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We are ever so pleased with the testimonials we have accumulated from people who have found their Stress, Anxiety, Sugar cravings, fatigue helped.

Don’t be afraid of the hurricane, just take Exstressor!!

Edward Lodato
Tampa Florida

To Amalux,

Thank you for your great products. We have been using most of your products for the last 6 to 7 years and they have been great. I recently told my step father about Exstresser. He tried it before he went to a recent doctors appointment and said it took the edge of the visit. His blood preasure was lower and he was quiet relaxed. The Exstresser made the stress full visit a little easier on him.

Thank You
In Elk Grove, CA

Hello Amalux,

I just wanted to compliment this company on the logic behind stress and anxiety!

I just received my Extressor in the mail, and I believe it will do what you say. I’ve been having a hard time with anxiety issues since going off the pill because of its side effects, and I’ve also been on 3 different antibiotics over the course of 3 months! It’s been terrible to say the least, and my hormones need this much needed help!

Thank you for your insight, and for giving people like me hope, rather than suggesting anti-anxiety medication like most doctors do!

Merry Christmas! 🙂

Detroit Lakes, MN

Dear Amalux,

I have been taking Exstressor for several weeks and have had a very encouraging improvement in brain fog symptom reduction.

Thank you, I am very satisfied!


I’ve been a customer for quiet sometime now. My Favorite Product is Exstressor – it works very well – Especially this summer when we had a Hurricane.
Charley was making a Visit to the Tampa Bay Area in Fla. We were all pretty worried about it.
Well, Exstressor came in very handy when it came to nervousness and Anxiety.
It worked very well in keeping everyone calm and clear headed.

Edward L.
Tampa, Fla

At 70 years of age I started taking Exstressor recommended by Dave’s Health & Nutrition. The effects have been phenomenal! Always a very hyper person on the move and ambitious, time seemingly my enemy rather than my friend. I now sleep restfully and awake with vigor. I find I can think clearly, I am more patient and love life a little more. I now only take 2 capsules when I feel any stress and when I am really tired.

What a blessing to find something so simple and so helpful.

Signe J.
Holladay, UT

Dear Amalux,
I would like to thank you for your wonderful products that have restored my health.

After being on hypo-thyroid medication for over 25 years, 7 years of treatment for low iron where the cause could not be determined, and 2 years of pain in the lower back that forced me to sleep in a chair instead of a bed, the use of your Digestorum and Exstressor eradicated the hypo-thyroid and the low iron. I am now supplement-free thanks to Amalux.

Your Paracelsus Anti-Toxin capsules cleaned my liver from years of built-up from allergy to MSG, artificial sweeteners, all other preservatives that had caused discomfort for 30 years of my live and was only found by trial and error in my choice of food. Only after I switched to become a total vegetarian living on mostly fresh minimally processed products was I able to fathom the extend how poisoned my liver was. A nagging pain in my right chest after consumption of certain foods together with the rest of my back pain disappeared together any discomfort in my lower abdomen that I had been battling for.

I will now start making the Paracelsus Elixir and will use it for the rest of my live.

I am convinced in the quality of your products and do not hesitate to recommend them to others.

U. Krueger

I just wanted to share how powerful Exstressor is.

I had some product that I was not taking, but I had it at my office I was under incredible stress. From friends and relatives dealing with cancer and death. Plus some of my own frustrations with money and budgeting. In the east when I was under extreme stress, like the twice yearly visits from my mother I would break out in itchy places all over my body. Like a rash, but not localized, just all over.

I found myself only relieved for a few minutes by a very hot shower, that seemed to make it worse later. During this last bout of stress that lasted several weeks, I decided to try the Exstressor and see if it had any affect on me. Wow! it was likes a wonderful tranquilizer without the bad side affects. I found I was not scratching and I would go for hours after the taking of Stress-ease, with little or no scratching. I was able to sleep and the rash did not wake me up because I was resting peacefully.

I even became upset when I didn’t have any in the office, because I realized how wonderfully it worked. I hurried home after work to get my Exstressor) and once again I could say “Ahhh, relief at last”. It is a wonderful product.

Before I took it I was itching to the point of redness and leaving scabs, but after it simply helped my body heal well, calmly and fastly.

I am grateful for this product and I want to be sure my medicine cabinet is stacked with this so that I can use it when I need this product!

