is to be found?

Deception is simple!

It’s about making someone believe something that isn’t! If you can control what people see, hear and read making sure that the information is being presented in a manner and by someone who is trusted and not likely to question – bingo, you can have people believing almost anything. We learn through our senses; what the eyes and ears perceive our mind tends to believe. Our thinking can be triggered, guided, manipulated and shaped by this.

We should not be surprised if the biggest scams come from the highest places. – Learn to Intelligently Question! It will save you a lot of heart ache and STRESS!!

stress, anxiety, attack, panic, brain, fog, insomnia, If you can control the information a person has access to, you can to some degree control the person’s world view and the conclusions and decisions they will make because of it.

Think “Soft Drink!” Did Coke come to mind? That’s exactly what I mean!

The things we buy, our political views, our social conditioning, even our health choices are often ideas that have been deliberately marketed to us. Many actions, decisions and conclusions that people believe they have come to objectively out of their own free will are often the result of what had been carefully suggested to them through some form of media, dogma or education.

The point is, don’t be taken for a ride!

Political and financial interests are often being served in seemingly innocent media presentations. When the evening news turns into an infomercial for one company or another what are we to think? We should ask, who’s interests are being served? In a world where misinformation has been raised to the level of science, it is sometimes hard to know what to believe. All the more reason to question the what, when, how or, why of things!!

stress, anxiety, panic, attack, brain fog, racing thoughts, The full report is filled with amazing information and explanations. The solutions are simple! Look for them in the green information boxes as you read the full report.

A False Perception Creates A False Reality

Creating a false perception through misinformation is an art. In war it is called propaganda. In society it’s called public relations or marketing. In an economy dominated by huge corporate financial interests, it is vital to those interests that you believe what they tell you so they can sell you everything from their ideology to their stuff without you questioning it too much. Most people find it hard to believe that they would be deliberately mislead by others. Unfortunately, the only responsibility large corporations have is to generate profits so, they do it all the time, any way they can. Based on history, ethics doesn’t seem to enter into it. At present, it is pretty obvious that government, government officials, media and many large institutions are influenced by the reach of corporate interests. They set the agenda and with it, a lot of what we believe to be true.

stress, puppet, tired, ptsd, add, adhd, anxiety, panic, attackHealth is of huge interest to everyone. Corporations in that field know this. They understand the enormous opportunity for profit when people are sick, in pain and desperate. With their enormous influence they are in a position to shape not only public policies that relate to health but also the very views and public perceptions on health based on their own interests rather than those of the public at large.

In an attempt to mold those perceptions their reach extends itself into public schools, university education, into every aspect of food production, all aspects of legislation related to health and even life itself. Under the blanket of being “scientific” much is suggested even if skewed or, unsubstantiated to an unsuspecting public or public officials on the pretense that it is in their own best interest when, in fact, it is often an elaborate set-up for still more corporate profits. In these times you do not need to look very hard or very far to find evidence of this. It’s happening everywhere, in everything!

To attempt to understand the modern health model is difficult because woven into it are also the corporate interests that shore it up. Practitioners of that model are not entirely free to heal or find cures. Instead they are tied to a system of ongoing treatment protocols who’s purpose is not to heal but to treat indefinitely.

The information that these treatment protocols are based on is highly complex, written in a highly technical jargon often written by corporate researchers for other researchers. This may sound all well and good except when you consider that most of these efforts are not to create better health but, to establish still more ongoing and sometimes even dependence upon very lucrative treatments while sidestepping or ignoring the causes of ailments or what could remove them altogether. Often the sales representatives of these corporations know more about what their products do than the practitioners who are supposed to prescribe them – not a good thing.

stress, anxiety, panic, attack, brain fogThe public, in general, is oblivious to this. Their education has been less an education and more a conditioning process that prepares them to accept and implicitly trust the status quo. Their concept of what health and health care are have been shaped by marketing through perpetual print, radio and TV commercials and non-stop fictional medical dramas that have little to do with reality and have been on the air since the late 1950’s. With little understanding of what is being done to them and sometimes based on fiction; when people are ill most will just follow what they’ve seen, heard or read in the marketing they have been exposed to without too much questioning. They do not know enough to question what they are being presented with so they trustingly follow suit as a result of conditioning rather than an informed unbiased choice based on facts.

Given that people’s opinions can be very easily swayed through media. The basis for what they believe to be fact, is usually little more than presumption sometimes built upon a dramatic fictional portrayal on TV, which is little more than an implied sales pitch. Medical professionals have openly stated that these dramas do not represent real life practices. But, they remain a very powerful promotional tool.

There is a good reason why more corporate money is spent on promotion than in actual beneficial research – it’s good for business! With unimaginably huge profits and endless streams of money from private donations from people desperate for cures; by spending more money for promotion than research one has to ask, “are they really looking for solutions?”

The marketing interests of the health or “sickness” industry makes understanding the modern medical model particularly difficult. Even the doctors have a hard time with it. It consists of endless data that is constantly changing based on new findings which means that theoretically no “absolute” conclusions can be made. This data is sometimes reshuffled and made contradictory, leaving people confused.

