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Weight Loss and Losing Weight Made Easy

A Simple Start To A Weight Loss Solution

If You are Seriously Trying to Lose Weight; Here is a simple weight loss process that may be very helpful. There is no glitz to this. It’s a basic but effective process that is easy to follow.

You will find, as many others already have, that after one month of following this plan, even if no weight seems to be coming off the scale, your clothing should be significantly looser. The weight will follow in time as the body gradually adjusts and tightens.

If someone is extremely heavy; a goal of 100 pounds per year is quite reasonable.

What you eat is important:

Avoid all fast foods, artificial foods, and all foods that have questionable additives and nothing microwaved. This by itself will already make a huge difference not only to your general health but also your waistline.

Eat and Enjoy:

  • Eat Organic where ever possible
  • Raw Fruits and Vegetables – As much raw fruit and veggies as possible are what bring down weight relatively quickly. (Note: Raw fruits and vegetables must be eaten one hour apart otherwise they cause gas)
  • Fresh, good quality fish or some organic poultry prepared by roasting, or pan searing. (not fried or microwaved) The reason for eating proteins of this kind besides their nutritional value is that they tend to slow down the rate of waste being eliminated from the cells of the body. Should too much waste be made to move out too quickly it is not uncommon for people to temporarily not feel very well.
  • Brown rice or other organic rice
  • Baked potatoes – not microwaved
  • Oatmeal freshly cooked – not microwaved
  • Only Organic Hormone Free Dairy products – 2% milk, yogurt, cottage cheese etc.
  • Real Fruit juices (not the watered down, additive laced kind) Papaya is especially good as it helps in digestion while still being a food and not a supplement. Concord Grape juice due to its natural blood cleansing ability is also excellent.
  • This group of foods can be made into great foods and food combinations. There are many cook books available to help out. But, simplicity is always best. Simple does not mean boring.

    Of these foods eat as much as you like whenever you are hungry. Some imagination can be used in their combination.

Note: Sadly, if the Papaya is American grown from Hawaii it is best not eaten in any form. It is now a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO). When you buy them they sometimes don’t ripen even after days or a week. Papayas never used to do that. They taste funny and do not act like a normal Papaya should in the digestive tract.

Foods To Avoid:

  • Red meats; during this time – especially if they are non-organic
  • All Spongy Baked Goods – Spongy breads, donuts – anything remotely resembling a Twinkie
  • All Processed Dairy Products
  • Anything containing artificial additives (this includes most popular and commonly eaten foods in North America – you will be shocked – Avoid these foods altogether.)
  • Oranges and Grapefruit in any form

The Simple Process:

1) Take one ounce of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and one ounce of freshly squeezed Lemon Juice before bedtime; Every night.

2)Take two Digestorum capsules after every meal three times per day to support digestive, liver, stomach and pancreatic functions.


If you are prone to craving sugar, have brain fog, are always tired, or have high stress you may also take two capsules of Exstressor between meals twice per day for a few weeks to support spleen functions to lessen or even remove them.

If you would like to exercise, choose a routine that suites you or simply enjoy a walk on a regular basis. It is important, even when walking, that the exercise should continue at least until the point of “breaking a sweat.”

After at least one month there should be some changes to weight and figure.

Modifications can be made to lose more weight to normal levels.

Remember that weight loss is not the goal. The goal is good health; which translates into weight loss. Good habits produce weight loss. Supplements are helpful in the short term. Eventually, they are not needed and your food with moderate activity maintains your weight at a normal level.

Treating yourself here and there

When dieting, there is no need to completely deprive yourself of what you really like to eat, provided of course, that your preferred food is not of the “junk” variety. If you like chocolate cake for instance, rather than completely deprive yourself of it, go out to where they have the best chocolate cake in town. No, not those cheap brownies you get at a chain grocery stores, I mean a real piece of the best chocolate cake you can find, made from wholesome ingredients that are worth eating and have ONE slice. This is not an everyday thing. Once a month or every other month should be enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Just be sure to follow through the rest of the time.

That Is Basically It!

Note: Should there be an constipation the Paracelsus Anti-Toxin is an excellent product. Also, many people who are overweight acquire an abnormal bloating in their faces and body. The Paracelsus Anti-Toxin is also very helpful for this as it cleanses the digestive tract and body.

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Please note that this formula needs to be prepared before use. For instructions on its preparation click here. Once prepared it is both very effective as well as economical.

Paracelsus Anti-Toxin is generally the same formula as the Paracelsus Elixir with an entirely different effect. Offering excellent digestive and eliminatory support. This formula will act more as a detox formula than the Elixir. To Help Support Spleen Functions Balancing to create energy for the organs for better Elimination.

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