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The Problem Of Questionable Foods As A Factor In Weight Gain

If food is not factored into the weight gain and weight loss equation there will never be a solution to the problem of unhealthy weight gain and obesity.

Nearly all the modern non-foods that people have become accustomed to and consider to actually be normal real foods have contributed greatly to excessive weight gain and can be substituted with a healthy alternative.

Non-foods such as “Twinkies,” fake chocolate cake made in most supermarkets, Cheese snacks, Fake Mac and Cheese, sodas, watered down fruit drinks, imitation fruit drinks, waxy preservative filled chocolate bars and candy, bread filled with more chemicals and preservatives to legitimately be called bread, meats filled with hormones and preservatives, etc., all had or have an original counterpart that these foods were made to imitate at a cheaper price and substantially lesser quality. Part of what makes these foods cheaper is the fillers used in place of real ingredients and additives added to do everything from preserve appearance, ward off insect or grub infestation, or otherwise “embalm” the food to last indefinitely, or to make people crave them.

Do not put it past a large profit driven corporation to consider addicting people to their product for the sake of profit. The tobacco industry did and they own several of the food companies.

It should also be mentioned that one of the reasons why these foods are considered safe is likely because they pass all mandatory microbial testing. In other words bacteria like e-coli, strepp, salmonella and the like may not be present in them. Although certain bacteria are not good to have in foods, not all bacteria is unsafe. One reason why bacterial activity may be minimal in these foods is chemicals used to preserve them. All foods, even the best of foods spoil. One should be suspicious if they don’t.

You would not believe what some companies would do to save a fraction of a fraction of a penny per unit for the sake of per share stock prices for their stock holders. Original ingredients are substituted with much, much cheaper and questionable ingredients all the time. New laws are often passed permitting additives that are known toxins and carcinogens under pressure from lobbyists. This never makes the evening news. But it is quite routine.

It is normal and essential that all food should in time break down and decompose on its own. If it were not capable of breaking down it is equally incapable of being digested by the body. Many foods are rendered non digestible by their additives and preservatives. The very fact that these substances remain traceable long after having been eaten means that they are not digestible. If a person were to eat an apple, for instance, no test could determine that it had been eaten after a day.

What else can these foods do but accumulate in the body and make the general populace fat or otherwise over weight. Whether these foods should be eaten at all is up to the individual. But, researching the ingredients should become a priority for anyone really wanting to make up their minds one way or the other.

Some people would argue that buying organic foods is prohibitively expensive. To begin with we should remember that not that long ago all food was organic and reasonably priced. The chemical companies lobbied hard and pushed their chemicals onto farmers; in many cases against their will. There were stiff fines and penalties if they did not use them on their crops. This was the beginning of non-organic food and produce and has only been in place for about 60 – 80 years. Although this did increased yield initially but lowered the overall quality of that yield. (today much of the soils are depleted and will not grow anything without the fertilizers) In other words without the chemicals there would be no crop.

Many seem to be feeling that they need more food volume to be satisfied. The flavor is diminished, and things made from these crops are not the same as they previously were. The problem is that after a few generations of eating this new “lesser” food, no one remembers what it should have actually tasted like. Those who travel abroad to Europe or even central Mexico attest to the generally more flavorful food and the lack of obesity in those societies because of it.

If one were to compare the actual food value pound per pound between organic products and non organic products one would find that the organic is actually cheaper for a number of reasons.

a) organic foods provide more nutrition and are often more flavorful, satisfying and filling.

b) if you compare the watered down juices compared to a bottle of the same size of pure 100% juice. One would see that even at the lower price the watered down juice is many, many times more expensive. you’re paying for water colored with some juice plus flavorings, sugar and stabilizers. The amount of juice you think you are buying is minute. You may as well drink water. This can be said of most other conventional fast foods and convenience foods. Some joke about their packaging having more food value than its contents.

c) if a person factors in the cost of all of their medicines (that in many cases amounts to hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month) having eaten better food would become real cheap and without the burden of the ailment that requires the medications.

Diet Foods

All foods stamped as “diet” have never helped anyone lose any weight and should be avoided at all cost. If they had, based on the sheer amount that is sold each year, there should have been no obesity at all. Many people find them addictive. How can an addictive substance actually do anyone any good. The only people who benefit from anything addictive are the people who manufacture and sell it.

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