Most people know very little about health. Being in a position of need and not knowing anything else, they want to trust what they have come to believe or have been conditioned to believe is good and true. Most know nothing of alternatives that may be better suited, possibly more effective and a lot less costly.

It is beyond belief that sound practices and good information coming from outside of this protected framework is given no consideration at all. Without any investigation, it is labeled “unscientific,” which says as much as, “they don’t want to know ptsd, anxiety, panic, suicide, attack, brain fog, about it.” But why? If your purpose is to help, why not afford those who are sick every possible possibility instead of only the ones that you are offering? This is both uncaring and unscientific. Clearly, this deliberate exclusion is to preserve a health modality monopoly that promotes only the practices and products of the corporations that are behind them.

Note: Interesting article on the effects of psychotic medications tied to soldier suicides, PTSD, Anxiety, Panic disorders and more. Click here!

Full report on Alternative Perspectives On PTSD!
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What has all this got to do with Stress?

Directly – Practically nothing! Indirectly – Everything!! Where these facts count is in determining what a person ultimately decides to do about whatever concerns them and in determining what is in their own best interest rather than in the interest of who is making the “suggestions.”

One would think that simple, effective and inexpensive natural healing methods that have been known to have worked well for so long would make headline news. In an ideal world, yes but, in a greedy world – not likely! Like alternative energy technologies, effective natural health information gets marginalizes and gagged for no other reason other than because it’s effectiveness threatens someone’s profits elsewhere!

stress, anxiety, panic, attack, Since the very late 1800’s; natural alternative healing practices have been characterized as irrelevant, dated and simple minded without any real justification for it. Then, to further insult our intelligence it is suggested that they are dangerous. None of this can or has ever been proven. If something had been completely safe and had worked and worked well up to that point how could it suddenly not have worked afterwards? Yet, as recently a decade ago, University of Toronto Professor Bruce Pomerance had concluded that properly prescribed and correctly taken pharmaceutical drugs were the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. How often do you hear that mentioned on the evening news?

Most people are not stupid . . . many pick up on inconsistencies like these. Which may explain why annually well over two-thirds of North Americans and roughly 95% of the worlds population seek out natural remedies to address their specific health concerns?

Many of these are university educated people so, it would be incorrect to label all of them as stupid or naive. They’re looking for alternatives because they are either dissatisfied or do not fully trust the modern orthodox model that all too often is more profit driven than results oriented, tolerates no competition and often presents skewed misinformation as scientific fact. Many like Dr. Joseph Mercola often bring this sort of fraud masquerading as science to light.

The natural healing arts present a few undeniable truths:

stress, brain, fog, racing, thoughts, anxiety, panic, attackthat alternatives to the status quo methods exist

stress, brain, fog, racing, thoughts, anxiety, panic, attackthat a significant number of people gravitate towards alternatives

stress, brain, fog, racing, thoughts, anxiety, panic, attackpeople are being helped by them for a fraction of the cost – without the side effects.

Sophisticated healing techniques like acupuncture and herbalism and several others have remained relevant for thousands of years while others like homeopathy being only a few hundred hears old are more recent. Their effectiveness has been proven and those who follow these modalities are not doing so out of ignorance or superstition but because they’re effective! To say otherwise is to insult the intelligence of hundreds of millions of people who have used them. Even more impressive is that these healing modalities survive in the face of the huge financial interests that through political influence would like to see them completely eliminated.

To have survived in spite of all this they must be founded on a sound enough logic to be providing consistent and tangible benefits without mishaps. Clearly, what these healing modalities grew out of was and still is, based on a very sound scientific philosophy that when observed, measured and tested without prejudice, is completely compatible with the modern sciences. In fact, in some cases, based on nothing more than shear effectiveness even goes far beyond them.

stress, anxiety, panic, attack, brain fog, racing thoughts, The full report is filled with amazing information and explanations. The solutions are simple! Look for them in the green information boxes as you read the full report.

Health Is Personal – Having viable alternative choices is essential!

Personal health is a particularly intimate topic. There are many healing modalities, each having their place and relevance. Where there is genuine conscientiousness a person will find good practitioners in every modality. We each choose modalities and practitioners that suit us best based on what is appropriate and what we have come to believe and accept as true.

Not to disparage or suggest that modern medical science has not come a long way and certainly has it’s place but, it is a little arrogant for it to presume to muscle out all other healing modalities based on nothing more than misinformation to secure its own position by eliminating the competition through political influence.

The health or, sickness industry is especially vulnerable to conflicts of interest – it always has been. For millennia, in the Orient, in order to prevent this conflict of interest, a physician was paid only for as long as their patient was healthy; directly tying the healing of the sick to the financial interests of the physician; effectively assuring the interests of both.

In the West, by focusing on what an ailment does (symptom) more than what it is (cause), has given rise to massive conflicts of interest. However, the main benefit that this approach seems to have fostered is an untrusting restlessness; an incentive for some to look for alternative approaches on their own and I was one of them.

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