Thank you, I really appreciate this!

Radio hostess/producer of the Stardate 2100 Show.  in Las Vegas, NV.

Exstressor stopped the wanting of chocolate and other foods I don’t need or want. I thought I would never find help but they have helped for smoking drugs. I haven’t found anything for cravings – bread, goodies but this really works. I feel like I am now a normal person.

I’m not as hungry and I am calmer also. I’m not as fidgety. I have a true helper.

Lynda R.
Salt Lake City, UT

I started taking Exstressor after the birth of my 4th child. I found myself with a new baby that never slept and cried all the time. Needless to say I was frazzled. My mother introduced me to the product Exstressor. I had nothing to lose so I told her I’d try it.

After my first day of taking it I could see a difference and so could my husband. I still had the same responsibilities as before, but they didn’t seem as overwhelming. It seemed I was better able to handle each day. My baby is 18 months old now and things have calmed down a little, not a lot because I still have 4 kids. I have continued to take Exstressor because I have found that it also helps with the symptoms of PMS, and that makes all of us happier.

Springville UT

I am thrilled with the Exstressor! Pretty much immediately after I began taking it I experienced a calming – general sense of well-being that I hadn’t felt in quite some time. My mind felt clearer and my thoughts “sharper.” I hadn’t felt so alert in a while and I’m truly grateful to Amalux for making such a great product!

Salt Lake City, UT

I was having more physical pain & symptoms then I could count. The most recent being anxiety that kept me awake at night and nervous all day long. Sleep was becoming scarce. Hot flashes increased along with joint pain. After being on Exstressor I began sleeping through the night and feeling calmer with each day. The joint pain decreased as did the pain in the muscle. Most of all I was grateful for relief from the anxiety I had continuously. A blessed product. Thank you.

Christy C.
Eden, UT

I picked it up (Exstressor) this AM on my way to work, It is amazing, it almost completely eliminated the itch and irritation from the rash within 15 minutes, and I don’t feel any heat radiating from the rash area.

In 5, minutes I found some relief, a lot in 15 minutes!

Thank You So much!

Las Vegas, NV

I have suff from Stomach Disorder to Anxiety Attacks for years. I have tried many over the counter medicines, for Stomach Disorder. They did not work, Only for a short time. Surfing the web, I came across the AMALUXHERBAL.COM web site.

I read about the Products they had. I bought two of the Products, Digestorum and Exstressor. So I gave it a try. What did I have to loose. I’ve tried Everything Else. Well, There’s no way to Explain how WONDERFUL, these Products are. They are a Miracle to me. Thank You Very Much for your Great Product.

Eddie Lodato
Tampa, Fla

Dear Amalux,
I have been suffering extreme anxiety since childhood. I have tried everything ever recommended, from anti-depressants through vitamins and St Johns Wort; meditation, massage, and psycho-therapy for 20 years! Every medication either did not work or had a bad side effect, like increased depression and more and more fatigue.

Now in menopause, the Stress reactions and anxiety got worse and worse until I could barely function and felt panicky all the time. Out of desperation I tried the Exstressor capsules. The part about how digestion could affect the whole of your system was a new and foreign concept and sounded like voodoo at the time, however, I did try the recommended dosages. Much to my delight, the first day, I fell into a blissful relaxing sleep, and over the course of a week, I could finally function again! Now I take Exstressor when I need them, and they are miraculous, with NO side effects!!!! I gave them to my boyfriend who has a very anxious/stressful job, and he doesn’t believe in anything medical or herbal……and yet, now he takes his Exstressor when he needs them, and has learned to cope with the stress better and better. He too has recommended this stuff to all his friends!!!!

Its not expensive….give it a try……You’ll be amazed….Believe me, NO Side Effects!!!

St. Petersburg, FL

I just took my first few caps of Exstressor that your guys sent out, and I’m astounded by how I already feel! As you mentioned, I feel a gentle circulation increase all over, especially in my upper body! The main thing I’m noticing right now is the free breathing through my nose…It’s clear as if using corticosteroid nasal spray! Usually it’s stuffed up, almost all day and night.

Frank W.
Brookfield, OH

Hello on a recent visit to Idaho Falls, we stopped by The Health food Place for some products.

The lady suggested I try Amalux ‘Exstressor.’ The product is fast working and I quite like it.

I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, do you sell your products here?


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