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Our Food Is Changing? – Welcome To Yet Another Health Threat!

It would seem that the foods that had been eaten for thousands of years are  steadily, fundamentally and quietly being altered, chemically and genetically. The result is everyone is getting sick and nations are banning these new foods – except – you guessed it – North America. If You Live There, You, And Everyone You Know And Love Are Now Corporate Guinea Pigs!

There are some interesting developments in the food industry. The food industry is on track to control everything we call food, in any form. Before long if left unchallenged, all foods will be subject to regulation and complete control for the sake of complete corporate take over in every possible way.

I have several family members in the food industry in different parts of the world. I am vegetarian myself but, had eaten meat for a large portion of my life so am not completely against eating meat. My sister in particular who owns a specialty meats business prepares and cures specialty, organically grown meats. Her husband is a professional butcher who had been taught by his father the art of curing meats. John is very gifted in properly combining spices to achieve the flavour that he wants in his specialty blends of meats and he also knows how to combine these spices to produce the optimal pH for the meats to cure properly to preserve both their flavour and their substance. The art he is master of has been practiced for thousands of years or, at the very least since Roman times with only minor modifications to accommodate the growing number of spices used, besides salt to preserve meats.

Leave it to the government of Canada to decide that it knew more than the collective knowledge of several generations of meat specialists. The new law mandates that a “special curing additive” needs to be added to the meats in order that they be in compliance with new health standards notwithstanding the fact that the experts in meat curing could prove that they know more about what they are doing than those who are forcing them to do it.

More than likely, as is the case with things to do with government; someone or some huge corporation developed this “new fermenting agent,” and proceeded to lobby governments to make it law that it be implemented by force of law, needed or not. This new “stuff” has never existed as a product before now but, has now been made indispensable by law.

Multiply this new forced phenomenon onto every aspect of food production and we will soon have food that, although completely edible, resemble more a chemical cocktail than actual food, will likely make most of us sick. North America is the best example of a world class sick society where the majority can expect to be terminally ill with one form of disease or another to be served up to a team of experts who are not capable of curing what they have but, are trained instead, in the art of perpetual and indefinite treatment as prescribed by corporate guidelines mandated by government.

The moral of the story is that if you want something thoroughly marketed, make sure that you lobby or “grease some palms” to get it made legally mandatory so, that it will have a guaranteed forced consumer.

Personally, I have always believed in God. All that is placed on this Earth for food has been placed here by God, in spite of the opinions of our modern learned sages, and it would be inconceivable that God would abandon us all to the greed of the insane few who would treat everyone like cattle. At some point the insanely evil as an extension of that evil seek to dominate everything – it is just what they do. It is not insignificant to note that the cowards we call leaders back down when the public steps up!

As evil begets evil, the crisis will develop and come all on its own.

It all sounds like a fictitious diabolical James Bond plot – only now it is only too real.

God Help Us All!!

A Simple Suggestion!

Eat Organic and read all labels! If you do not buy something it sends a signal to the producers. They cannot afford to produce what will not be bought. Always avoid food ingredients that are unpronounceable!

When in doubt – Always Protect your heart first and your stomach second!

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