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Getting Serious About Weight Gain, Weight Loss And Losing Weight

Understanding The Nonsense Contributing To Weight Gain and Preventing Weight Loss and Losing Weight

Obesity and being over weight is one huge cash cow for the health industry. It is interesting that solutions coming from people who should be experts in the field only seldom directly address the problem for what it really is. Instead, the issue is sometimes being side-stepped and real causes are rarely mentioned to make room for expensive and often questionable products and treatments that enable more than help.

Weight gain used to be a simple matter of over eating, and essentially, it still is but, at present there are other more complex factors contributing to weight gain and obesity that have never existed before. Certainly there are lifestyle factors involved but, the weight gain explosion of the past 10 to 20 years is historically unprecedented.

If You’re Looking For A Solution, Look No Further Than The Food Itself.

fast food effectToday, you don’t need to be a genius to figure out that our food is questionable. Between the food growing and processing practices, never, ever before in human history has the food itself been so completely compromised as to bring the food itself into question leaving us to wonder whether it is still food at all.

Being genetically modified and containing additives, the cocktail of chemicals that have been mixed into it do everything from make it look appealing, to have near indefinite shelf life, to make you addicted to it or, to make you feel hungry all the time so that you are constantly wanting to eat it. Being completely devoid of food value, it’s no longer food. People are known to get drug-addict-like “shakes” from not having a food-fix of their favorite processed foods. Is it any wonder so many find themselves obese?

You never hear about it on the news. You either know about if you are food conscious or subscribe to health newsletters. Obesity and generally being unnaturally overweight and what is causing it is rarely if ever being addressed openly. In the place of logical and plausible explanations or solutions, very thin explanations designed to skirt the issue altogether are concocted and fed to us through the news media . . . and we all know that everything on the news is always true – right?

This might all sound completely crazy but, here are some of the explanations for weight gain that have been presented on the evening news:

Being Overweight Is Contagious! . . . Really!!

It’s been a few years now but one news item that was circulating stated matter-of-factly on the evening news that a scientific finding showed that: “Weight gain was contagious; the result of the company you keep!” How? Exactly how does it just rub off from one person onto another? People have been gathering for a very long time without gaining weight from it why now all of the sudden? Conveniently, food was never mentioned. Coincidence or just a distraction? Certainly, people who know each other socially may have similar eating habits but, why didn’t that produce over weight people 30, 50 or 100 years ago????

A Virus Causes People To Become Overweight!

It was even suggested on the evening news that; “the cause of being overweight is a virus.” – Really? Where has that virus been hiding for the past few thousand years? This one has played itself out – you don’t hear it much any more. But, again No mention of the food being eaten.

Weight Gain Is All About Genetics!!

Another evening news flash: “weight gain is all about genetic predisposition” – Really? Where were all the over weight relatives of those who are now 50 to 100 pounds over weight, 30 – 50 years ago? Did it skip the previous 50 generations only to show up all at once in a population that had never previously been over weight? Again, NO mention of the food being eaten.

It is obvious to any thinking person that these are not even remotely plausible explanations. They are made up sound bytes, thinly veiled attempts to make it appear as though the problem is caused entirely by the people themselves 100% of the time instead of the chemically laced “garbage foods” conveniently and cheaply being made available to them and the industries that created them. Anything to avoid the simple fact that the overwhelming majority of people who are overweight or obese in our times, crave and overeat foods prepared with ingredients (additives) that did not exist 50 years ago.

The public does seem to be coming around to the fact that they have been hammered pretty hard from every possible direction over the past 30 – 40 years. Just how stupid do they think the public is? People are starting to wake up to demand better quality food.

To quote Abraham Lincoln:

“You may fool all of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

It looks like we are getting closer to that last point.

Food Choices As A Factor In Weight Gain

Of course people have choices in what they eat but, if you offer them a choice between mediocre, bad and worse – there really isn’t much or a choice is there? There is also the factor of manipulation through mass media and misinformation from “trusted” bodies. Common sense will show that when a significant number of people have been fed the same information about anything from a “trusted” source that it becomes indoctrinating. The younger they hear it, the more they grow up to trust it and believe it. Mostly, people get their information from the news, what they are taught in school, from commercials and what they see in their entertainment. All put together it becomes their trusted reality. The concept was proven by missionaries out to convert people to their faith a few hundred years ago so the proof of concept has been well established and likely highly refined.

For these and other reasons, a large number of people find themselves grossly overweight from habitually eating what should never have been food in the first place.

Why Is This Even Happening? Why So Many Over Weight People Everywhere Out Of Nowhere?

Just follow the activities of those who make the additives, suggest expensive cures, influence policies, and feed the media their information and you’ll come closer to a plausible explanation for why 1/3 to 1/2 of North Americans are obese and sick.

It is not the latest technologies that sustain a society, it’s the food that is sustaining the people that make a society possible. When we lose site of this fundamental fact, we lose ourselves. If a nation is not willing to ensure that the majority of its citizens have constantly good healthy food to eat regularly; the bodies and minds of the population will crumble and with it so will their nation.

Laws intended to protect food safety are not written to protect food quality, only the interests of those who want to control the entire food supply.

Solutions to personal problems can only to be found personally. Ending obesity are as simple as look for local organic food supplier and making physical activity an important consideration in everyday life..

Consider this:

 “Our growing softness, our increasing lack of physical fitness, is a menace to our security.” John F. Kennedy

This was stated sometime in the early 1960’s.


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